Addicted: Chapter 156



Translator: Sae

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Gu Hai went straight to Zhen Da Cheng’s residence.

It can be said that, he doesn’t have any feelings toward this uncle at all. From when he was born up until now, he met Zhen Da Cheng less than three times. If his mother hadn’t occasionally mentioned him a few times, Gu Hai wouldn’t even have known that he had this kind of relative in the first place. His knowledge of Zhen Da Cheng was heard entirely from some other people’s mouth. Such description as, his eccentric temperament, stubborn and intractable behaviors as well as his abnormal ways of doing things……so after he heard that Bai Luo Yin went to look for Zhen Da Cheng, he couldn’t help but to immediately fly into a fit of rage.

Two guards blocked Gu Hai.

“Your identification card?”

Tightening his hand into a firm and steady fist, Gu Hai punched one of guard in the face, “Identification my ass you motherfucker!”

At first, caught slightly off guard by this sudden action, the other guard pulled back a bit, but then, with a darkened face, he charged toward him. He wasn’t even able to stand firm yet before Gu Hai fly kicked him in the chest, casting him toward the side of a wall, where he collapsed into the corner.  

The guard that was punched in the face earlier, wanted to surprise attack Gu Hai from behind, but unexpectedly, Gu Hai’s movements were quicker than his. Once again this guard was punched on the same spot, immediately a large portion of his jaw to caved in, what was worse was that his couldn’t even open his mouth anymore.

Then, the guard that had collapsed at the corner of the wall wanted to shout. But, before he could, Gu Hai ruthlessly raised his foot and kicked the back of that guard’s neck with the back of his foot. When the only sound heard was of a ‘snap’ filtering the air in one go, that guard did not lifted his head anymore.

Like a raging hurricane, Gu Hai burst into the courtyard with a sinister and menacing look painted thickly on his face. In a flash, he arrived outside of Zhen Da Cheng’s door.

When the zombie face guard saw Gu Hai, he couldn’t help but to be surprise.

How is this boy’s expression even more frightening than mine?

“Mr. Zhen is busy right now. You can’t go in and disturb him.”

Gu Hai shot him a quick glance and laughed coldly, “Do you know the pain of having your balls broken?”

In that moment, that zombie face guard felt rather stunned.

In less than a second, the snag in Gu Hai’s shoe had already made contact with the zombie face guard’s crotch. His face that was once drawn blank, abruptly twist and distort in various painful expressions as sweats eagerly dripped down. After falling face first to the ground, he incessantly groaned and twitched; the crotch area of his pants rubbed against the earth and left behind traces of blood.

Zhen Da Cheng was inside the hall drinking tea. His back was facing the window, leaving him completely ignorance of the events that was happening outside.

Taking a few large strides, Gu Hai entered the room. Seething with anger, he suddenly snatched the teacup in Zhen Da Cheng’s hand and threw it on the ground. Because the impact of this force was so strong, a fragment of the teacup bounced back up toward the back of Zhen Da Cheng’s hand and cut into it, making way for a red line of blood to appear.

“Zhen Da Cheng.”

Boiling with rage, Gu Hai let these three words, like a poisonous snake about to attack its prey, slithered out from between the gap of his tightly gritted teeth.

Zhen Da Cheng shot a quick glance at Gu Hai, as if he had already foreseen, at an earlier time, that he would come. His complexion was rather calm as he asked: “What are you doing?”

“You fucker!”

Along with this thundering roar, Gu Hai suddenly took hold of Zhen Da Cheng and slammed him to the ground. His tightened fist full of might, like a cloudburst of raindrops smashed down on its prey.

When Zhen Da Cheng was young, he was fortunate enough to have been already regarded as a high ranking military officer. Now that he is in his old age, he still persistently exercised and trained in order to toughen up his body and health. His bones are very robust, so much so that even when several of Gu Hai’s punches landed on him, he didn’t feel anything.

But the problem is, Gu Hai has gone insane.

An insane person’s strength is endless, boundless, infinite, inexhaustible.

Zhen Da Cheng could only force himself to withstand the pain, yet even then, he did not retaliate. Even if he were to endure this beating, no matter how tough his bones are, being hammered with such a powerful force, even his sturdy bones would eventually break.

Besides, he is still Gu Hai’s uncle, was there really ever an uncle who had let their nephew strike at them like this?

“Protect Mr. Zhen!”

The sound of someone shouting this catchphrase sounded off. Right after, ten assault rifles appeared, propped up against the window sill from the outside and pointed inside. Then, seven to eight individually uniformly charged into the hall. It would be easy for so many people to subdue one person, but subduing two people is quite difficult. That is because, they have to pulled Gu Hai off, while at the same time, ensuring that Zhen Da Cheng would not sustain any injury.

Unfortunately, at this moment, Gu Hai was like a powerful lion with endless stamina, full of life, violent and bravery. Whoever is closest will surely get bitten. Don’t even bother to approach, even if just a little bit.

In the end, those seven or eight men went toward him, looking for trouble.

Sadly, they made Zhen Da Cheng lose his dignity when they were unable to pull Gu Hai off of him.

From outside the room, someone fired a single shot.

Zhen Da Cheng immediately became anxious and angrily opened his eyes, shouting, “No one is allowed to shoot him!”

After hearing his command, those men that were pointing their assault rifles into the room, uniformly placed it down. While the men in the room, that tried to help by intervening, all stood still, not daring to move at all.

This person dares to hit Zhen Da Cheng. Whoever is backing him up must be very influential. Nevertheless, it’s best to not act blindly without thinking it through.

Those men that were once outside, holding their guns, also entered the room. One by one, they stood steadily with the other seven or eight men, forming a wide circle. With helpless expressions, they faced Gu Hai and Zhen Da Cheng, who were in the center.

Zhen Da Cheng looked up and found a lot of heads and more than ten pairs of eyes full of alertness above his head. Just looking at them made him extremely angry, in any seconds now, his lungs were going to explode.

I told you not to shoot. It doesn’t mean I don’t want you to strike! Do you all want to wait until I take my last breath before you come to help and collect my corpse huh?

Waiting until Gu Hai stopped striking, Zhen Da Cheng had already lost half his life.

When night falls, it was dead silent within the courtyard.

At random, Gu Hai roughly pulled one of the guard from the circle, leaving an open space. With a leather strap in his hand, he looked at him with fiery eyes and ruthlessly flung the strap against that guard’s neck. The sharp pain caused him to draw back the corners of his mouth, slightly distorted it. In a flash, like the sun gradually setting, a dark red swelling emerged.

“Tell me, did you deliberately make things difficult for Bai Luo Yin?”

Forcing the pain in his neck back with great difficulty, the guard shook his head. He stood perfectly straight with an expression that seemed to say, this person has a clear conscience.

Gu Hai flung the leather strap again. It landed on the same spot, with the same amount of strength as before. Instantly, the dark red on his skin turned bloody red.

“The people that made it difficult for him, speak up and tell me who he is and what he did to him. If you don’t say it, you can suffer in his place.”

As those irate words escaped his lips, Gu Hai once again raised his hand that was holding the leather strap.

Without much thought, the guard immediately pointed his finger to a man further to the side, “He……he poured cold water on that boy.”

Once those words dispersed into the air and etched itself into Gu Hai’s brain, his grim expression emitted an even more ghastly appearance. His dark pupils constricted while the corner of eyes slightly twitched.

Step by step, he walked closer to that man and stopped right in front of him before quietly observing with eyes consumed by a deadly toxin. He pointed at the nearby fish pond.


The man remained motionless.

“If you let me kick you in, don’t expect to come back up.”

The man narrowed his eyes, letting the darkness sink deep into his pupils, before he unyieldingly acknowledged Gu Hai’s threat. The corner of his tightly pursed lips stretched out, revealing an unbending stubbornness.

Gu Hai quickly let his fingers curled into a firm fist and stretched his hand out. This movement was done with such a powerful force, at such a high velocity, that it created a rough swiss sound, as if his bones had cracked for a split second.

Startled by Gu Hai’s quick and sudden movement, the man lost control of his legging and staggered a few feet backward. Without having any leverage for him to take hold of, he was unable to stop himself. The bitter coldness nibbled further and further into the core his bones once his entire body was submerged in the pond.

Gu Hai’s foot pressed heavily on the man’s head, forcing him to sink deeper underwater. Three minutes later, the man started to struggle violently and seconds later, one by one bubbles swam up toward the surface of the water and popped. Gu Hai firmly and relentlessly pressed him down, refusing to release him. Only when his body stiffened and started to convulse uncontrollably, provoking the fishes in the water to swim around in panic as if their heads were being chopped off, did Gu Hai grip his head and pull it out of the fish pond.

“Speak out the next person.”

Within two hours of terror, all those that made it difficult for Bai Luo Yin, tormented Bai Luo Yin, mocked and ridiculed Bai Luo Yin……none of them escaped. All suffered a heavy, disastrous price; tens of time more than could be counted.

The atmosphere of this mansion’s courtyard, originally dead and lifeless became even more frightful, cold and desolate. Now, it was similar to a tomb of the living dead.

A kid was crouched at the corner of the wall, trembling. He looked at Gu Hai, fear welling in his eyes before he willingly made his way toward him.

He was the last one to be reported.  

His guilt was, he had looked at Bai Luo Yin, laughed and kicked a steam bun from the ground, toward the side of his feet.

“You’re a kid so I won’t hit you, but you better remember this well. Look at them and how they met their ends. When you are as big as I am now, I will come and look for you to settle this. You just slowly wait for it!”

The kid’s eyes widened with horror and panic, unable to hold it in anymore, he burst into tears.  


Once again, Gu Hai quickly arrived at the hospital. By this time, the sky had already been covered by an inky darkness.

Arriving at the ward, the doctor on duty informed Gu Hai that Bai Luo Yin had already returned home.

“He returned that quickly?”

The doctor nodded his head, “That child was not willing to stay in the hospital, so after his fever retreated, he immediately went home.

With that said, Gu Hai went straight to Bai Luo Yin’s house.

At that moment, the whole family was in the side room eating dinner. Meng Tong Tian was the only one that had finished eating. He was holding onto an airplane remote controller, maneuvering it around in the air with skills. When he saw Gu Hai’s silhouette, Meng Tian Tong’s face brightened with happiness. Unable to manage his excitement, his hands loosened on the remote control and the airplane dropped perfectly straight into the ground.

“Gu Hai gege, you’re here!”

Gu Hai caressed Meng Tong Tian’s head, and asked: “Where’s Bai Luo Yin?”

Meng Tong Tian pointed his little finger, “He’s laying down in the room.”

“He didn’t eat?”

“He ate, but puked it all out.”

The color on Gu Hai’s face changed, he turned around and entered Bai Luo Yin’s room.

Bai Luo Yin was slightly propped up, against the headboard of the bed with a soft pillow behind his head. His eyes were opened a bit, but not quite enough to make him aware. Compared to this afternoon, his complexion looked a bit better.

Gu Hai softly caressed Bai Luo Yin’s forehead. He felt the warm skin beneath his hand and noticed that the temperature has dropped, however, his limbs on the other hand were still ice cold to the touch.

Feeling that someone had touched him, Bai Luo Yin’s eyes shot open in a quick flash.

“What are you doing here?”

Gu Hai didn’t say anything, he just stretched his hand into Bai Luo Yin’s blanket and wrapped both of his foot in the palm of his hands.

Bai Luo Yin immediately pulled his foot away. He looked intensely at Gu Hai and said some harsh words that would sufficiently break his heart and cause him to grief.

“I don’t want you anymore.”

Gu Hai pulled Bai Luo Yin’s foot back again, then he retorted with some words of his own that would sufficiently make Bai Luo Yin furious.

“I don’t want you anymore either.”

In a flash, Bai Luo Yin’s sharp gaze immediately turned toward Gu Hai. With great agility, he furiously lifted his foot that Gu Hai had held onto, and in one go, he suddenly gave the pit of Gu Hai’s stomach a couple of kicks. Although his body might be weak, his strength was not to be taken lightly.  

“Then, what are you still doing here? Fucking go back to your house! Asshole, fucking leave now! The further the better!”

Not only did Gu Hai not leave, he crawled on the bed, took hold of Bai Luo Yin and embraced him. Within seconds, his tough and fierce pupils met face to face with Bai Luo Yin’s own intense orbs.

“Do you only know how to be willful with me? You dare to be willful with me, then why don’t you dare to tell me about your grievance? You dare to be willful with me, then why don’t you dare to act like a spoiled child toward me? You dare to be willful with me, then why don’t you dare to admit that you’re wrong?……You look, look at your foolish behaviors! In this entire world, you can’t find a second person that’s as foolish as you! Do you think I need you? If there was a second option, I wouldn’t have needed you a long time ago! I’m a man, but next to you I’m just a piece of decoration that can’t even do anything. Besides venting, going fucking crazy, and making you feel good, other than that, I’m just a fucking useless person!”

Bai Luo Yin doesn’t even want to open his mouth, instead he remained there motionless. Fortunately, his strength had recovered in comparison to earlier, otherwise his own anger would have killed him already.

Gu Hai’s clenched fist smashed against the wall causing a huge chunk of plaster to fall down.

“Why did you want to go look for him? You are my beloved, the apple of my eye, why would you let them bully you? Why?”

This time, Bai Luo Yin was still silent.

The inside of the room was quiet and peaceful for a good moment.  

Bai Luo Yin glanced to the side. The emperor that had roared a moment ago, had already withered into lifelessness; his energy seemingly drained away, fading into the air with the sound of his outrageous roars.

And the corners of his eyes were now welling with tears.  

Bai Luo Yin doesn’t know where this sudden anger that coursed through him came from. He suddenly looked at the back of Gu Hai’s head and smacked it.

It was in this way that the tears Gu Hai was trying to patiently and silently endure to himself, dripped.

“You fucking have the nerve to scold me? Look at yourself, just like a bitchy girl. No one even touched you yet and you’re already crying. Honestly ask yourself, am I the one that takes you as a decoration, or is it you who takes me as a decoration? It’s not that you’re useless, you just think that I’m extremely useless, that’s why you think you’re useless!”[1]

With these words said, Bai Luo Yin’s entire body became sweaty from the raging heat within him.

“You’re such a strong man! If you’re so strong, then why do you have a high fever? If you’re so strong, then why are you wrapped up in a blanket, lying in bed? If I, Gu Hai, were to strip naked and stand outside for one entire week, I still wouldn’t catch a cold!”

“Then take all your clothes off now if you dare. If you don’t take it off, then you’re not a strong man.”

“Bai Luo Yin, you’re the one that’s allowing me take it off.”

“Yeah, I told you to take it off, what about it?”

Gu Hai really took it off.

But, he had only just taken two articles of clothing off, when Bai Han Qi walked in.

“Oh! Da Hai, you want to stay here tonight?”

Gu Hai smiled awkwardly. Embarrassment along with bashfulness kissed his entire face as he pulled a corner of the quilt over to cover himself.

“Yes, that’s my intention.”

With an aching stomach, Bai Luo Yin looked at Bai Han Qi and powerlessly point his finger toward the doorway.

“Dad, throw him out.”

Bai Han Qi contemplated for a second, but finding it a bit difficult to do, he said, “Da Hai already took off his clothes, it’s not appropriate if I were to throw him out right?”

“Dad~~~~~” Bai Luo Yin implored pitifully.

Bai Hai Qi cleared his throat then swallowed before rubbing one of his ears. He muttered almost incoherently to himself, “What’s the temperature for tonight? How did I forget when I just heard the weather forecast a moment ago……hmmm……?”

He parted the door curtains and walked out.

Translator’s Note:

[1] “It’s not that you’re useless, you just think that I’m extremely useless, that’s why you think you’re useless!”  – Yin Zi is saying that, Gu Hai thinks that he’s useless because Yin Zi was the one that discovered the reason of his mother’s death.

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