Addicted: Chapter 159



Translator: Sae

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By not only using a gentle but also a slightly forceful method, You Qi was finally able to persuade Yang Meng.

On Saturday afternoon, You Qi boldly took Yang Meng to a cosmetic shop. The moment they entered the shop, an androgynous looking stylist looked at them as they walked in. The person’s voice was a bit coarse but the manner of speaking was simply put, soft and gentle, quite pleasant to the ears.

“Excuse me, may I ask, do the two of you want a cosmetic surgery or a makeover?”

You Qi gave Yang Meng a quick glance up and down. Scrunching his nose up a bit, he looked again from the top of his tussled hair and quickly down to the crotch area of his trousers.

“Give him a makeover.”

With a slight furrow of his brow, the stylist gave Yang Meng a glance, then his gaze swept toward You Qi for a glance. Ultimately, his eyes remained fixed on You Qi’s face, with a rather ambiguous expression drawn in them.

“Actually, I want to give you a makeover even more. The room for your improvement would be even greater. By just touching up a few places, it would make your image reached an even more unprecedented level. How about you think it over for a moment?”

By now, You Qi became a bit anxious, “Another day, for now just do it for him.”

With a shrug of the shoulder, the stylist faintly replied, “Okay then, both of you can follow me.”

A few minutes later, You Qi and Yang Meng was led to and arrived at an empty makeup station room by the stylist.

Entering the room, Yang Meng let out a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was a closed room. No one else needed to see the hideous process of him being changed from a man to a woman.

“Tell me what you are thinking,” asked the stylist as he crossed his arms together against his chest while his eyes slightly narrowed into a sharp angle and traveled up and down Yang Meng’s figure.

Yang Meng pretended to be a deaf person while his little hands toyed with the hems of his shirt.

Without hesitation, You Qi bluntly told the stylist, “Change him into a girl.”

Once those words crept out of You Qi’s mouth, Yang Meng could feel his own shoulders trembling with nervousness. He then imagined what the stylist’s expressions were; probably searing with a sinister look.

Who would have expected that this stylist would cheerfully accepted this statement without even a hint of strangeness. Even more so, brimming with interest, the stylist asked, “What kind of style do you want? A cute, next door neighbor type of girl? A wild natured and unruly dancing type? A capable and experience at her workplace type? A beautiful and noble eldest daughter of an affluent family with a bossy attitude?……”

You Qi looked into space and contemplated for a moment, before a smile, etched with an evil and malicious intent, played out on his finely drawn lips.  

“Just make him a little slutty, that’ll be good enough.”

With a quick swoosh, Yang Meng turned his neck around, looked squarely at You Qi’s sharp eyes and roared in anger, “Are you fucking looking for trouble?”

Normally, You Qi rarely indulges himself. This time around, an exuberant coat of excitement played out in his smiling expression before he tilts his head slightly to the side and let his grin widen.  

The stylist gripped Yang Meng’s head and turned it back around so that he was facing the mirror. Then through the mirror, the stylish looked his face up and down for a moment before making some hands gestures, as if to study Yang Meng’s facial structure, looking for the discrepancy between his face and that of a woman. Afterwards, the stylist stared at him some more and thought over from where should this transformation start at.

Looking at the stylish professional appearance, Yang Meng couldn’t help but to feel nervous and worse the severe drumming of his own heartbeats weren’t helping him much either.

Could it be that he was the first customer who came here to have his gender changed?

Giving Yang Meng another quick glance, the stylist could easily make out all of Yang Meng’s inner thoughts. All of a sudden, his long and slender fingers came forward and pinched Yang Meng’s cheeks for a second before he cheerfully saying, “You don’t have to act as if you can’t relax. I completely understand your preferences. Nowadays, there are crossdresser everywhere, you should learn from them. Since you have the intention to do this already, you have to bring out your own style and self-confidence. What’s the point in caring about what other people think or their gazes?”

Yang Meng is a country bumpkin.

He crooked his neck at an angle and looked over at You Qi, “What’s crossdressing?”

You Qi pulled out his cell phone and searched it up on Baidu[1] for a while before he passed it over for Yang Meng to see.

Immediately, Yang Meng’s eyeballs widened and turned a sickly shade of green.

When the stylist started to put makeup on him, Yang Meng could not bear to look so he simply shut his eyes and silently endured while guessing:

What the heck, is this stylist a man or a woman? From the look of the chest area, it looks flat, but nowadays there are many women that are flat-chested. Listening to the sound of the voice, it seemed to belong to a man but then again, each and every movement resembles a woman.

A wicked idea materialized in Yang Meng’s mind. He wanted to stretch his hand out toward that person’s crotch area and have a touch to see if that little toy was there or not.

Females like us, must learn how to take care of ourselves. Look at your own skin, although your skin is really white, your pores, on the other hand, are quite big, so I have to put more powder on your face……”


It’s enough that you’re a woman, why on earth do you still have to put it on me? Isn’t it clear how humiliating this is for me already?

Ashamed and resentful, Yang Meng opened one of his eye and peered up. This resulted in his vision landing on this ‘female’s’ neck. That Apple’s apple was now moving back and forth ah! It continued to sway about blinding Yang Meng’s eye.

Overcome with boredom, You Qi sat to the side and played on his cell phone. Every so often, he would take a quick glance at Yang Meng. But after a while, he wasn’t able to tear his eyes away anymore. Rather with fixed eyes, he stared at Yang Meng. To say it more precisely should be, he was staring at Yang “Meng.”[2]

Geez, looks simply amazing!

At first, You Qi thought that Yang Meng is pretty normal looking. It would have been ‘OK’ enough to just put on a fake wig and wear a skirt. There was no need to waste so much and effort like this. But the opposing side was no ordinary woman, so for the sake of being secure and thorough in his plan, You Qi nevertheless brought Yang Meng here.

As a result, it was not in vain!

The person was still the same person; there wasn’t any extreme changes done, but surprisingly it was hard to tell which part of him had actually changed to make him completely become a woman. Even more amazing was, he was such a beautiful, alluring and glamorous looking woman.  

“It’s such a waste that you’re a man,” said You Qi truthfully as he slightly nodded his head in agreement with his own statement.

Yang Meng looked at himself in the mirror. With just one glance, he already felt like giving up all the hope that he had left toward this world.

The stylist pulled Yang Meng into a fitting room so that he can change his clothes. Unexpectedly, he had even taken the time to give him a set of fake breast.

‘Fake breast.’

No matter what, Yang Meng refused to wear it, he even went as far as to put his life on the line toward his firm disapproval. With no other option, the stylish could only call for You Qi to come over and convince him.

“You can just fight it out this one time. Since you’ve already disguised yourself as a woman, you might as well play out the role a bit more thorough. Think about it, the more thorough you are, the more other people won’t be able to recognize who you really are.”

Yang Meng contemplated for a moment. It really was because of this reasoning that resulted in him deciding to endure this humiliation and suffer in silence.

After finishing up with Yang Meng’s appearance, the stylish began to harass You Qi again, insisting that his makeover would be free of charge. Originally, You Qi did not want to do it, but as he stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself, he really didn’t match up to this “beautiful woman” beside him.

Twenty minutes later, You Qi came out of the makeup room.

Yang Meng immediately went crazy.

What the hell? Why did you make him look so fucking handsome and cool like this? And made me look so weak and ugly?  

Once the two of them walked down the streets, the percentage at which people kept on turning their heads for a look, or murmured something about them, was at a rating of one hundred percent.  

As a man, Yang Meng was poor, short, and ugly. But as a woman, he was immediately tall, rich and beautiful.

While walking toward the designated location, Yang Meng was really conscious of his own body. Having these two fun bags on his chest was extremely awkward and uncomfortable. Yang Meng poked it with his fingers several times and noticed that there was an ample amount of elasticity inside. Just from poking at it, he couldn’t help but to laugh and liven his own mood up. Then he pulled You Qi’s hand and said: “Hey, look at these, they’re at least a C cup right?”

Once those words left his mouth, the people around casted looks of astonishments at them.

You Qi coughed lightly, “Hey, lower your voice a bit.”

Yang Meng glanced around at the pedestrian nearby. Now even more conscious of his words and actions, he immediately shut his mouth.

You Qi’s eyes swept to the person beside him for a quick glance. His heart became surprisingly astounded. Why was it that before, when Yang Meng wore men’s clothes, he did not think that he was bold or unconstrained, but now that he wore women’s clothes, the more he looked, the manlier he seemed?

When they arrived at the restaurant, the Beijing Film Academy beauty had arrived there at an earlier time already and was waiting patiently. You Qi was received by a waitress and led to a private room. Yang Meng’s heart started to jump about violently. He had wanted to betrayed You Qi and fled several times before, but fortunately, each time You Qi discovered this and without delay pulled him back.

Once the private room door was open, a beautiful girl stood up. Just when she was about to look at You Qi and pull him in, her eyes went to the side and met with Yang Meng instead.

In a flash, the smile on her face froze.  

The moment Yang Meng saw the shock that attacked this beautiful girl’s face, he mentally spat at You Qi several times.

Damn it, he really doesn’t know how well off he is.[3] Such a beautiful girl chasing after you, what the fuck are you actually thinking, huh?!

This beautiful girl was after all five years older than them, and she was also someone who had seen the world. In this kind of situation, not only did she not threw things down in anger, but instead she maintained a good image of herself before enthusiastically inviting the two of them in to sit.

“What do you want to eat? You can order whatever you please,” she asked before passing over the menu to You Qi’s hand.

You Qi directly placed the menu in front of Yang Meng, before his voice took on a slick and slimy tone and asked: “Meng Meng[4], what do you want to eat?”

Yang Meng remained unresponsive, his eyes lingering on that girl.  

Unable to bear it, You Qi gave Yang Meng a quick glance.

Fuck, this guy is actually staring as if he’s freaking entranced by this pretty girl already.

Vexed, You Qi stepped on Yang Meng’s foot bringing him back from whatever trance he was in.

Slight pained by the sudden attack, Yang Meng almost burst out in swear words. But then a few seconds later, he became aware of his own gloomy predicament. He could only lower his voice, chant a magical spell and cursed the person beside him.

After ordering some dishes, You Qi took the initiative to give an introduction.

“This is my girlfriend, Meng Meng.”

Looking at the beautiful girl, Yang Meng could only give her an unnatural smile.

The beautiful girl returned a smile back. Even though she was studying to be an actress, Yang Meng could still make out the extreme depth of sorrow, the heartbrokenness and unwillingness that crowded her eyes.

At this very moment, he really wanted to stretch his hand out, lightly caress that delicate person’s cheeks and console her wounded heart. Unfortunately, You Qi had warned him repeatedly beforehand that it was best if he did not open his mouth to talk so much as to avoid suspicion. Therefore, Yang Meng had no other choice but to silently take pity on her.

Rather than saying that this beautiful girl was studying to be an actress, it was better to say that You Qi was. For the sake of making this beautiful girl completely give up, he however decided to go all out with all he had.

While eating You Qi constantly move about. He would give Yang Meng some food in one moment, then asked for Yang Meng’s opinion the next moment. Then a moment later, he would sneakily seize an opportunity to touch his breast without a warning or much less a permission……he acted with ease and comfortability. Surprisingly, this intimate act between lovers were acted out to the point of perfection.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful one is at executing a plan, it is still possible to overlook something important.

You Qi didn’t notice it yet.

However, Yang Meng has.

His ‘breast’ has become crooked.

Yang Meng exerted all the strength in his buttocks to try and tighten his stomach so that in turn would strengthen his chest area and possibly allow the fake breast to hold on better, but no matter how much strength he used, his ‘breast’ continued to slide down. Since he was sitting in front of a table, his ‘breast’ was just about to sit right the top of the table. If he were to bend down, it was bound to look weird and unsightly.

As a result, Yang Meng picked up his handbag, covered his chest area and said in a high pitch tone of voice: “I have to go to the bathroom, you two have a nice chat first.”

Outside the private room, he jogged toward the bathroom. Without thinking much or looking at the signs, Yang Meng rushed into the men’s bathroom.

This quick run caused both side of his breast to be lopsided with a height difference of five centimeters.

Facing the mirror, Yang Meng laughed mischievously at himself for quite a long time. It was amusing after all.

Willing his laughter away, he then started to use his hand to adjust his ‘breast’.

By chance, a man wanted to use the toilet. Just as this man walked in, he saw Yang Meng standing there with his hand down his shirt. Immediately, the man’s footstep came to an abrupt halt before his eyes slightly widened in sheer shock.

Five minutes later, with a flushed face, the man apologized on the spot.

“Sorry, sorry……”

Ashamed the man quickly rushed out and ran into the other bathroom.

Translator’s note:

[1]Baidu – incorporated on January 18, 2000, is a Chinese web services company headquartered at the Baidu Campus in Beijing’s Haidian District. Baidu offers many services, including a Chinese search engine for websites, audio files and images. Baidu offers 57 search and community services including Baidu Baike (an online, collaboratively built encyclopedia) and a searchable, keyword-based discussion forum

[2]“Meng” – in Chinese ‘Měng’ from Yang ‘Měng’ [猛 meaning fierce/brave] is spelt the same way as ‘Méng’ [萌 – bud/sprout = small and cute] of màiméng [卖萌] which means to ‘act cute’ or ‘sell cuteness’. The only difference is the tone marks that gives these character their different meaning. In this part, You Qi is seeing the cute part of Yang ‘Meng’ instead of the supposed fierceness. In the earlier chapter, Gu Hai also brought this up, saying “Měng? more like méng.’ [Fierce? More like cute.]

[3]“…doesn’t know how well off” – idiom [身在福中不知福- shēnzàifúzhōngbùzhīfú] means, not appreciate the life one enjoys; growing up in happiness, one often fails to appreciate what happiness really means; to live in plenty without appreciating it.

[4]Meng Meng – You Qi calls Yang Měng, [萌萌- Méng Méng] using the character for ‘cute’ and not the characters for his real name.

[5]Yang Family: I like to think this title is a play on Yang Meng’s last name ‘Yang’ in relation to the famous Yang Clan. [I’m probably wrong but here’s a lesson on the Yang Clan]

Yang Clan

Over a thousand years ago, the Northern Song Dynasty was constantly invaded and, ruled by a corrupt and lackadaisical court, teetered on the edge of destruction. But one loyal family had both the courage and the prowess to lead the fight—and keep the dynasty alive.

Starting in the 10th century, generation after generation of the Yang family risked everything to defend the Middle Kingdom. The family has since been synonymous with unwavering loyalty, its legacy recorded in a collection of stories known as Generals of the Yang Clan (“Yang Jia Jiang”). [many tv series were made of their family legacy]

A Loyal Legacy

The family’s first famous warrior was Yang Ye, a former Northern Han Dynasty general. After the Northern Han surrendered to the Song, he tirelessly went to war to save the young dynasty’s borders from the Khitan, who were incessantly invading from the north.

Dreaded by his enemies, Yang Ye was nicknamed “The Peerless Yang” (Yang wudi) for his fearlessness in battle. His greatest moment came at the strategic Great Wall portal known as Yanmen Pass, when he won a critical battle against numerically superior Khitan forces. He quickly became one of the emperor’s favorite generals.

This prompted jealousy from the other generals, and Yang Ye’s compatriot Pan Mei eventually abandoned him on the battlefield. Overpowered this time, Yang Ye was captured and starved to death.

Yang Ye had eight sons, and perhaps the most outstanding was Yang Yanzhao. As valiant as his father, he was also very adept at the art of war. Over a 20-year-period, he managed to secure the Song Dynasty’s borders. Even the Khitans, who saw Yang Yanzhao as their biggest enemy, respectfully compared him to Mizar, the sixth star of the Big Dipper, and reverently called him “Yang the Sixth.” Alongside the rest of his family, Yang Yanzhao fought for his country until his death at 57.

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