Addicted: Chapter 163

The PAIR that SUFFERED together


Translator: Sae

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The gloomy door of the records room burst open with a sinister gust of wind, revealing an alarmingly frightful and wide smile. The eyes of the person that held this smile was loaded with evilness and an expression kissed with malevolent. Anyone that gaze upon this presence would have immediately became worried and panicky.

“Your class sport appointed student didn’t ask for your permission and signed you up for the 5k run and 400-meter hurdle?” Another burst of laughter, without restraint at all, sounded off, “What was he thinking huh? Even if he was in a rush to get something to eat, he should have at least find a sturdier person ah!”

With grievance, Yang Meng angrily looked at You Qi, “Are you fucking done laughing yet?”

You Qi held back his smile and put on a more earnest appearance but once he saw Yang Meng extremely delicate shoulder, small and soft face, plus his sullen and terrified mannerism, he scoffed before bursting out laughing again.

Yang Meng swung his head around with the intention of leaving.

You Qi yanked him back, “Don’t be mad, aren’t I consoling you huh?”

“Is this how you fucking console someone? Isn’t it obvious that you’re just rejoicing in my misfortune?”

“Absolutely not, absolutely not,” You Qi lightly slapped his own face a bit as to calm himself, “I’m comforting you in disguise. Think about it, if I were to be miserable with you, sighing and wailing in despair, wouldn’t that make you even more depress? You have to look at this as a joke and laugh it off. In any case, you’re already regarded as expendable; a scapegoat, so just run at your own pace. Just fight for it during the preliminaries and get eliminated.”

“There’s no need to fight for it, I’ll definitely get eliminated,” said Yang Meng with a sorrowful stain on his face.

You Qi lightly coughed, “That’s true as well. Even if you make an all-out effort, you still won’t make it to the finals.”

“What!” Yang Meng roared, “There’s no fucking preliminary for the 5k run, it goes straight into the finals. As long as you get on that freaking track, you must keep running ah! 5k!! I’ll drop dead! It’s already unbearable to just walk, don’t mention running!”

“Can you be a bit more hopeful about it huh?” You Qi patted Yang Meng’s head for a moment, “Isn’t it just 5k run? Just go and piss for a while and the run will be over.”

“Fuck you! Do you have an enlarged prostate? Who spends that much time to fucking piss!!”

Listening to him, You Qi once again bellowed out in a rather mischievous and shameless laughter. This time it lasted for quite some time.

Yang Meng looked at You Qi with an extremely hateful expression; honestly if looks could kill. “I should take a picture of your despicable appearance now and expose it on the school’s website, that way everyone can see this unrestrained immorality of yours!”

You Qi stuck his head out of the room and looked outside for a second, “The bell’s about to ring soon.”

“Then you should go back.”

While walking back, Yang Meng secretly cursed himself.

Ask yourself, who are you looking for to grumble about your grievance with? Of all people, you had to look for him? He’s just waiting to see you make a joke out of yourself and you still fucking jump into the shit hole! If you’re not a fool, then who is? It’s more unbearable this time, right? Even more sullen, right? Can’t fucking figure things out, right? You deserve it!

By the time they got to the head of a flight of stairs, You Qi was still cheerfully looking at him with tears of laughter welling in his eyes.

He then shouted out a sentence, “Good luck to you!”

Yang Meng watched as You Qi departed toward the other direction before he ruthlessly spat on the floor.

Fuck! Don’t fucking let me see you again!


You Qi cheerfully opened the back door with a carefree mannerism then cheerfully entered the classroom with a carefree mannerism as well. Immediately after he cheerfully sat down in his own seat. When he sensed someone patting his shoulder from behind, he cheerfully turned his head around in yet another carefree manner. With a carefree smile gracing his lips.

“Yin Zi, what happened?”

Bai Luo Yin had made a copy of the registration sheet and passed it over to You Qi, “Our class had two events that were still vacant so I filled your name in both.”

You Qi’s carefree face, revealed a vague uneasiness, “What events?”

“The sports competition events!”

First You Qi became dumbfounded for a moment, then after he suddenly pulled the registration sheet from Bai Luo Yin’s hand and looked at it for several seconds. His eyes slightly widened with dread before his face darkened as if a layer of soy sauce was smeared on it.

“This……can it still be changed?”

Bai Luo Yin told You Qi with great certainty, “It’s impossible to change it now. It’s already been delivered to the Headmaster’s office and it’ll be typed up soon.”

A bolt of lightning struck You Qi atop his temple out of nowhere, sports is indeed his greatest weakness ah! He stared at the events he was enrolled for again….it was even more disastrous now; more like a thunderbolt shot down on at him on clear sunny day.


He had never even touched one before!

400-meter hurdle? Wait a minute……why does it look so familiar the more I look at it? Fuck!! Yang Meng also has this event. I’m going to drop dead ah! Is this retribution?

Taking advantage of the last minute of class, You Qi decided to talk it over with Gu Hai.

“How about we look for someone else to replace me okay? Our sport competition has a point accumulation system. The class total accumulated points will determine the rankings right……don’t let me drag the entire class down.”

Truthfully, You Qi looking for Gu Hai was the same as pulling out a sword and cutting his own throat in a suicidal attempt.  

Gu Hai’s heartless eyes swept toward You Qi’s handsomely sculpted face. The tone of his voice wasn’t serious but it was very forceful.

“Look for someone to replace you? Why don’t you look around, how many students in our school doesn’t recognize you huh? The first competition is only an additional 8 points and nothing more. 20 points will be deducted from cheating during the competition. Think about it yourself, is it worth it?”

You Qi was silent for about ten seconds. When he opened his mouth again to say something, the dismissal bell sounded off.

After class was dismissed, You Qi went to look for Bai Luo Yin to beg him for help.

“Can you talk with Gu Hai? Doesn’t our class have a reserved player for the competition? Just let that reserved player replace me and it’ll be fine.”

Bai Luo Yin only patted You Qi’s shoulder and tilt his head to the side with a slight smile, “I support you.”

You Qi simply was stumped for words as he stared blankly.

“I think you have a pretty good physique. I see a rather promising potential in you, it’s just that you lack physical engagement. You just need to exercise more to toughen up. Also, recently you’ve gotten fat, I think you can just take this good opportunity to exercise more, and consider it as losing some weight.”

Bai Luo Yin is always accurate in nipping at people’s lifeline.

You Qi most beloved is his body’s appearance.


He takes the most offense when other people criticize his body like this.


When Bai Luo Yin specially started to put it in that way…


Given the fact that his evaluation holds a lot of weight in You Qi’s heart.

If he said that You Qi is fat, even if the digital scale said that he is skinny…

You Qi will also think he himself is fat.


At the end of the school day, Yang Meng dragged his heavy footsteps toward the track.

5k. 5k.

Just thinking about this number made his liver tremble.

Such a vast and obscure track, where exactly is my resting place? One lap after the next, when will it end ahhhh?

“Give me your things, I’ll hold them.”

Hearing a familiar voice, Yang Meng turned around and saw two very familiar figures coming into his view.

Bai Luo Yin gave all the things that was getting in his way to Gu Hai. He planned to start at this section of the field and give it a try in order to get a feel of it.

“You’ve also registered?”

Upon hearing Yang Meng’s voice, Bai Luo Yin then discovered this unnoticeable existence amongst the tide of people.

“Yeah! The 5k run,” said Bai Luo Yin nonchalantly as if it was a simple task.

Yang Meng nearly fell with the sudden gust of wind that carried those words.

He himself already knows all too well what Bai Luo Yin’s level was. To make a more conservative estimate of the previous year’s competition, Bai Luo Yin had passed him, at the least, five or six laps. Recalling the scene that time, when all the other contestants had finished running and he was the only one left alone on the track, to miserably continue counting his laps, Yang Meng wanted to beat his fist on the ground and cry out bitterly.  

“What are you doing here? Waiting for your classmates?” asked Bai Luo Yin casually, since he simply didn’t think that Yang Meng would have anything to do with the competition.

Yang Meng inarticulately shook his head, then nodded, they shook his head again……

At first Gu Hai only thought that Yang Meng was an eyesore, but now that he had seen his dull-witted expression, he couldn’t help but to be even more unhappy.


Without hesitation, he immediately urged Bai Luo Yin with a few words, “Quick, you should run now.”

Bai Luo Yin merely nodded his head and got on the track.

Gu Hai followed closely behind, “How about I run with you for a few laps? I’d just get bored waiting here anyways.”.

The two was just about to start when Yang Meng chased after them again.

“How about I also run with you guys? It would also be boring for me to just wait here.”

Since Bai Luo Yin had no objection and Gu Hai also doesn’t have any complaints, the three started to run together.

Watch him closely, watch him closely. Just breathe down his neck if you have to. You absolutely must not get left behind. You only need to stay close to him for ten laps then you’ll be victorious!

Yang Meng’s standards of victory is to not make a spectacle of himself. That alone would be good enough for him!

Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai ran very effortlessly. The first couple of laps were only considered warm-ups so their speed wasn’t too fast. They casually ran while chatting about their day; mostly in regards to things that happened in the class and their respective family.

Yang Meng would occasionally stick in a few words here and there. Every time he spoke, he felt a great sense of achievement crowding in his heart.   

See! I can run together with the former long-distance running champion and the major general’s son. Not only can I keep up with them but I can also have a chat too!

As the fourth lap began, Yang Meng’s speech became somewhat strenuous. Each time he spoke, he would gasp for air; then after he finished talking, his breathing became even more chaotic. Only when he tried with all his might to take a breath, was the air guaranteed to enter smoothly into his lungs.

Once the fifth lap arrived, Yang Meng, in base terms, could not talk any longer. He could only listen to Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai, who were ahead of him, talk as he silently followed behind them.

At the sixth lap, Gu Hai suddenly patted Bai Luo Yin’s shoulder, “Let’s start for real now.”

Yang Meng, “…………”

What a cruel and merciless sentence.

At that moment, Yang Meng was already so tired, his train of thoughts were all jumbled up, along with his awful physical condition.

But, the four legs in front of him had just started to liven up with an infinite amount of energy.

Yang Meng looked on helplessly at those four long and strong legs, surged forth like wild horses riding the desert sand. In but only a mere second, as if pulled by an enormous electric current, they disappeared out of his line of sight, without even informing him.

Yang Meng’s speed, on the other hand, was getting slower and slower, like some old cattle diligently plowing and weeding the vast farmland.

“Steady your breathing. It’s a bit too fast right now. Three steps, inhale, Three steps, exhale……”

Just as he was counting his way through this rigorous task, he heard familiar voices coming from behind. Yang Meng suddenly felt a surge of coldness run up his arm while his eyes slightly widened of its own accord in fear.

What the fuck, how could they pass by me so fast?

He couldn’t help but to look in awe as the two tall figures flashed by him from behind then disappeared ahead. Bai Luo Yin cheerfully turned his head around and laughed at him.

Fuck, you still have the strength to laugh? How can you still be this happy running that fast?

The person to the side was even more savage and vigorous. Although he was carrying two heavy schoolbags on his shoulder, he was still able to talk away without any restraint whatsoever.

Are the two of you even human?

After a moment, Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin passed by again, and another moment later, Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin passed by again………

You don’t need to compete with them! Just do the best you can and it’ll be good enough. Remember, your only opponent is yourself. For today, just being able to run is a victory in itself already………said Yang Meng secretly to himself.

There’s still four laps left to go. Just four final laps left, Yang Meng clenched his fist tightly.

From behind came those familiar voices again, “There’s still one lap left, sprint!”

This one sentence nearly caused Yang Meng to stagger.

Only one lap left? They’re almost done running already? How can that be?!!! I’ve calculated from the beginning, they’ve ran six laps before the start of the calculation, how could they finish before me? Besides, didn’t Gu Hai say he was only going to accompany Bai Luo Yin for a few laps? How was it possible that he ran until now? Not to mention, he’s also carrying so many things……

They must be goofing off! Definitely! That’s right!!!

The two suddenly sped up.

Who knew if Gu Hai was being intentional or not? When he sped by Yang Meng, the school bags on his back suddenly bumped into Yang Meng.

At that moment, both of Yang Meng’s legs already felt weak so being bumped into by the bags on Gu Hai’s shoulder, his whole entire body staggered to the side. He tried to steady his legs in order to find a proper balance but still be couldn’t. Ultimately, he miserably fell to the ground.

Bai Luo Yin didn’t even turn, because when Yang Meng collapsed to the ground, Bai Luo Yin had already sprinted toward the finish line.

“How do you feel?” asked Gu Hai.

Bai Luo Yin slowed down his breaths, “Not bad.”

Looking at him with warm eyes, Gu Hai reached out his hand to wipe the beads of sweat on Bai Luo Yin’s face, but Bai Luo Yin avoided him.

“No need to wipe it. Let’s go home and take a shower.”

Shoulder to shoulder the two left the school’s main gate.


When You Qi finally got to the sports field, the sky was already painted in an inky canopy of darkness. There was no one at the track by then. All the students that were once running were completely gone by now and the students that lived on campus went to their evening study sessions already.

Now was the most appropriate time to exercise.

You Qi swung his arms out, and kicked his legs out back and forth as to stretch and relax his muscles.

As he prepared to run, he suddenly heard weeping sounds coming from somewhere. It was vague, yet it also carried an unclear abundance of curse words. He followed the sound to find the source of it; and the weeping became louder and louder. Even more so, the more he listened, the more familiar it became.

“Huhuhu……fuck……my ankle is sprained…my legs are cramped and so are my arms. Huhuhu, my entire body is completely cramped……I still have two laps left to go. I have to finish running before I can go home ah……Huhuhu……they ran three laps and I only ran one lap ah. He only bumped into me a bit and I fell head first down ah……”

You Qi lightly coughed twice and the weeping sounds ended abruptly.  

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