Addicted: Chapter 164


Translator: Sae

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“You are really your uncle’s nephew.”

You Qi squatted down and looked at Yang Meng’s unsightly expression.

Yang Meng, on the other hand, did what anyone would have done in that kind of awkward situation; he fiercely wiped the tears off his face and dropped his bottoms to the ground before quickly turning around to hide.

With his back was now facing You Qi, he said: “I’m telling you, my mood is really bad today; it’s best if you don’t provoke me.”

Arching one of his brows, You Qi suddenly kneed Yang Meng’s back; there was a slight provocation to his teasing tone, “So what if I provoked you?”

Like a baby tiger whose tail had been stepped on, he swung his body back around and firmly held tightly onto one of You Qi’s leg.

Then, he began to yell at the top of his lungs.

“Look! Look! Just come have a look ah!! You Qi is on the grass MASTURBATING……”

Yang Meng’s physical strength may not be on the same level as the latter or of his friends, however, the power of his vocal cords are not to be underestimated, to say the least of it, was that it had a ground shattering power. There was a high probability that he had inherited his mother’s finely tuned tradition. With the way that he was shouting, his voice deftly reverberated throughout the entire sports field. Although the school building was a bit over thirty meters away from where they were, all the students’ ears perked up once they heard this thundering sound.

Startled, You Qi promptly squatted down again and covered Yang Meng’s mouth. His brows screwed tightly together as he looked at the back of Yang Meng’s head and wrenched it back in one quick motion.

“Hey, shut the fuck up!”

Sullen, Yang Meng stayed silent. About a minute later, You Qi suddenly felt wetness on his own hand. As he pulled his hand away, Yang Meng began to cry again. His fist beat the ground beneath him repeatedly while tears flowed down his despondent face. Looking at his agonizing self, it seemed awfully painful

“No……What are you crying about?” You Qi became a bit worried, “I barely used any strength a moment ago ah!”

“It has nothing to do with you.” Yang Meng continued to sob rather spasmodically. A mournful expression ate as his face as his eyes faced the night sky above, “You don’t understand the bitterness in my heart. Just go away okay? Let me cry for a while by myself for a moment. After I finish, I’ll still be a strong and courageous man.”

“What don’t I understand?” You Qi sat crossed-legged on the ground with an unperturbed expression lining his handsome face. “Isn’t it because you need to run in the 5k race during the sports competition huh?”

“How do you know?” asked Yang Meng as he listlessly clutched a handful of grass, those once beautifully drawn out grass that covered the ground. He sighed in between his hidden anger.  

You Qi reluctantly cast a glance in Yang Meng’s direction, “Weren’t you the one that told me?”

“Oh, that’s right. I did tell you.” As the sequence of event rushed back into his head, Yang Meng wept yet again. Honestly, listening to it, it sounded like he was in the midst of singing a song. He was indeed worthy of being called ‘nephew of the leader that wailed during a funeral rite.’ [1]

Seeing Yang Meng’s shoulder drawing back and forth as he sobbed, You Qi who seldom lowered his tone below a satirical diatribe, now, softened his voice a bit.

“What’s there to cry about? If you’re afraid of losing face, then just give up.”

Yang Meng whined, beat his chest and stomped the heel of his foot on the ground, “Do you think I can just give up if I wanted to? Why don’t you ask if my father would agree to it or not? Or if the Yang’s family ancestors would allow it or not?”

You Qi, “……”

Yang Meng drowned himself in tears again, “Uhhhh, ahhhh, what should I do huh?……”

You Qi can see it clearly now, this fool’s looking for trouble even if there isn’t any, someone must be bored!

“Okay, you can sit here and cry by yourself. I’m going to run.”

The sound of Yang Meng’s miserably weeping abruptly came to a complete stop. As if nothing had happened at all, his eyes followed You Qi before he asked: “What are you doing here running about like this right now?”

Thinking about it to himself for a moment, You Qi hesitated but out of consideration for his own honor, he chose not to tell Yang Meng the truth.

“Just exercising to maintain good health.”

After You Qi ran five laps around the track, he stopped and he stood still. When he looked over towards the center of the lawn, he discovered that there was a small dark speckle there. As he took one step at a time towards the center, it was clear now that the speckle was Yang Meng, still glued in the same spot.

“Why haven’t you gone home yet? The sky’s already dark.”

Yang Meng sighed in despair, “I still have two laps left that I haven’t completed.”

“Then quickly go and run!”

Yang Meng faintly mumbled, “I don’t want to run.”

You Qi sat down and look at Yang Meng again. This time Yang Meng was not crying anymore but his face also lacked any kind of expression. He held his head up, while staring blankly at the track not so far ahead. Several leaves fragments sprinkled at the back of his head, practically stitching into his fluffy hair. His appearance made it looked as though he had the misfortune of being bullied.

You Qi let out a ‘pffff’ sound, but it wasn’t of mockery, instead, it was a type of helplessness.

“Is it really worth it for you to go that far?”

Yang Meng dispiritedly said: “Today Bai Luo Yin and I ran together. He also registered for the 5k run. In the end, he ran passed me several times. Ah, you know how the saying goes, constantly comparing yourself to others will only make you angry ah……”

“And you still ran with him?” You Qi doesn’t know what to say to make it better anymore, “Why didn’t you try to run with Gu Hai huh?”

“He was also there. Even when he was carrying a huge pile of things, he still ran faster than me.” The more he talked the more grievance he felt. Yang Meng’s mouth drew back and opened again in preparation for another round of tears.

“Enough, enough, enough. Stop howling already. From the way I see it, there’s no need for you to cry. If it was really because of the difference in your levels, then having a good cry after losing to him is actually worth it. But, you’re bawling because you still have 1.8k to go? That’s pointless.”

Yang Meng tightly pulled back the corner of his mouth into a pursed, with an expression as though he had suffered from an excruciating insult.

“That’s enough, quick, return home now.”

You Qi even took the initiative to give Yang Meng a push, “It’s cooler at night; look at you, you wore so little, you’ll definitely catch a cold.”

Having said that, he took out a tissue and blew his own nose.

Yang Meng remained motionless.

You Qi couldn’t sit still any longer, so he immediately got up and looked at Yang Meng before saying: “If you’re not going to leave, then I will.”

There was no response from Yang Meng.  

You Qi started to walk away but after about ten meters in, he turned back to look at Yang Meng with a resentful expression.

“What is there to suffer about? Your class sports appointed representative selected you for those events is proof that he thinks highly of you! Aren’t I different from you? I’ve never even touched a javelin before and what did Gu Hai do, he registered me for that competition. I am more afraid to lose face than you, otherwise, why would I be here exercising huh?”

Just hearing those words, Yang Meng’s gloomy eyes suddenly shined as if the entire milky way had rushed into them.

“Really? You’ve also registered for a competition? Which ones?”

You Qi unhappily imparted, “Javelin, 400-meter hurdle.”

“You also have the 400-meter hurdle? Hahahaha……” In that split second, Yang Meng was kissed with an overwhelming sense of excitement. He quickly pushed himself up and off the grass before patting You Qi’s shoulder. Then, he delightfully said, “Then, I’m going home now!”

Fuck! I consoled you for such a long time and you didn’t even care. Just when I fucking mention my own misfortune just a tiny bit and now you’re cure!?

Humming a joyous tune, Yang Meng started to walk away.

Looking at Yang Meng’s back, You Qi clenched his teeth.  

Just because I took pity on you.

It was only several days later did You Qi realized that allowing his heart to be merciful was not worth it.

Just after he told Yang Meng, the next morning Yang Meng took the news of him being in the competition and spread it throughout the school campus. In less than three days, all the teachers and students in the entire school campus knew that You Qi was a participant in the sports competition. Even worse, they knew with great details which competitions he was in, what team he was placed in and even what time each competition would take place.

You Qi was indeed pushed toward a rather harsh position.

If I give up now, it’s the same as running away before the battle even started, how shameful!

With his level, not giving up would be even more humiliating when the time comes. It’s impossible to back out now, You Qi could only try his best and exercise as much as he can.

“Hey Mr. Big Star, you’re here practicing with the javelin?” Yang Meng muttered from a distance as he walked over.

You Qi picked up the javelin and pointed the sharp head and point it at Yang Meng, “Don’t fucking come over here, I’ll fucking stab you to death if you do!”

Yang Meng had figured out what You Qi’s practicing time was, so the moment he was free, he came for a visit to see his progress and also to give himself an excuse to be lazy.

Occasionally, when he saw You Qi’s improvements, he himself would become nervous; as if he was facing a formidable nemesis, so he would quickly step up his game and practice even harder. This was all in fear of making a fool of himself and being unable to find a companion just as bad as himself.   

The two always practiced together and gradually You Qi started not to care about Yang Meng’s immoral actions. Once in a while, he would also supervise him and excite him into practice. Although Yang Meng was inherently weak, upon You Qi’s pressure and urge, there was a slight improvement in his skills.  

Yang Meng stood at a distant a bit far from where You Qi was and watched him. With one of his hand high in the air, Yang Meng waited and as You Qi began to run forward, Yang Meng let his hand fly down. With that signal, You Qi suddenly let the javelin fly out of his grip. The whole movement was done in one quick go with great elegance; and his posture was very standard, quite pleasant to the eyes; and looking at the distance at which the javelin was thrown, it appeared quite far as well.

“That’s good!” Yang Meng shouted and clapped excitedly.

“Good, how is it good huh?” You Qi calm and collectively went to pick up the javelin, “The end of the javelin hit the ground first, no matter how far it travels it won’t be good enough.”


You Qi became a bit anxious.

My posture is clearly correct, why doesn’t the head fly into the ground first?

Yang Meng gave You Qi a suggestion, “Why don’t you turn the javelin around? That way the head will touch the ground first right?”

You Qi, “………”

The two practice the hurdle race together.  

Since there were no field hurdles and they didn’t want to borrow it from the gymnasium, one of them ended up serving as the hurdle while the other person stride over. Because Yang Meng was a head shorter and You Qi legs were quite long, it was always easier for You Qi to stride over him. But when it was Yang Meng’s turn to stride over You Qi, it was not that easy. Sadly, for the vast majority of the time, he would stumble and fall over You Qi’s body.

It was Yang Meng’s turn again.

“Are you ready?” Yang Meng shouted.

You Qi turned his head around and gave Yang Meng the ‘OK’ gesture. Then, he turned his head back and deliberately lowered his head even more so that the height of his back also dropped lower as to avoid it if Yang Meng fell down on him again.

Yang Meng started to take off, once he got close enough to You Qi, he suddenly lifted one of his leg, while the other leg tightly pulled in, then he firmly landed.

This was the first time after Yang Meng leaped, his foot actually landed on the ground. He was slightly bewildered, somewhat unconvinced that it actually happened. So he excitedly patted You Qi’s back, “Hey, I really crossed over you?”

You Qi didn’t say anything.

“Why aren’t you getting up?” Yang Meng became puzzled.

You Qi tried his best to open his mouth, “Move your fucking foot, you’re stepping on my head!”





There were two guys in the bathtub.

Bai Luo Yin leaned his head gently against the edge of the bathtub and let out a long sigh of relief. Being able to take a warm bath after exercising felt extremely comfortable and indeed worth the wait. He lifted one of his leg, there wasn’t any unbearable feeling. He lifted the other leg, it seemed a little sore but it didn’t feel that bad.

Gu Hai sat in front of him. When Bai Luo Yin lifted one of his legs, he would take a glance at the spot between his legs. Bai Luo Yin lifted his own leg, and his eyes traveled toward that spot again, just like a professional hoodlum.

“You ran for such a long time today, do the soles of your feet feel sore?” Gu Hai softly asked.

Bai Luo Yin moved his toes, “It hurts a bit, but it’s okay.”

“Let me give you a massage.”

As Gu Hai said this, he started to use his fingers to massage the center of Bai Luo Yin’s foot.

Thinking that it felt really comfortable, Bai Luo Yin closed his eyes and let Gu Hai do want he wanted.

At first, it seemed that way, pleasant, but after it became more and more strange. When Bai Luo Yin unwillingly opened his eyes, he found that his toes had run inside Gu Hai’s mouth.

His other foot was lifted out of the water and was now playing close to Gu Hai’s face.

Gu Hai leaned his body in close to Bai Luo Yin, allowing their chest to almost taste each other. The bathtub wasn’t big enough so the two could only lie down. One of Gu Hai’s arm wrapped around Bai Luo Yin’s waist while the other gently, lovingly caressed his face.

“The competition is going to be tomorrow. Haha.”

Gu Hai doesn’t know whether he was saying it for Bai Luo Yin to hear, or for himself.

Bai Luo Yin only let out an ‘okay.’

Casting a seductive look at Bai Luo Yin, Gu Hai spoke again, “You have to rest well today, haha.”

Staring back, Bai Luo Yin could hear the resentment in Gu Hai’s voice, so he emphasized his ‘okay’ a bit more than the previous.

With pouted lips, Gu Hai depressingly remained silent for a while longer.

Suddenly his eyes brightened with excitement as if fireworks had been lit and was now sailing into the night sky.

“That’s right! Your competition is the day after tomorrow right?”

After he said that, he glanced down. His hand snaked out and slithered toward the spot between Bai Luo Yin’s leg. It was the same of kind impatient as to when a child wanted to suck on teats for milk.


As a result, Bai Luo Yin grabbed hold of his wrist.

“Your competition is tomorrow.”

In a sulky manner, Gu Hai said that it was ‘no problem’, but once he saw the deep disapproval in Bai Luo Yin’s eyes, he obediently gave up.

Before they slept, Bai Luo Yin suddenly kicked Gu Hai, “Do your best tomorrow. Fighting ah.”

Gu Hai’s tinted lips rose into an impressive smile, “You think just ‘fighting’ is enough, why not express it?”

While Bai Luo Yin shot Gu Hai a death glare, Gu Hai instead pointed at his left cheek.

Bai Luo Yin hesitated for a moment, but nevertheless, he moved in closer and gave him a sweet kiss.


Slightly turning his face to the side, Gu Hai pointed at his right cheek.

He really wanted to curse him out. You’re not fucking done yet?


Once he saw Gu Hai waiting impatiently, with an anxious expression, he found it unbearable. And that unwanted twinge struck his heart. Without any better option, he leaned in and kissed him again.

Gu Hai also pulled in and branded a kiss on Bai Luo Yin’s soft lips.

This time, drawn with an overwhelming sense of contentment, they slept.  

Translator’s Note:

[1] refers to the uncle that Yang Meng asked to help Bai Luo Yin ruin Jiang Yuan’s wedding to Gu Hai’s father.

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