Addicted: Chapter 177

The RAINSTORM that came with the RAGING WIND


Translator: Sae

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Someone was trembling with fear and anxiety for the entire morning whilst a cloud of darkness loomed close by. Even when he was in the lavatory, he kept glancing left and right, afraid that if he was not careful enough, his own penis would disappear. Once the afternoon rolled by and classes were dismissed, he did not wait for this supposed retribution to happen.

Could it be that I thought wrong?

You Qi silently tidied his belongings but by a twist of fate, his eyes fell on Gu Hai for a second. Gu Hai lowered his head as he fiddled around with something. You Qi stood up and walked toward the doorway; he was scared witless with every step he took for the fear that a fierce tiger would violently pounced and clawed him. Keeping himself aware, he finally made it all the way to the door unscathed. He sighed as a sense of luck overtook his thoughts.

Fortunately, I didn’t get beaten. Fortunately, their relationship is unexpectedly normal.

Once the school bell rang, Yang Meng immediately dashed toward class 27, preparing himself to watch the drama unfold.

But, You Qi merely walked out of the classroom intact.

“Hey!” Yang Meng shouted in order to get You Qi’s attention.

With an honest and bright expression, You Qi walked over.

The moment Yang Meng saw You Qi drawn with that kind of mood, he immediately knew that the situation was probably not what they had surmised.

“How was it? Did you give the coat?”

You Qi nodded his head, “Yeah, I gave it.”

“Did Gu Hai look anxious to you?”

Turning slightly to the side, You Qi glanced inside the classroom, “So far, nothing yet.”

An inquisitive look dotted Yang Meng’s face, “Did you say every word according to what I’ve taught you?”

“Of course.” You Qi said very calmly. “I’ve said it word for word.”

Yang Meng frowned, still feeling a bit concerned. “Did you say it in front of Gu Hai? Are you sure he heard you?”

“I’m sure.” You Qi deliberately lowered his voice and move closer to the side of Yang Meng’s ear, “Initially his complexion changed when he heard it.”

“What happened afterwards?” Yang Meng blinks were raging with inquisitiveness.

Unperturbed, You Qi pulled out a sheet of tissue and blew his nose, “I didn’t have the nerve to look afterwards.”

Yang Meng rubbed his chin and retired to cogitate. Suddenly, someone patted him on the shoulder. As he turned around, he discovered that it was one his former classmate.

“Have you been well?” The friend cheerfully looked at Yang Meng.

At first, Yang Meng did not understand what was going on but a few seconds later, he noticed that friend glancing and winking at You Qi repeatedly. It was only then that he understood the meaning behind it.

“Fucking great you bastard!” In truth, Yang Meng’s small mouth was quite ferocious.

That friend still cheerfully poked fun, “It’s fine. Don’t take it to heart or feel pressured. I’m a very open-minded person. I wish the both of you all the happiness. Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!” He enthusiastically said while waving his hand in the air.

Yang Meng’s face immediately darkened.

On the road, You Qi was casually humming a tune. The thickly painted smug ravaging his face now was completely different from yesterday’s pitiful one. Simply put, it was practically two different people.

Sensing this obvious change in the atmosphere, Yang Meng narrowed his eyes toward him while a disdain look fell on his face. “Hey you, do you have to go that far? Even if their relationship is normal, it doesn’t mean Yin Zi likes you. Huh?”

You Qi still maintained an optimistic attitude, “At least it proves that there’s still a chance for me!”

Yang Meng glared at him, then firmly issued a warning, “Let me tell you, if Yin Zi doesn’t have that kind of interest in you, you better not hurt him!”

“Do you think I have the ability to hurt him?” You Qi’s handsome cheeks glistened beneath the bright sunlight. He was that kind of person. He was the master of being unshakeable even when others were to pursed to the point of spitting blood.

“If he’s really not interested in me, there’s no use in putting my life on the line!”

“Then, what are you pleased about?”

You Qi continued to walk leisurely, “I figured he’s single!”

Yang Meng truly admired You Qi’s ability to amuse himself. He turned toward him for a quick look. Although, it was forbidden for a man to fancy another man, Yang Meng thought that this did not hinder You Qi.

Is there a need for such a handsome guy to go this far huh? There’s so many women to chase after, yet you just had to make things hard like this? If Bai Luo Yin is genuinely moved by him, this would be a great loss to all the girls in the school!

Noting the silence, You Qi bumps his shoulder  against Yang Meng’s, “Let’s go. Your buddy is going to take you out to eat.”

Yang Meng didn’t have a chance to respond when suddenly a strong burst of wind blew by. His mind was written with great alarm as he turned his head, creating a whooshing sound. A middle school student had quickly swept by, kicking his skateboard along the road, leaving behind a menacing view of his back.


Yang Meng’s heart was still jumping wildly.

How can a skateboard scare me like that? Could it be, I’ve been anxious all along? Why do I keep feeling as if something is going to happen?

His gaze shifted toward You Qi who also had on a frightened and doubtful expression in his eyes.

So, I’m not the only one that felt the ominous air looming whistling by.

After walking quietly for a while longer without any mishap, You Qi patted Yang Meng’s shoulder again. “False alarm.”

Ahead there was a huge corner that they needed to go around. Feeling an imminent force linger, Yang Meng’s heartbeat suddenly quickened. But, once they turned pass it, there was no one there; even the underbrush did not reveal any wandering swordsmen.

A burst of throbs ruptured inside of Yang Meng’s chest.

Did I watch too many action movies recently?

“Dude, do you have any cigarettes?”

Yang Meng and You Qi’s footstep halted simultaneously. They practically turned their heads around at the same time before becoming stiff as a corpse.

Behind them stood a row of men; each one tall, bold and exuding a powerful aura. You Qi was over 180 cm, but standing in front of them, he had to look up as well.

After a long while, You Qi hesitatingly answered, “No, I don’t smoke.”

The robust man furthest to the left unexpectedly fished out a lighter; the flame immediately charged toward You Qi’s face. You Qi took a sudden step back to evade it, but he accidently stepped on a nearby lid, nearly causing him to fall back with his face staring at the sky.

“I have a lighter but no cigarette, what should I do?”

Yang Meng was frightened until his face turned a pallid watercolor. Compared to You Qi, his strength was a bit more limited than his.

His voice became a bit distorted as he spoke, “How about I go buy you a case?”

“There’s no need to.” The robust man put his lighter away and put on a face smile as he looked over at You Qi, “I’ll simply beat it out of you.”

Both of Yang Meng’s legs trembled as his smile faltered like a wild chrysanthemum withering during the eve of autumn.

“I can go, right? I was just accompanying him. We’re classmates….and we just happened to bump into each other……”

Another strong looking man pulled Yang Meng’s collar causing Yang Meng’s feet to immediately leave the ground.

“Sorry, little brother. Together the four of us are call, ‘None shall live’.[1]  Unfortunately, today you’re out of luck. You just had to walk with him. Remember this clearly for later. You should only involve yourself with things you’re supposed to and not with things you’re not supposed. It’s just better that way, so that you won’t give yourself more trouble.” 

Five seconds later, a murderous howl broke out in this tranquil corner.

“Boss, can you not hit my face?” You Qi shouted, “I still have to go to Beijing Film Academy for an interview!”

“Between hitting your face or fucking your ass, you can only choose one!”

“Then you can just hit me.”


Once they returned home, the two sat facing each other. Gu Hai’s hand hit the table before he looked at Bai Luo Yin with an insincere smile.

“Say it yourself. Don’t wait for me to force it out of you.”

Without any fear at all, Bai Luo Yin spoke, “What do you want me to say?”

Gu Hai raised his chin up slightly, “Say whatever there is to say.”

“I don’t think there is anything to say.”

A shot of flame stormed out from the depth of Gu Hai’s eyes, but he quickly suppressed it.

“Then tell me, where did this coat[2] come from?”      

“We bought it together.”

Gu Hai clenched his fist, causing his knuckles to crack. “Are you forcing me to get rough?” 

Bai Luo Yin’s expression changed, “Don’t you know everything already? I stayed at You Qi for a night and forgot my coat there.”

The blasé expression that sealed Bai Luo Yin’s face made Gu Hai’s blood flowed backwards from head to toe.

“You stayed for a night? Just one night?”

Since things have reached this stage, Bai Luo Yin thought that there was no need to cover the truth up anymore.

“More than one night. I stayed so many nights, I don’t even remember clearly.”

All of Gu Hai’s patience and calmness were pushed to the peak, now it was on the verge of exploding out its cage. Any slight carelessness on his part, it would have tread out of him like a ticking bomb already.

“If You Qi didn’t let it slip up and I didn’t ask you, you had no intention of telling me?”

With an expressionless face, Bai Luo Yin merely said, ‘Yeah.’  

Gu Hai’s fist smashed the table before a distinct crack formed at where his hand landed and spread out toward Bai Luo Yin’s hand. Bai Luo Yin’s expression changed abruptly. A second later, Gu Hai furiously lifted him up and threw him firmly on the carpet nearby.  

“Bai Luo Yin, aren’t I too good to you?” Gu Hai straddled Bai Luo Yin’s body with a livid and ashen complexion stringing along the lines of his stern face. His emotions were raging like a torrid storm gone gravely out of control. “Do you want to fucking run wild? I only left for a little over 20 days and you ran off to someone’s else bed. If I were to leave for two years, are you going to fucking forget who I am?”

“Gu Hai, what are you saying? Are those even human words?” Bai Luo Yin was also lit with anger, “I didn’t tell you because I thought that it wasn’t necessary! What do you mean running to someone’s bed? Do you think that I’m a female cat that will go into heat the moment I see a male!!? You Qi is a guy, and I’m also a guy, what’s wrong with two guys sleeping together? Before I met you, I don’t even know how many guys I’ve slept with already. Do you want to fucking look into all of them?”

Gu Hai’s face darkened as a sinister aura stuck the atmosphere. His voice was rough and merciless as it slipped out.

“Before being with me, I don’t care who you’ve slept with, but now that you’re with me, sleeping with him is out of the question!”[3]

“What do you mean out of the question?” Bai Luo Yin’s words aggravated the situation; he was practically pouring oil on fire. “You won’t let me sleep at home alone, you won’t let me sleep with other people, then tell me, how am I supposed to sleep? What differences are there between You Qi and Yang Meng? Isn’t it just a small bird and a big bird?[4] It’s okay if I sleep under the same blanket as the small bird, but if it’s with the bigger bird, we must’ve messed around?”

The anger that devoured Gu Hai from the inside out caused Gu Hai’s lips to tremble. “You slept under the same blanket with him?”

“Yeah, not only that, I also slept naked. There are even more exciting things, do you want to hear it? That day I drank a lot and even lost consciousness. When I woke up the next morning, my underwear was gone. This is the great habit that you’ve created! Don’t you have this crazy sickness where you like persecuting yourself? Don’t you take pleasure in imagining it all? Today, I’ll give you enough space to do just that. Think whatever you want to think, I won’t say a fucking word!”

A scarlet red color burned Gu Hai’s eyes; it was already impossible to make out any of his emotions.

“Bai Luo Yin, you’re playing with fire. Do you know that?”

Bai Luo Yin suddenly laughed grimly, “Gu Hai, you’re not the only one that has grown a brain! If you think that everyone in the entire world thinks the same way as you do, then I can also imagine things as well. Weren’t you and Gu Yang secretly abroad for quite some days?”

“That’s my brother.” A note of austerity seemed to have landed on Gu Hai.

Looking squarely at him, Bai Luo Yin kindly reminded him, “I am also your brother!”

Gu Hai forcibly gripped Bai Luo Yin’s neck as a dark mass crowded his vision. Like the king of hell demanding someone’s life, his hand flew out and pulled Bai Luo Yin’s leather belt. Without undoing the belt buckle, he directly snapped it off.

“Bai Luo Yin, if you recognize your mistake, this matter will pass!”

Under Gu Hai’s grip, Bai Luo Yin’s face twisted abnormally, causing his pupils to enlarged. A cold and gloomy light reflected in his intense eyes, leaving no room for any trace of compromise to lie within them.

In a fit of anger, Gu Hai tore away Bai Luo Yin’s pants and hissed in a loud roar, “Believe it or not, I’ll fuck you to death now?!” 

“What reasons do I have to not believe you?” Bai Luo Yin’s eyes revealed a sense of sarcasm in them, “Didn’t you fuck me half dead once? I’ll lie here today and take a good look. You can persist and fight to accomplish this one-time goal of yours now, otherwise, once you’ve lose this opportunity, it won’t come back again.”[5]

Gu Hai’s hands shook violently. He had attempted to retrieve his senses from this wild intoxication countless times already, but every time, Bai Luo Yin’s unyielding demeanor destroyed it all.      

Translator’s note:

[1] None shall live – the idiom is ’片甲不留’ [piànjiǎbùliú] which means, “not a single armored warrior remain,”; “utterly destroyed”

[2]coat – previously Yang Meng said that Yin Zi left a coat at his house, but somehow the author changed it to ‘clothes’ when You Qi gave it to Yin Zi. I kept it as coat since ‘clothes’ is vague and doesn’t stay true to what Yang Meng said.

[3]Sleeping with him is out of the question! – you can’t sleep with him!

[4]Isn’t it just a small bird and a big bird? -鸟[diǎo/ niǎo] I’m not sure if the author is using diǎo [penis] or niǎo [bird].

[5]once you lose this opportunity, it won’t come back again. – [不然过这个村就没这个店了] or for [机不可失,时不再来] meaning ‘opportunity knocks but once.

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