Addicted: Chapter 178



Translator: Sienna

Proofreader: Sae

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There was completely no sign of the door being pushed open.

Gu Yang couldn’t be blamed for this, since he had knocked a few times already and unfortunately, no one answered the door.

When he passed by the front porch, he could hear the distinct sound of squabbles from inside. As he entered to take a glimpse, the situation inside was a terrible mess. Two men were rolling around on the carpet, tearing each other apart. One’s complexion was flushed in a deep shade of red, while the other was panting heavily. Beside them, a broken leather belt lay abandoned. A certain person’s hand was stuck firmly on the edge of the other person’s pant. Supposed Gu Yang came just a bit later, he might have been able to see a live broadcast.

Bai Luo Yin was the first to hear movements pervading from the side. When he glanced sideways, he caught sight of a tall silhouette sitting down in front of them.

The familiar face revealed a hint of coldness.

The atmosphere that had intensified and reached its climax was suddenly caught in a deadlock because of this person’s arrival.

“You two can continue, there’s no need to mind me.”

Without regards for the two, Gu Yang nonchalantly crossed his legs, picked up a nearby magazine and browsed through it.

Once again, the anger on Gu Hai’s enraged face increased by tenfold, “You get out first!”

“Do I really have to?” Gu Yang looked up and threw a shady smile at Gu Hai, “In any case, I’ve even heard your phone record, you think I’ll mind seeing this?”

The color on Bai Luo Yin’s face changed to various tones as his eyes dilated from shock and lost its focus. He shot a death glare laced with questions and doubts in Gu Hai’s direction.

The violent atmosphere that had built up with great difficulty suddenly changed in this brief moment.

Bai Luo Yin took advantage of Gu Hai’s momentary hesitation to kick him away. He then swiftly put on his pants before going into the bathroom with a blank face. Gu Hai remained rigid at the same spot while his despondent yet spiteful eyes chased after Bai Luo Yin like a vulture, unwilling to resign. Actually, the moment Bai Luo Yin kicked him away, he could have easily pulled him back and held him down firmly beneath him.

Unfortunately, some feelings are only alive during that particular moment. Once lost, it won’t come back.

Gu Yang had leafed through a few pages of the magazine in his hand, yet none of the content was to his liking. In truth, he was actually observing Gu Hai’s emotional turmoil throughout the entire ordeal. Apparently, before his untimely arrival, this young married couple wasn’t being intimate with each other, but they were instead on the verge of having an all-out vicious battle. But, since he was here now, not only had the fight ended but his presence was inadvertently a benefit for these two lovers instead.  

“You guys had a quarrel?” Gu Yang casually asked without putting much thought into it.

Just as Bai Luo Yin happened to push the bathroom door open and walked out, Gu Hai seemed to have deliberately answered right at that moment so that he could hear it.

“We’re just trying to figure out who’s more insensitive!”

Ignoring those words, Bai Luo Yin entered the bedroom, still wearing an expressionless face.

Without any warning, Gu Hai roared from the outside, “If you really want to leave, I will pack your things for you to save you the trouble of searching for them since you don’t even know where you’ve placed them!!”

Having said that, not only did he still felt dissatisfied, he just made himself even more angry; He was going to burst any time now.

Gu Yang set his magazine to the side before looking Gu Hai’s distressed appearance with extreme interest. He was especially curious as to what methods had Bai Luo Yin used to reverted this young yet accomplished brother of his to someone with the IQ of a three or four years old child. But, looking at Gu Hai throwing his temper tantrum and stomping his feet like this, it was actually quite adorable. The muscles that wrapped around his body, from head to toe were trembling chaotically even if he wasn’t using any effort.

After a very long time, Gu Hai seemed to have finally realized Gu Yang’s existence.

“What are you doing here?”

“Freeloading,” said Gu Yang with an indifference attitude, “The last time I ate the food you’ve made, I thought that the flavor was pretty good. So today, I’m here to taste it again.”

It was then that Gu Hai realized that it was time to eat.

“Come on, let’s go to your place.” Gu Hai stood up.

Gu Yang was flabbergasted with those words, “What are you going to do at my place?”

“I’m going to cook for you!”

“You can’t cook here?”

Casting a glance to the side, Gu Hai deliberately increased the volume of his voice, “I have to cook for three people here. If I cooked at your place, I only need to cook for the two of us!”

After saying that, he entered the kitchen and saw Bai Luo Yin lightly pushing the leftover bowl of noodles from side to side.

“You’re not leaving?”

Bai Luo Yin ignored Gu Hai and busied himself with eating the noodle inside the bowl instead. He looked as though his feelings were not affected in the least by their previous interaction and his appetite appeared to be as strong as ever.

Gu Hai pressed his hand against the doorframe; his tone was still harsh as he spoke, “If you won’t leave, then I’ll leave. I’ll stay at my brother’s place so I’m not coming home tonight. I’ll also give you enough space to carry out your fantasy.”

After Bai Luo Yin finished eating his noodles, he sipped his soup. And by the time, the soup was finished, Gu Hai was already long gone.


Inside the private room of an upscale restaurant, Gu Yang ridiculed Gu Hai.

“I remembered someone said that he’ll personally cook me a meal!”

Gu Hai threw Gu Yang a side glance, “It’s good enough that I’m fucking treating you to this meal with my own money, why the hell are you being so demanding?”

“In your eyes, is Bai Luo Yin the only sensible one? Are only his demands alone not excessive?”

“He even more insensible!” Gu Hai abruptly hit the table, causing the bowl of broth on the table to spill.

Gu Yang’s gaze unexpectedly turned grave, “You better control yourself!”

In a mere hour, Gu Hai’s anger had completely died down. Looking at the table full of mouthwatering dishes, images of Bai Luo Yin eating the leftover noodles invaded his mind, causing his stomach to turn somersaults.

During the afternoon, Gu Hai did not go to school.

Gu Yang had just returned from abroad and was still in a susceptible phase, so he did not have the nerve to appear in public or overexposed himself much. Even most of his friends did not hear the news of his return. As a result, he had been keeping himself at home. If he could avoid showing his face in the public, then he would do just it.

During the entire afternoon, Gu Yang focused solely on Gu Hai walking around in circles; his appearance resembling that of a wandering ghost.

It wouldn’t have mattered if he was only walking around. And for the most part, he would only be annoyed when he looked at him. But, the problem is, Gu Hai was not behaving!

In Gu Yang’s study room wall, hung a famous painting that he had purchased and brought back to his place for almost two days. The painting portrayed a half-naked man. However, for no reason at all, it managed to anger Gu Hai, causing him to immediately smash the moment his eyes fell on it. After smashing it, Gu Hai even trampled on it. And just like that, the masterpiece worth several hundred thousand of yuan was ruined beneath his feet.

“Apparently, my uncle made a terrible decision in letting you stay at the army base for so many years. You didn’t learn anything at all. What you managed to learn is the temper of a ruffian soldier instead!”

Before, amongst the children of the same generation, Gu Hai only had a common language with Gu Yang. But now, his words were absolutely unpleasant to the ears.

During dinner, Gu Yang noticed that Gu Hai was utterly distracted; as if his soul was not there at all, so he couldn’t help but to mock him.

“Do you want to go back?”

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes and shot a glance toward Gu Yang, before saying with a stiff expression, “Who wants to go back?”

What he meant was, is your brother that weak?

Gu Yang secretly replied from the bottom of his heart, the way I see it, you won’t be able to hold on much longer. If you don’t handle it well, you’ll fall apart by tomorrow morning.

Early into the night, Gu Hai was already lying in bed, tossing and turning around by himself, feeling tremendously tortured. As soon as he stopped moving, an image would immediately pervade his mind.

Bai Luo Yin was nakedly embracing You Qi.

It was as if he had witnessed the scene with his very own eyes, and no matter what he did, he could not pass through this vicious threshold. If he loathed him then it would not have mattered much, but the problem is, he still missed him. His mind conjured all kinds of scenarios where Bai Luo Yin was stuck home alone and how pitiful he was. These two contradictions were jumbled together in his heart, tormenting Gu Hai to the point where he was nearly driven to madness.

At midnight, Gu Yang had just turned off the lights in his room when he suddenly heard a burst of chopping noises charged into his ears from outside.

He hastily draped a layer of clothing over his shoulder and went out. In the end, what he discovered was Gu Hai standing alone in the kitchen, chopping meat!

“What the hell are you doing?” Gu Yang spoke while wearing a stern and frosty expression.

Gu Hai only gave him a faint smile, “I’m cooking a meal for you. Didn’t I promise you this earlier today?”

“Fuck, do you realize what time it is?!!!”

At this moment, Gu Yang, who had always been a cultured and refined man, simply could not refrain himself from exploding with profanities.

Gu Hai ignored him and went about with his own tasks.

Before Gu Yang could flare up with a anger, his cellphone suddenly rang. To his surprise, it was a call from Gu Wei Ting.

“Uncle, why did you call me?”

“You haven’t slept yet?” Gu Wei Ting’s voice sounded extremely energetic.

Gu Yang sighed with ease, “I’m getting ready for bed.”

If it weren’t for your beloved son causing a ruckus, I would’ve fallen asleep already!!!

“Oh, if that’s the case, then I won’t be going over.”

“Wait a minute, you want to come here?” Gu Yang was astonished at this sudden realization.

The person at the other side remained silent for quite a while before speaking, “Since you returned home, I’ve been busy the entire time. I’ve finally had some spare time today so I wanted to visit you. But, now that you are preparing to go to sleep, it’s fine. I can visit you another day.”

“Uncle, you can come here. I don’t mind sleeping a little bit later.” Gu Yang stole a glance towards the kitchen to see if Gu Hai’s fingers were all intact or not. Then he turned back towards his phone and said, “It just so happens that Gu Hai is also here, so you can come.”

“He’s also at your place?”

Gu Yang only replied him with a quick ‘yeah’.

You better get here quick and take a look at your good son!

Gu Yang hung up the telephone call. When he went into the kitchen again, Gu Hai was already nowhere to be seen. Looking at the meat on the cutting board, water had already seeped out of it. He turned around and walked towards Gu Hai’s temporary room; there, he saw Gu Hai was fiddling with his cell phone in his hand.

“Your father is coming over in a bit.” Gu Yang informed him.

Gu Hai seemed as though he did not hear anything Gu Yang had just said. He simply placed his phone down and went directly to the bathroom.

“I have to go home.”

Gu Yang leaned against the bathroom door, observing Gu Hai as he rampantly took out his large member to take a leak. The loud sound of running water revealed his current anxiety.

“Why so fast?”

Gu Hai’s face twisted incessantly before Gu Yang’s eyes as he spoke, “I miss him.”

………didn’t I say, at the least, you should hold back until tomorrow morning?!!!

He had yet to lash out those words when young master Gu energetically rush out the door.

Not long after Gu Hai left, Gu Wei Ting arrived.

“Uncle, you’re here.”

Gu Wei Ting nodded his head. It seemed like he came here directly from the army base since he had yet to change out of his military uniform.

Gu Yang brewed a cup of tea, then handed it to Gu Wei Ting.

“Why did you suddenly come back?” Gu Wei Ting went straight to the point.

Even though he was facing a person with such a grave and stern expression, Gu Yang still managed to keep a calm composure as he spun his web of lies.

“The branch company had invested in a project in China. They sent several people over here to conduct research and I’m one of those people.”

Gu Wei Ting coolly fixed his gaze on Gu Yang for a moment. It seemed like he was in the midst of searching for some kind of flaw from his face. Rather than saying that Gu Hai is Gu Wei Ting’s son, it was more fitting to say that Gu Yang is Gu Wei Ting’s son, since Gu Wei Ting understood Gu Yang’s thoughts deeper than Gu Hai does.

“If you have any difficulties, you can tell uncle.”

Gu Yang smiled faintly, “So far, so good.”

Gu Wei Ting laughed while patting Gu Yang’s shoulder, “The best thing a young man can do is to take on and resolve his own burden!”

Gu Yang secretly sneered.

You should’ve said these words to your son!

Gu Wei Ting chatted with Gu Yang for a while, before he suddenly remembered what Gu Yang said on the phone, he then asked, “Where’s Gu Hai?”

“He already went home.”

“Already went home? Wasn’t he still here when I called just now?”

“Oh, he left just a moment ago.”

The loneliness in Gu Wei Ting’s eyes gradually dissipated as he spoke, “What is he doing at your place this late?”

“Just hanging around.”

Gu Wei Ting nodded his head, “Then, I’ll get going as well. It’s better for you to sleep earlier.”

As he looked at Gu Wei Ting’s car sped away, Gu Yang suddenly felt an ominous premonition.

He won’t visit Gu Hai at this hour, right?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible. After getting back into his place, Gu Yang was riddled with impatiently gave Gu Hai a call as a reminder to lock his door properly. If by chance, those two guys get too overly excited, did something unnecessary and happened to get caught by General Gu, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate.

Just as Gu Yang made the call, a cell phone ringtone rang inside the other room.

When Gu Hai’s anxiously ran out of the door, he had forgotten to take his cell phone with him.

Gu Yang picked up Gu Hai’s cellphone. He remembered that Gu Hai was looking at his cellphone before he decided to leave. He guessed that the cell phone should still contain the message from Bai Luo Yin.

Curiosity crawled its ugly head into Gu Yang’s mind. He was terribly intrigued of the message that Bai Luo Yin had sent. Just what kind of content did it hold that could cause Gu Hai’s attitude to do a complete 180 in a twinkling of an eye.

In the end, Gu Yang only saw three words that was sent six hours ago.

After he finished reading the message, Gu Yang simply wanted to take a knife and slit his own throat.

If it were the words, “I love you,” it would have been worth it.

But unexpectedly, it was, “I am hungry”!!!

Gu Yang threw Gu Hai’s cellphone to the side.

You two can seek your own happiness then!

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  1. IQ of a 3 or 4 year old child who is throwing tantrums everywhere. I liked Gu Yang’s witty observation. But the funniest moments are when these two lovebirds quarrels, teasing, doing the hentai and etc. I loved them both.?


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