Addicted: Chapter 187



Translators: Sienna & Sae          

Editors: Jowly & Alec

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After letting out an exuberant burst of laughter, Bai Han Qi finally noticed that inside this private room, he was the only person who dared to wear a wide smile on his face. The remaining three silently stared at him and showed a cold expression as if the temperature of the room was below 20°C. At first, Aunt Zou had every intention to squeeze out a smile along with Bai Han Qi since she too held the same feelings regarding this seemingly “strange” situation. However, once she felt the two pairs of eyes–of the two sitting in front of her–shooting sharp and dangerous daggers in her direction, the smile at the corners of her mouth dies down involuntarily.

At long last the silence that loomed over them for what seem like ages was finally broken when Jiang Yuan spoke up again. Unsurprisingly, the words that crawled out of her mouth were harsh, hurtful and demeaning as they rained down on Bai Han Qi.

“Bai Han Qi, did you bring your brain with you today? Our son is suffering from such a serious problem, yet you still have the guts to laugh!! Should I call you a kindhearted and generous person, or should I call you an idiot? Our son is not experiencing puppy love nor is he cheating on a girl. He is having problems with his sexual orientation. This is a serious mental illness. Don’t you understand any of this at all?”

Although confronted with Jiang Yuan’s harsh accusations, an exceptionally cool air of calmness still played out on Bai Han Qi’s expression. So much so that even the aura around him seems relaxing.

“I believe you should look at yourself. Then, you’ll be able to see the reason for why our son doesn’t like women, right?”

Steam rose above Jiang Yuan’s head at those words. Caught with such fury, her eyes were  immediately sprinkled with an inky crimson color that were soon going to spill out. She points her finger firmly at Bai Han Qi and continues to catechize him. “What do you mean by those words?”

All of a sudden, Gu Wei Ting’s hands slam on the table. Then he himself bellows furiously, “Both of you, stop quarrelling!”

As soon as Gu Wei Ting shouted, no one dared to make a sound.

“Bai Laodi[1], I’m going to make it clear to you. I will never approve of the two of them being together! Ever. I only invited the two of you here to resolve the problem. Regardless of whether or not you acknowledge the issue, it has already happened. Also, what I have to say is, whether right or wrong, you and I both have this heavy burden in our hearts now.”

Jiang Yuan took out a handkerchief to wipe her tears. She looks as though she was far more broken-hearted than anyone else was.

Even though the meal was already served, no one moved their chopsticks. All the while it was only silence and a divided sense of right and wrong that pervaded the atmosphere between them.

Gu Wei Ting brought his wine cup up and sways it in front of Bai Han Qi’s eyes.

“Bai Laodi, I hope that after you drink this, you can think of a concrete solution to this problem.”

After clinking their glass of wine against the other, both drained the contents in one gulp.

As the proverbs goes, wine has the unique savoir faire to incite a person’s courage. After Bai Han Qi finished his cup of wine, his cheeks immediately flushed red, while his pupils were beaming with giddiness and a youthful vigor.

“In regard to this problem, I would like to say wholeheartedly to let things take their course.”

Gu Wei Ting, “…”

Jiang Yuan, whose tears had dried up, fixed her gaze at Aunt Zou straightaway.

“Didn’t Yin Zi say that you’re like his own mother now? Then, I would like to listen to your opinion as his so-called mother about this matter……”

Aunt Zou’s heart tightens as she unconsciously shoots Bai Han Qi a quick glance. Not long after, she shifts her gaze back at Jiang Yuan. Letting out a sigh, a hint of embarrassment and awkwardness seeps through her smile.

“The truth is, I only intended to be an audience in today’s meeting.”

Hearing such simple words, the answer lacking substance in her opinion, Jiang Yuan became extremely livid; to the point that it nearly drove her to an untimely death.

Looking at the two in front of him and their reactions to what he had just informed them, Gu Wei Ting finally understood everything. The couple he invited today were neither his allies nor his comrades, rather they could be called complete reactionaries instead! No wonder the relationship between their two sons can develop and deepen as swift and violent as it did. As it turns out, there were actually two despicable people aiding their heinous actions!!

“I don’t care how you two educate your children, but I must look after my own son!”

Having said that, Gu Wei Ting proceeded to walk out of the room with a gloomy and dark face. Meanwhile, Jiang Yuan grabbed her bag and glared at the two who remained seated with furious eyes before ruthlessly following her husband out.


During the weekend, Gu Hai woke up before the crack of dawn and conscientiously washed his face and rinsed his mouth. Afterwards, he fixed his hair into a natural and easy style before changing into his some clean clothes. When he walked toward the side of the bed, he could see that Bai Luo Yin was still sleeping peacefully.

As he silently leaned against the bed to watch him for a few more seconds, he blew a few strands of hair sitting near Bai Luo Yin’s eyes and watched as his lashes began to flutter. Lowering his head just a bit more, he whispered softly. “Yin Zi, I’ll head out and buy breakfast first. By the time I come back, you had better be done putting your clothes on! Got it?!”

Instead of replying to Gu Hai, Bai Luo Yin immediately buried his head deeper into the quilts.

Used to this kind of reaction, Gu Hai simply smiled and sweetly kissed Bai Luo Yin’s tinted ear. “I’ll get going then.”

The fuzzy, indistinct voice–that had attempted to pull him out of his comfortable sleep everyday–gradually died down. By the time Bai Luo Yin opened his eyes again, the sun was already high in the sky. There were no familiar scents of breakfast wafting from the kitchen. Nor could Bai Luo Yin see Gu Hai’s tall and muscular figure within his line of sight.

For the entire morning, Bai Luo Yin searched everywhere for Gu Hai. He even took the initiative to call every single person he could reach and yet none of them had any news regarding Gu Hai.

Consumed with terrible anxiety that seemed to stab at his heart repeatedly, his feet brought him to Bai Han Qi’s workplace.

“Was Da Hai taken by his father? Two days ago, his father invited Aunt Zou and I to discuss something. After listening to his opinion, it seems he was very adamant in his disapproval regarding the two of you being together.”

Just as Bai Luo Yin turns around to leave, Bai Han Qi pulls him back with a bit more force than usual.

“Don’t go looking for Gu Hai’s father so recklessly. The military base is not a very good place. If by any chance you manage to provoke someone there, they won’t be imprisoned even if they were to beat you! Or worse, even kill you.”

Taking his father’s words into account, Bai Luo Yin then simply held Bai Han Qi’s hand and began to console  him. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. My mom is there, so they won’t dare harm me.”

After he finished speaking, Bai Luo Yin left Bai Han Qi’s office hastily with large and vigorous strides.

Bai Han Qi could only sighed heavily as he watched his son walk away.

This kid… there’s completely no way of going back for him anymore!


The moment Gu Wei Ting saw Gu Hai, his first words to him were: “Enlist in the army.”

Gu Hai was utterly shocked and puzzled by Gu Wei Ting’s sudden change of attitude towards him. Because of Gu Wei Ting’s rough method of handling this ‘problem,’ their relationship–that had just gotten better a few days ago–became tense and cold once again. But Gu Wei Ting had already stopped caring about their kinship. In Gu Wei Ting’s judgement, Gu Hai had not taken this short lived sentiment between father and son earnestly either. So even if he treated Gu Hai well, this son of his would only manipulate him for his own gain.

“You should give up on this idea altogether. I’ve said it before, I will never enlist in the army.”

Gu Wei Ting’s complexion metamorphosed, giving off a cold aura that became even more unrelenting. Within seconds, his manner of speaking also turned ruthless.

“Either you enlist or you break up your relationship. You can only choose one!”

Gu Hai’s gaze turns sharp, “This is my life. I don’t need anyone to dictate it.”

“Hehe……” Gu Wei Ting sneered coldly at him, “Then, show me how big your determination is! Didn’t you fearlessly dig a tunnel huh? Starting now, you’d better stay inside that tunnel. If you still can’t understand your problem or get over Luo Yin, then don’t ever hope to get out of there!”

In just a few short hours, Gu Hai had managed to land himself into a dark tunnel. A situation opposite from his warm and cozy room earlier that day.

At the time, in order to finish the passageway as soon as possible, he wasn’t worried about making it wider. Instead when he had it made, there was barely enough room for one person to pass through. As a result, aside from sitting or lying down, it was impossible to stand up from where he was. If he were to try and move, he could only slowly crawl around this uncomfortable and claustrophobic tunnel.

Gu Hai closed his eyes and imagined that the end of the tunnel was Bai Luo Yin’s room. In that room, where he had lay down countless times, his mind’s eye saw Bai Luo Yin laying on the bed, waiting for him, all the while wearing an arrogant yet lovable and awkward countenance. Gu Hai burned every detail of Bai Luo Yin into his memory as he remained there in the darkness. So as long as he could endure staying in this tunnel without a hitch, he could reach Bai Luo Yin’s room. He would then be able to hold him tightly in his arms and accompany him to sleep.

“General.” Sun Jingwei said as he stood at the doorway, hesitant to go inside.

Gu Wei Ting was sitting in his chair, pretending to read the newspaper, but in the truth, none of the words actually registered in his mind.

“Come in.”

Sun Jingwei entered with a depressed face and a dreary cloud of darkness looming over him.

Gu Wei Ting spoke indifferently behind the newspaper, “If there’s anything in your mind, say it directly.”

“Take Xiao Hai out of the tunnel. The temperature at night is very low and the surrounding walls are damp and humid. It’s too harsh for him to stay in there all night long. If by chance, anything bad happens to him and possibly afflicted with frostbite, wouldn’t you be the one with the most regret?”

It was a long time before Gu Wei Ting replied, “Is there anything else?”

Not another word came from Sun Jingwei as he remained still.

“If there’s nothing else, then take an early leave.” Gu Wei Ting stated coldly.

Sun Jingwei’s face looked like he still wanted to speak, but then he held back his words.

Noticing the obvious hesitation, Gu Wei Ting shot him another glance, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

Weighed down with remorse, Sun Jingwei trudged slowly towards the door and began his exit.

Looking at his subordinate’s retreating back, Gu Wei Ting suddenly spoke up, “Next time, it is not necessary to report about his situation. The entrance of the tunnel is in my room. Even if he dies inside, there is no need for you to pull him out.”

Sun Jingwei’s footsteps came to a sudden halt before he finally pushed the door open and silently left the room.

Gu Wei Ting put the newspaper down before his gaze unconsciously swept towards the floor. It has been more than ten hours and within that period of time, Gu Hai has been inside the tunnel having had nothing to eat or drink. Gu Wei Ting never heard him utter a sound or even a groan. Gu Hai always had that extremely stubborn temperament as he continues with his silent opposition.

Meanwhile, Sun Jingwei had covertly lifted the floorboard on his end and squeezed a blanket inside the tunnel.

In reality, he had already snuck some food to Gu Hai during midday and also around the evening. Although there was some concern on his part because he doesn’t know whether Gu Hai had eaten it or not.

While pondering upon this issue for the moment, a phone call from Bai Luo Yin had disrupted his train of thought. He could clearly hear the anxiety in the young boy’s voice informing him that he was currently at the entrance of the military base, yet he was prohibited from entering.

Sun Jingwei merely offer some kind words and advised him, “Yin Zi, it’s better for you to go home. Xiao Hai is alright. He is sleeping in the General’s room right now. In two days, the General has to leave on a mission. This time, the mission will last for two month so he wants to properly accompany his son before his departure.”

Bai Luo Yin still had some more words he wanted to say, but Sun Jingwei had already hung up the call.

At midnight, Sun Jingwei tossed and turned on his bed, unable to sleep. It’s not surprising, who on earth with a conscience would be able to sleep! All the while there is a live person underneath the floor in such a cold place!!

Upon exiting his room, Sun Jingwei noticed that the lamp in Gu Wei Ting’s room was still on. He couldn’t help but to sigh heavily as he watched the flickering of the light for a moment.

In the end, he is your son, who is freezing beneath the floor. Do you think it’s possible to sleep?

Sun Jingwei went for a walk while smoking. He strolled around and around until his feet brought him to the entrance of the base. As a result, he caught sight of a familiar silhouette.

Instead of leaving, Bai Luo Yin was still standing in front of the entrance like a sentry guard on duty. The only difference was that his clothes appeared more flimsy.

Sun Jingwei hastily approached him.

“Son, why haven’t you returned home yet?”

Shaking his exhaustion away, Bai Luo Yin replied in a slightly hoarse voice, “I’m waiting for Gu Hai.”

Hearing those words spoken so softly, with a bit of sadness welling in their tone, Sun Jingwei’s complexion immediately changed. It wasn’t possibly to make out whether he was seething with anger or anxiousness.

“Didn’t I tell you already? The General wants Xiao Hai to accompany him during these two days. You should obediently wait for him at home. What did you come here for huh?” Sun Jingwei walks out and drapes a coat on Bai Luo Yin’s shoulders as he spoke.

Instead of keeping the coat on, Bai Luo Yin returned it to Sun Jingwei. “Uncle Sun, do you think that your words can deceive me?”

For a short while, Sun Jingwei was rendered speechless as a hint of helplessness seeped through his eyes.

“Even if Xiao Hai was being locked up by the General, you can’t be as foolish as to wait here all day long, right? What can you achieve by doing this? If by chance the General comes out and finds you here, he will definitely become even more angry. Listen to uncle, okay? Quickly go home. If there’s really something important that you need to say, it’s better for you to wait until tomorrow morning before coming here again.”

Since Sun Jingwei put it that way, Bai Luo Yin really turned around and began to walk away.

However, before Sun Jingwei could let out a sigh of relief, he saw Bai Luo Yin looking around for a dark corner. Before long, he crouched alone in that nook and hunkered down.


Sun Jingwei felt lost having run out of words to say to the boy.

These two kids, they really know how to make someone worry!!

Translator’s Note:

[1]Lǎodì – an affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself

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