Addicted: Chapter 190

GU HAI successfully ESCAPES


Translator: Sae

Editor: Alec

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Acting as if he did not hear anything, Bai Luo Yin remained to the side and continued to speak garrulously without getting to the point. “Before he died, his face was completely purple. His lips were so parched like that of an old dried up tree bark. He kept on crying out miserably: Brother ah, brother ah, I’m really thirsty. My fingers are all broken from being chewed on. I drank my blood dry already…brother ah, brother ah. I’m really hungry. My stomach is stuffed with tree roots and insects from the soil that was dug up. Brother ah, brother ah, I’m really cold. All my toes are all split open, mutilated and bloody……”

Hearing Bai Luo Yin’s dreadful voice, Gu Yang shouted coldly at him to stop, “Don’t take me as Gu Hai. I am not that easily swayed.”


Bai Luo Yin suddenly screamed without any warning sign at all. His voice was so loud and crisp, that it provoked Gu Yang’s pupils to widen.

“I see Da Hai. I can really see Da Hai. He’s under your bed……”

After saying that, he immediately leaned down at the side of the bed; his upper body scuttled beneath, while his legs and feet remained on top. By then his head had already reached the floor. There was an obvious sound of excitement in his voice that he could not suppress once he spoke again.

“Da Hai, say whatever it is you want to say. I’m listening.”

Suddenly, the veins on Gu Yang’s temple jumped; unable to bear the thought of it, he kicked Bai Luo Yin off the bed.

Even then, Bai Luo Yin continued to speak to the air beneath the bed although no one else was present in the room. The way he spoke was clear, precise and orderly, to the point that it seemed like he actually did hear something. Many of the words used were very sensational, all said for Gu Yang to hear. But, Gu Yang pretended to be deaf. Bai Luo Yin was like an audio recording device, patiently and painstakingly saying those words over and over again.

At long last, Bai Luo Yin successfully tugged at Gu Yang’s supposedly impenetrable nerves and annoyed him. Unable to continue bearing with this tedious behavior, Gu Yang quickly and violently got up and grabbed Bai Luo Yin’s belt, with the intention of hauling him back up onto the bed. But, Bai Luo Yin’s belt loosened and gravity took control by dragging his legs and feet off the bed. Gu Yang’s eyes merely widened as he watched the boy’s entire body slip to the ground, leaving only the belt in his hand.

“Da Hai……I’m here to accompany you. I’ll go with you…” whispered Bai Luo Yin listlessly, his strength dwindling along with his breath.

Looking morose, Gu Yang lugged his body off the bed. He wanted to pull The foolish boy up, however, he quickly noticed that Bai Luo Yin’s body was really stiff. Within seconds, anxiety overflowed his face as he made haste and switched the lamp on. What he saw then was Bai Luo Yin’s sickly countenance, depleted of all colors. His eyes were opened wider than usual while his lips trembled as if wanting to say something but was unable to.

Gu Yang carried Bai Luo Yin onto the bed and quickly called for a doctor to come over. By the time he hung up the call, Bai Luo Yin had already lost consciousness.

“Fuck! I’ve lost to you. You didn’t use this method to keep a hold on Gu Hai, did you?”

Gu Yang stood at the side of the bed at a loss for words, with a dumbstruck expression trickling from the side of his face. Even the wrinkles between his brows seemed to have tightened tremendously. Since the moment Bai Luo Yin requested help from him, he had already decided he would help. As for his unreasonable demands, it was purely out of evil delight.

First of all, he wanted to tease Bai Luo Yin and secondly, he wanted to make him give up and back out of this difficult situation. Only then could he have a smooth and peaceful night of sleep so that he could be energetic enough to go to the military base the next day.

Who would have guessed that in the end, he himself was unexpectedly extorted and wronged by Bai Luo Yin instead!!


Early in the morning, Gu Wei Ting received a call from Gu Yang.

“Uncle, are you at the military base?”

Finding it rather peculiar to hear his nephew’s voice so early, Gu Wei Ting quickly constructed a defensible wall in his mind to guard against any sudden attacks. “I’m here. What’s going on?”

“Oh. I have something I wanted to ask you for help with. What do you think, is it more convenient to meet face to face outside, or should I go to the base?”

“You can come over here.”

After hanging up Gu Yang’s call for just a moment, Sun Jingwei knocked on the door and entered to remind Gu Wei Ting that he has a conference to participate in. He was in the middle of getting ready when the call came through. Now, the car for the conference needed to set off at once.

“Oh, there’s a conference today……” Gu Wei Ting’s fingers tapped the desk, “I’ve forgotten about this matter already.”

Having said that he got up and tidied his things while incessantly massaging his temple with his hand. From the looks of it, his mental state did not seem to be well either.

Sun Jingwei stood at the door, his eyes stared straight ahead on the floor at the center of the room the entire time. When Gu Wei Ting shifted his gaze over, Sun Jingwei turns his head around and feigned a calm expression as if he was aloof.  

For the past two days, Sun Jingwei had been quite obedient and guileless. If there were no urgent tasks, he barely entered Gu Wei Ting’s room. And always upon entering, he only spoke a few words before taking his leave. With each time, never once did he mentioned Gu Hai’s situation.

Just as Gu Wei Ting was about to leave, Gu Yang’s call came through once again.

“Uncle, I’m already at the entrance.”

“I have a conference to attend now. You can stay in the guest room and wait for me for a while. Or, you can go directly to my place and wait there.”

Even after he put his phone away, Gu Wei Ting felt a strange aura hovering over him which left him feeling insecure. So as to give himself a slight peace of mind, he dispatched two more soldiers to guard the door. Then, with a stern and powerful glare, he intentionally exhorted to them a few words using a life-threatening tone.

“He can freely enter or exit, but he cannot leave with anyone. Remember, guard the two rooms on either side well. If something happens, I’ll be looking for you two directly.”

“Understood sir!!!” The two soldiers shouted uniformly.

Gu Yang emerged from a luxurious car, wearing an extremely flashy outfit. He had on a sleek black suit that outlined his slim figure, a hat–definitely an expensive one–an oversized pair of sunglasses and a stern and dignified expression to match his overall appearance……he leisurely walked over from the distance with much grandeur that the four soldiers on duty thought that he was a famous movie star once they saw him.

After he showed his identification card the four soldiers conceded and allowed him to enter, their eyes brimming with envy and respect.

“Did you see? The General’s nephew is really handsome.”

“His nephew huh? I thought it was his son!” The soldier sighed, “He really looks like him.”

“His son is still studying. When have you seen him dressed like this?”

“That’s true.”

Once he entered the room, Gu Yang did not say anything further. The first thing he did was to immediately tear off this ridiculous looking outfit.

This is so stupid.

He really wanted to look in the mirror and slap himself hard in the face.

After changing out of his clothes, Gu Yang began to walk about until he finally found a small crack on the floor of the living room. He then carefully and cautiously moved it to the side. He took in a deep breathe and made his way down.

At this point, Gu Hai was already the same color as the earth he lay on. This made it hard to distinguish where his body was which caused Gu Yang to nearly stumble over him.

“Gu Hai……” Gu Yang tried to call out, “Is that you?”

Gu Hai cracked his eyes open and tried his best to focus. After a few seconds, he was finally able to make out who the person was in front of him.

“Why are you here?”

His voice sounds broken when he spoke. Just hearing it nearly made Gu Yang think that he had entered the wrong tunnel.

“Don’t say anything. Come out with me first.”

Gu Hai had been hunger stricken for nearly five days now, but even then, he still has the strength to shove Gu Yang to the side. “Go away, I would rather die than submit.”

This stubbornness, even when in the face of adversity, brought a sense of annoyance into Gu Yang’s already roughed up nerves. He shifted closer again. Although he couldn’t see too clearly in this dark and cramped tunnel, Gu Yang narrowed his eyes, just enough to display his displeasure. His eyes began to well with anger then without warning, he slapped Gu Hai in the face.

“You better fucking behave. Bai Luo Yin made me come.”

A dirty and messed up monkey emerged from the tunnel. It was already impossible to see what his clothes had looked like originally and his face–his defined and well sculpted face–was caked in dirt to the point where it was hard to see his facial features. This kind of appearance would make anyone think of an image of a miner in the aftermath of a mining disaster. The miserable condition of those miners who had suffered for a few days until they were rescued by being lifted out of the debris and into the open air was a great portrayal of Gu Hai at this moment.

“Water,” said Gu Hai as he waved his hand in front of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang quickly brought over a cup of water. He propped Gu Hai up with his arm then fed him several big mouthfuls.

After he finished the water, Gu Hai lay back down on the floor again. His eyes were bloodshot, the surface of his lips was covered entirely with frostbite that refused to leave. Unsurprisingly, it was a ghastly sight for anyone to take in.

Yet, even under this circumstance he nevertheless seized Gu Yang’s hand and incessantly asked, “Where’s Yin Zi? How is he?”

Gu Yang yanked the front of Gu Hai clothes forward as he stared at his cousin, eyes brimming rage.

“Look at the state you’re in and you still have the audacity to think about someone else?”

Gu Hai continued to ask, “Yin Zi sent you with a message for me, right?”

Anger rose from Gu Yang’s stomach and traveled all the way to the sensitive skin at the top of his temple. He fiercely grabbed Gu Hai’s head with his hands and smashed it against the floor. “Is there something wrong with your fucking head? Didn’t I tell you that it’s enough to just play around? Didn’t I warn you not to be so serious? Why didn’t you listen to my words? Why?……” Gu Yang’s yelling immediately stopped. He found no other words to speak.

Upon seeing Gu Hai’s head, that was smashed heavily on the floor earlier, had already started to bleed out, Gu Yang stopped his savage actions. He pulled Hai up and held him tightly against his chest. Never once had a complete sense of fear and heartache appeared so impressively on Gu Yang’s face until now.

“Ge, you’ve said it too late.” Gu Hai calmly started to speak, “You should have said that before I changed schools.”

Gu Yang randomly found some food for Gu Hai to eat so that his stomach was well fed for the time being, then he took him into the bathroom. After taking a bath, all of Gu Hai’s limbs cramped up, leaving him sore and even more tired than he was previously. While putting on the change of clothes, he grimaced in pain from each movement.

“Hurry up and stop wasting time.” Gu Yang urged him repeatedly.

Gu Hai grumbled bitterly, “I also want to be faster, but my arms and legs won’t listen to me at all!”

With a cold face, Gu Yang stepped forward and helped Gu Hai into the entire set of clothes that he had worn previously. Normally, Gu Hai is just a bit more robust than Gu Yang even though their statures were about the same. But, after being tormented for several days, his body had lost several kilograms of muscle. Once he was able to get into the clothes, they fit him perfectly.

Gu Yang passed his hat and sunglasses over to Gu Hai. Looking at it, Gu Hai hesitated for a moment.

“Isn’t it too stupid looking? I’m not wearing it.”

Gritting his teeth, Gu Yang fastened the hat on the stubborn fool’s head.

I’m letting you off easy by not wearing women’s clothes here! I’m not making you lose face yet you still want to be picky!

After changing into the clothes, Gu Hai put the sunglasses on and stood in front of the mirror. He looked almost like Gu Yang when he first entered the base.

“Good enough?” Gu Hai asked.

Gu Yang nodded his head in approval.

Just as Gu Hai was about to open the door, Gu Yang suddenly stopped him. “When you’re walking, keep your pace a bit more steady. Here’s the car key, it’s parked at the side of the street.”

Gu Hai remained silent for quite a while before he suddenly asked, “If I go, what’s going to happen to you? What if my dad asks?”

Little bastard, good thing you still have your conscience. Even at this point, you can still think of me.

”Just go your way, don’t worry about me. I have my own way.”

Finally, Gu Hai gave Gu Yang a grateful look before pushing the door open to leave.

Gu Yang quietly stood waiting at the door for a moment, listening to the movements outside.

As he had anticipated, after Gu Hai walked out, those four soldiers did not have any reaction since the similarity was very high. Even if there was an area that was not quite similar, the sunglasses concealed it. Also, coupled with this overwhelmingly flashy get up, it would make it difficult to doubt this person’s identity.  

Gu Hai then escaped in Gu Yang’s car without a hitch.

After some time, Gu Yang sent Gu Wei Ting a text message: “Uncle, I have something to attend to, I’ll head out first. I’ll come and look for you again when I have time.”

Then he changed into Gu Hai’s clothes. He looked around in the room for a while until he finally found a bundle of rope. Once he completely cleared up the crime scene, he takes a bottle of water and the rope and made his way into the tunnel.

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