Addicted: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Old GINGER is spicier than young GINGER


Translator: Estreline

Editor: ernurse86


After school, Bai Luoyin was walking down the road with an extremely complicated mood. On one hand, he was wondering on how to make Shi Hui completely gave up on him, in a good way. While on the other hand, he wanted to sincerely convince Gu Hai to stop bothering him.

Weighing his options, he decided that Gu Hai is his priority.

Shi Hui’s matter is destined to be a prolonged war and he has to resolve that annoying fly first who bothered him a lot. By getting rid of the fly, he would be able to handle his heart’s problem.

The weather was suffocating and it made people breathless. It was supposed to be the beginning of autumn, yet his body still felt sticky, he only walked a few steps and he would be sweating.

When will the rain fall?

Bai Luoyin walked on the streets, looking around at the stores and plants and flowers on the roadside. Suddenly, he was infatuated by two words that he couldn’t help but stop.

Lubricant oil…


After the first bell of the afternoon class, Gu Hai suddenly found a black spot on his arm. He ran his fingers on his desk and saw that two of his fingers had dark stains. How can there be black powder on his desk without any reason? This must be Bai Luoyin’s doing…

So childish.

Gu Hai groaned as he wiped his desk clean and raised his hand to ask permission from the teacher to go out. The teacher allowed Gu Hai so he got up and went outside. The winds outside were strong and caused the door to easily slide.

Bai Luoyin smirked when he heard the door closed.

Gu Hai washed his hands and went back to the classroom. He found out that the door was locked and he couldn’t open it no matter how hard he try. He gently knocked the door and one student stood up to help him. Nevertheless, no matter how hard they twist the doorknob, it wouldn’t budge.

Gu Hai went to the front door and tried opening it but to no avail.

Gu Hai then thought about those black powders on his desk and he suddenly understood what happened. All of this must be Bai Luoyin’s dirty trick. His real aim wasn’t to make his arm dirty, but to lock him outside.

You think if you locked all the doors like this, I won’t be able to get in?

Gu Hai walked out of the school building then stood on the ground and looked up. The windows of class 27 are wide open. It was only three floors, and for Gu Hai this was a piece of cake.

He looked around and no one was nearby. Gu Hai’s feet stepped on the window’s frame, his hand grabbed the water pipe next to the window and climbed quickly. His action was very vigorous, each step was light, stable and fast. In less than half a minute, Gu Hai was already on the third floor. He took a peek through a window inside the class. Upon seeing that the teacher was writing on the board, he took the opportunity to quickly move his hand from the water pipe to the windowsill.

Eh? Why is this part so slippery?

Bai Luoyin heard a loud sound outside. He knew that Gu Hai had fell down. His heart felt like he had swallowed hundreds of peppermint candies that he felt refreshed and satisfied. It had been so long since he had this much fun and it was as if he was lying on a prairie and strolling on the beachside…

Bang bang bang!

A loud knock on the door suddenly disturbed Bai Luoyin’s thoughts.

Didn’t he just fell down? Then, how can he reach here this quick?

Director Zhang from the security department angrily knocked the door. He shouted, “Didn’t someone called to tell me that a teacher had fainted? And why couldn’t this door be opened? Open it!”

The teacher was shocked, he hurriedly put his book down and rushed to open the door, but he found out that the door couldn’t be opened.

“Sir, the backdoor is also locked.”

Director Zhang stared at a sticker on the doorknob.

Bai Luoyin’s patent?

“Let me do it.”

Bai Luoyin approached the door and he secretly pulled out the rubber band from the inside of the lock. Soon, the door opened and Bai Luoyin saw Director Zhang’s angry face.

“Are you Bai Luoyin?”

Bai Luoyin hesitated for a while, but then he nodded.

“Come to my office!”

His loud voice shocked some students who had just woken up from their sleep.

“To put it nicely, you are vandalizing. To put it strictly, this shows that you have serious issues with your way of thinking and your morals! Why did you do that prank call? And do you think you can do whatever you want to the door locks? You have grown up, how can you do such a childish thing like this?”

Bai Luoyin’s ears were buzzing, his head was messed up, but he knew clearly who gave Director Zhang a call. Now he could only curse that guy and wished that his leg broke or something.

“You have to pay for damaging the public property, bring 100 yuan by tomorrow.”

“Why do I have to pay? Those two locks are not even badly damaged, I can fix it right away!”

“You tampered with them so you have to pay. It’s the rule.”

“Our family is poor, I can’t afford it.”

“You can’t pay for it, but you can tamper with the locks? And you’re still joking about the patent. Okay, you don’t want to pay? Give me your parent’s phone number. I’ll get it from them.”

“It’s better to get it from me rather than getting it from him.”

“Enough! Give me the number!”

Bai Luoyin then mentioned a series of numbers to him.

The call went through and Bai Han Qi’s simple and honest voice could be heard from the other side of the phone.

“Who is this?”

“I am the director of security department at Bai Luoyin’s school. He broke two doors locks in his classroom. I asked him to pay the fine, but he said that his family is poor. I only wanted to hear, just how poor is your family? You can damage the property yet you cannot pay the fine.”

“The lock in our house has been broken for almost five years, we didn’t even change it to a new one. However, in these 5 years, not even a single thief broke in. So tell me, how poor is our family?”

Director Zhang breathed heavily, he was shocked.

Bai Luoyin almost laughed out loud. As expected, a chunk of old ginger gives adequate spicy flavor.

Translator Note:

The original title of this chapter is “姜还是老的辣” literally means old ginger is spicier than young ginger. It’s an idiom which means the older you get, the wiser you become. Or you could just say, experience counts.


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