Addicted: Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The ARGUMENT between FATHER & SON


Translator : Estreline

Proofreader: Sienna


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When Gu Hai arrived home, it was already past 10 pm, the lights on his house was on, and he didn’t know who opened the door. Gu Hai went inside his house and saw an unexpected figure sitting on the couch.

Gu Wei Ting’s face was frozen, his entire body giving out a formidable aura full of anger. His eyes followed Gu Hai’s movement quietly and he pursed his lips firmly, as if he was waiting for Gu Hai to open his mouth first.

Gu Hai didn’t even spare a look at Gu Wei Ting, he calmly put down his school bag, took off his shoes, then he walked into his bedroom to change his clothes, only to discover that his wardrobe was already empty.

“Where’s my clothes?”

Gu Wei Ting’s heart suddenly sank, he hadn’t seen Gu Hai for almost a month, if not because of the phone call from the school principal today, he would still be in the army camp right now. He came here not only in anger but with yearning as well, he took care of all the problems that Gu Hai made, and he only wanted to hear one word from Gu Hai’s mouth, “Dad”, yet the first words that Gu Hai said to him was asking about his own things.

Gu Hai didn’t receive any answer, his eyes shifted away from Gu Wei Ting’s face, and soon he saw a suitcase on the floor.

Gu Wei Ting didn’t beat around the bush.

“I packed your things already, come home with me right now. I will not say anything about your fight this afternoon. Tomorrow, I will send someone to take care of your school transfer procedures, go back to your old school. Jiang Yuan will bring his son too. Both of you will study at the same school, so you have to try to accept him as your brother.”

Gu Hai slowly turned his head and gazed at the night sky outside his window.

“Don’t ever expect that I will go back with you, not a chance!”

After he said that, Gu Hai wanted to drag his suitcase back to his own room, but Gu Wei Ting’s foot halted him and he couldn’t be stirred at all.

“You have to go back today. Even if you don’t want to, you still have to go back. This is an order.”

Gu Hai looked at his father fiercely, “You are not my commander, you have no right to order me! Even if you want to kill me right now, I still won’t live together with that family! Brother? What *** brother? I will only say this today, wherever that family stays, don’t ever expect me to step into that place!”

Gu Wei Ting abruptly stood up, strangled Gu Hai’s neck, and easily dragged him to the window. Gu Hai’s room was on 8th floor. Although Gu Wei Ting merely used a little bit force, Gu Hai would definitely fall down.

“Fine, you prefer to be dead rather than to go home, right? Today I’ll kill you, don’t you ever shout if you have the guts, I will act as if I don’t have a son like you!”

Gu Hai clenched his jaw, his body was completely straight, and his dark eyes fused together with the night sky outside.

Both refused to budge, Gu Wei Ting exerted more force to his hand, and Gu Hai’s body got out even more easily. Gu Wei Ting saw that Gu Hai didn’t struggle at all and suddenly withdrew the strength from his hand, then he pulled Gu Hai back inside. After all of this, Gu Hai didn’t even feel anything, instead it was Gu Wei Ting who was sweating all over.

“Are you satisfied now?” Gu Hai looked at Gu Wei Ting. “Please go back! I’m going to take a shower and sleep. I still have school tomorrow.”

“If I didn’t provide you with everything, you think you’d be able to live this well? That you can easily rent a house more than one hundred square meters like this? I’ll tell you this, I will cut off all of your allowances right now! In less than a month, you’ll be begging for me to take you back!

“Now that you’ve achieved your purpose, why are you still wasting your time to come here? You can cut off my allowance immediately, do it right now. Just go back and wait nicely! Just watch whether or not I’ll go back and beg you!”

“You think I wouldn’t dare to do it?”

“I’ve never think that way. You never have something that you wouldn’t dare to do.”

Gu Wei Ting clenched his fists and frowned, giving off a ruthless and tyrannical aura. When he was still young and being faced with this kind of unfilial son, he would’ve shot and killed him already. But now that he’s old, had lost a wife, and over 40 years old already, he had just started to understand the meaning of a family, however that family has already fallen apart.

“I don’t have a son like you.”

After he said that, Gu Wei Ting left with a somber face.

Gu Hai sat on the couch, dumbfounded for a while, then he breathed softly, he realized that he wasn’t feeling that uncomfortable. Whenever he had a big fight with Gu Wei Ting in the past, on the outside Gu Hai would still seem happy, but that fight would still stuck inside his mind for a long time. But this time, on the outside he seemed happy, and on the inside, he still felt happy. Gu Hai’s heart eventually felt a faint sense of joy.

No allowance?

So that means, in the future he is also a poor person?

Then with this, he would be able to open the barrier between him and Bai Luo Yin.

Is there anything else that would make him happier than this?

Gu Hai looked as if he was possessed, he packed all his things inside his room, then he phoned his landlord that late night, immediately tell him that he was going to move out from this place, and he intended to rent a single-story house near Bai Luo Yin’s house. The more damaged, the better.

He also decided to sell all the valuable things he had, especially his limited edition mobile phone, he wanted to change it to a secondhand, old phone; also, the branded shoes on his feet, he must replace it with the pirated-edition ones sold on the street stalls. He also removed his branded watch from his wrist, if it’s really no good then he could just use a ballpoint pen to draw one. [1]

Translator Note:

[1] ‘He could just use a ballpoint pen to draw one’: means that he can use a pen to draw a ‘watch’ on his wrist.


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  1. I read this on your wattpad but now it’s not working, so am here reading it for the third time! Glad I found your translation here!


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