Addicted: Chapter 4

How did you fall for her?

Translate: Sae

“What exactly is going on?”

“The two people that you hired said they were being followed by plain-clothes policemen that day. They threw the equipment away at the last moment and escaped, afraid that the officers would find some information on who they were.”

“What kind of information would they find?”

“Tsk… they were fake reporters…”

“Who ruled that only real reporters can carry video camera?”

“But they had fake reporters’ tags on their shirt. I’m afraid…”

“Then let me ask you, how were they able to tell that those were plain-clothed policemen?”

“Those people just abruptly chased after them, making them panic and just…”

“Chase after them?” Gu Hai asked angrily as he suddenly straightened his body on the sofa like a leopard. “Did you hire a group of dim-witted people? Or plain-clothed policemen? Those people were robbers and your men were sighted by them!”

“R-r-r-r-robbers… that’s impossible?”

“Impossible?” Gu Hai closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. “Then let me ask you, what about those equipment? After those two ran off, where did it go?”

This time, the person being interrogated no longer utter a word.

Gu Hai calmed down and waved his hand, “Just leave.”

With that, the room sank into a moment of silence. Gu Hai crossed his arms and then held the bridge of his nose. He thought of what had happened at the wedding ceremony yesterday as he sat filled with hope only to have everything fall through in the end.

In fact, now that he thought about it, he knew he was too naive.

Even if those two had arrived at the venue without a hitch and managed to disrupt the ceremony, would the result change anything?

The answer was that nothing would have changed.

The father who he had revered since he was young would have still held another woman’s hand and entered the wedding hall once more. And his mother who was lying all alone in the depth of the cold grave, dead for the sake of her husband, still wore a smile at death’s door.

Gu Hai stood by the window and gazed out. Mom, I miss you.

“Xiao Hai, it’s your aunt. Are you done with the equipment? The television station has been pressing me for them, hurry up and send them back to me.”

“It’s gone.”

“What, gone?”

“Yeah, I’ll get you two new ones as soon as possible.”

As Gu Hai ended the call, his father and new stepmother returned. This was the first time that the newly organized family shared a dinner.

Gu Hai ate to himself without saying a single word throughout the entire process.

Gu Wei Ting glanced at Gu Hai, “Why are you so quiet?”

“There shouldn’t be any talking during dinner, right?”

“You’re allowed to talk today.”

“Reporting to the General, I have nothing to say.”

“Ha, ha, ha…”

A sharp and clear bell-like laughter suddenly resounded in the peaceful dining room, nearly causing Gu Hai to choke. Honestly, such a burst of candid laughter had never been heard in this house for the past ten years.

Gu Wei Ting appeared to be accustomed to such a sound since his facial expression did not change and nor did he jump in shock. He simply grabbed a sheet of tissue and passed it over to the woman beside him before he spoke in a low tone. “Wipe your mouth, the food is spurting out.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

Jiang Yuan laughed lightly and wiped her mouth while her eyes landed on Gu Hai from time to time. Seeing that he had been ignoring her, she picked up a piece of fish with her chopsticks and put it in Gu Hai’s bowl.

“Eat more.”

Gu Hai was again taken aback by this woman.

He thought that Gu Wei Ting should have at least found someone who was comparable with his mother. But the person before him now, aside from being young and pretty, there was no other strong point about her. Her smile carried a hint of licentiousness along with the attitude of a rural woman in her each and every movement.

How did Gu Wei Ting fall for her?

Is it possible that he had too many exotic delicacies that he suddenly wanted to try human excrement for a change?

“Bring your son over tomorrow and just have him live with us.”

As the sentence left Gu Wei Ting’s mouth, the atmosphere in the room was brought to a deadlock again.

Although Gu Hai remained quiet, judging from his expression, it wasn’t hard to guess what he wanted to say.

“Xiao Hai,” Jiang Yuan still had on a smile. “My son is the same age as you and has about the same temperament. I think that the two of you will definitely get along.”

“If he comes, I’ll leave.”

That sentence from Gu Hai blocked up all of Jiang Yuan’s words.

Gu Wei Ting was livid, “You can just leave now.”

Gu Hai stood up and that action was mimicked by Jiang Yuan whose tone became filled with anxiety.

“Don’t fight with your father. I never thought of letting my son come here at all. He’s pretty close to his father and won’t be used to living with me.”

A forty years old divorced woman with a seventeen years old son.

Gu Wei Ting, you really know how to accommodate yourself.

For the sake of this woman, you designed a plan to entrap the wife who had accompanied you for twenty years?

“Regardless of whether he comes or not, I still have to leave.”

Gu Wei Ting’s face darkened completely and no matter how straight he stood, the slight trembles of his broad shoulders could still be seen.

Gu Hai ignored the pair of eyes that were burning in anger behind him. He wanted to leave long ago but had always lacked the motivation to do, now, he could finally fulfill his wish.

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