Lawless: Chapter 14

Xiao Li wiped his wet hair with a towel as he walked out of the bathroom, only to see two women lying on the bed.

“Wow, you’re Li ge?”

A curly hair woman sat up straight and lifted her long hair. “How manly and… everything else looks quite good.”

The other woman, with straight hair, was lying on the bed sucking her finger seductively as she fixed her gaze on Xiao Li. She pulled it out and gave another slow lick, “Not only is Li ge first class, but his abilities are also quite outstanding as well. I heard you captured both Wu Tou-gui and Lao Bing-gui.No wonder, Qing-Ye19 wanted to reward you with his own women.”

Mimicking the other woman, the curly woman also sucked on her finger. “Li ge, Qing-Ye said that since you caught those two, he sent you us two. Next time, if you catch someone else, he will reward you with a gathering. If we follow you, wouldn’t that mean we will have a good future?”

Xiao Li walked towards the bed while laughing and said, “Unfortunately, I don’t like threesomes. I prefer one on one only.”

“Oh, I couldn’t tell. Li ge, you are too reserve.” The straight hair woman sat up and crawled slowly toward the bedside with the curly-haired woman.

The curly hair woman’s face moved close to the area between Xiao Li’s legs before she laughed softly. “Between Jing-Jing and Ah-Mei, which one of us do you find fits your taste?”

After that, she moved down and took Xiao Li’s still sleeping member into her mouth, sucking on it fervently.

Xiao Li lowered his head for a quick glance. Then without looking at the other woman, he said indifferently, “You can leave first.”

“Li ge, do you really mean that? Xiao Mei is deeply hurt by those words.”

The woman name Xiao Mei got up. Both her hands reached up to caress Xiao Li’s chest as she stared at him seductively, all the while, licking her lips in a circular motion enticingly. “But Li ge, you’re so handsome and delicious looking, Xiao Mei wants to taste that too.”

Hearing that, Xiao Li held her chin and stared coldly, stressing out two words, “Get out.”

With something in his eyes striking at her to the point she was taken back, Xiao Mei could only stare for no longer than a few seconds. Gathering herself, she put on a smile and spoke again, although awkward yet playful. “Li ge, you’re such a heartless person. Fine, since that’s what you want, but Xiao Mei will wait for you outside. If you want Xiao Mei, you must call me.”

She waltzed out of the room and left behind Jing-Jing who hadn’t uttered a word yet since her mouth was occupied. As he looked at her do such a thing, Xiao Li gradually relaxed into the pleasant sensation and closed his eyes.

Suddenly, his phone sounded.

Xiao Li opened his eyes impatiently and pushed Jing-Jing off, then turned around and grabbed the phone that was laying on the cabinet. He lowered his head and looked at his phone.

Why is it Qi Xiuyuan again?

Amid his thought, a rustling noise suddenly sounded behind him. Xiao Li leaned his head to the side quick enough to evade the attack before he swung his arm back and elbowed the attacker.

The attacker shouted painfully out and drew back a few steps.

With one swift movement, Xiao Li grabbed the ashtray on the cabinet, got off the bed and spun around to face the person.  

Jing-Jing, the curly hair woman, held a syringe in both of her hands. Her eyes were twinkling with excitement as she bowed a bit and lunged toward him.

Taking two steps back, Xiao Li raised one of his feet and kicked Jing-Jing to the side while simultaneously asking, “Who do you work for?”

Jing-Jing kept silent and charged at him with the syringe yet again.

At that moment, the door was pushed open with a loud thud. ‘Ah-Mei’, the straight hair woman, who had left a moment ago reappeared wearing a black outfit from head to toe. The cold gun in her hand aimed at him as several people appeared him behind her.


Xiao Li cursed to himself. Without hesitation, he grabbed Jing-Jing and used her as a shield. He kept his eyes on the numerous people in front and backed up slowly, not daring to blink. Then, going only on his intuition, he slowly moved his hand with the ashtray back and swung hard enough to smash the window.

Clang, crash.

The huge glass panel fell to the ground outside, leaving sharp glasses on the window frame.

Still standing at the same spot, Ah-Mei was prepared to pull the trigger when Jing-Jing struggled to free herself from Xiao Li’s hold. Ah-Mei could not go through with it, but she watched as Jing-Jing swung the syringe in her backward all of a sudden.

Xiao Li could feel the pain on his thigh.

Taken aback, Xiao Li quickly placed both his hands on this Jing-Jing’s shoulder and used exerted his strength to twist it. “Ka, ka,” both her arms were dislocated.

When Jing-Jing cried out in pain, Xiao Li shoved her forward, turned around and leaped out of the window.

Although Jing-Jing was groaning painfully on the ground, Ah-Mei ignored her and rush forward to look outside the window instead.

The darkness of the night enveloped the alley below.

At first, Ah-Mei had thought that the dusky lighting would make it easier to deal with a hostage or corpse but now it became her enemy instead.

She narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “Hurry up and go find him! Don’t let him escape or it’ll be hard to handle later.”

With that, she took the lead and leaped out of the window into the darkness.  

Soon, only Jing-Jing’s painful cries and the sound of the buzzing phone on the cabinet remained in the room.  

Translator’s Note:

19 Qing Ye – ‘Ye’ means master or gentleman

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2 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 14

  1. Wow… things are escalating so fast. I think the phone call saved him in a way though.

    He could have been there in his ‘birthday suit’ enjoying the ‘special’ treatment and those thugs could have overpowered him. That was their plan anyway, but he was quite alert with the phone call.


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