Lawless: Chapter 20

Qi Xiuyuan immediately ran over to where Xiao Li’s car was parked. He knocked on the window and not waiting for a reply, he opened the door only to have his chest tighten at the sight.

“Didn’t I tell you that you can’t drink for at least two months?” He said anxiously, “Such a strong scent, how much did you drink?”

Xiao Li had leaned back in his seat with a deathly pallor seemingly frighten of the light and the surrounding noises; keeping his eyes closed as he shifted slightly.

Qi Xiuyuan sighed. He lowered his voice, “Where do you feel uncomfortable? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Xiao Li’s brows drew tightly together making him look as though he was trying hard to keep awake. He opened his eyes, “Can you drive?”

“I can.”

Hearing his still steady voice, Qi Xiuyuan felt somewhat relieved.

“Go to your place.” Having said that, Xiao Li tried to shift toward the passenger seat but watching as Xiao Li moved with much difficulty, Qi Xiuyuan bent half his body into the car and reached over to help him. However, Qi Xiuyuan accidentally tripped on his own foot causing both of his hands to grab hold of Xiao Li’s waist and his whole body pressed down on Xiao Li’s.

“Xiao Li…” Just as he was about to ask Xiao Li if he was okay, he saw that Xiao Li’s eyes were half-open. Since he was not feeling well, his breath was hot, and he looked lost in a trance.

Xiao Li’s body became tense. In front of his eyes was the vague, indistinct figure of Li Shiqing moving close to his face – his stomach twisted in pain again. He let out a few dry coughs and cursed out disgustingly: “Fuck off!”

With a guilty conscience, Qi Xiuyuan quickly got up, helped Xiao Li sit properly and fastened the seatbelt for him without daring to look at him.  

During the ride, his heartbeats were like thunderbolts perpetually striking his chest. As an overwhelming mix of excitement and disappointment toyed with him. He lowered the window and let the cool breeze caress him wholly, calming down his thoughts.

Once they arrived, he helped Xiao Li out of the car and carried him on his back toward the entrance. He laughed, “This is the second time I carried you on my back.”

Xiao Li became a bit clear-headed when his body shifted and upon hearing Qi Xiuyuan’s words, he hummed out a low ‘yeah’ under his breath.

It was approaching midnight.

Qi Xiuyuan reckoned his sister had gone to sleep. He quietly opened the door with his keys and felt around in the dark, slowly carrying Xiao Li to his room and switched the lights on. Once he placed Xiao Li on the bed, he took off his shoes and socks and unbuttoned his shirt. Just as he undid the first button, he thought for a second and walked out toward the kitchen.

Susu’s fruit yogurt was gone, so he grabbed a glass of water and added some honey and then returned to his room.  

“Xiao Li, drink this.” He said and helped him sit up, placing the glass of water close to his lips. Xiao Li’s brows twisted, refusing to open his eyes. “You can’t sleep on an empty stomach.” Qi Xiuyuan coaxed in a low tone. After a while, he couldn’t bear and low whispered, “Behave.”

Xiao Li did not hear that, however, he drank it since the inside of his mouth felt dry and uncomfortable. Qi Xiuyuan’s eyes slightly widened. He stared at Xiao Li whose lips slowly parted while the water that lingered there glimmered – Qi Xiuyuan couldn’t help but swallow.

While his heart throbbed frantically, the glass in his hand became unsteady. Xiao Li suddenly choked and coughed. Qi Xiuyuan quickly recovered from his daze and placed the glass down, gently patting Xiao Li’s stomach as to ease his pain. By the time Xiao Li fell asleep, Qi Xiuyuan had undone his buttons, picked him up by the waist and carefully took off his shirt. He loosened his leather belt and pulled his pants down and removed them.  

Xiao Li’s body was slender yet sturdy and the outline of his muscles was of no exaggeration – the embodiment of great health with a unique beauty and strength. Even the long scar that ran along the side of his waist strangely illustrated a kind of sensuality. This mature man’s body was lying there exposed in front of him in such a manner.

Qi Xiuyuan was unable to shift his gaze away. He sat at the bedside and stretch his hand out to gently caress Xiao Li’s chest. The smoothness that touched the palm of his hand urged him to continue, and an indescribable spell conjured by a poisonous potion weaved into the rhythm of his breaths and bewitched him…

He felt the air around become slightly chilled when Xiao Li lightly moved.

Then as if he suffered a horrifying fright, Qi Xiuyuan promptly stood up and pulled the thin blanket up to cover Xiao Li. Then in a panic, he switched the light off, closed the door and escaped.

He ran toward the bathroom and shut the door. He pressed his head against the door and pulled out member that had long ago become swollen with vitality – his thoughts were of Xiao Li’s alluring body as he jerked himself off. In the end, just after he released, he became hard again.

With no other choice, he turned on the cold water and rushed beneath it, staying until the raging heat in his entire body emitted cold air before he eventually felt relieved.

He stared at himself through the mirror and heaved a sigh and cursed. “You beast!”

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