Lawless: Chapter 22

Xiao Li had experienced all kinds of situations and met all types of people yet when he saw Ms. Zhuang Juanjuan, he was nevertheless surprised.

Ms. Zhang Juanjuan wore a dull work outfit with her hair slicked back, tied into a bun as she flipped through the documents on the table and then pushed up the gold framed-glasses up the bridge of her nose. She looked at Xiao Li and said, “That’s not right.”

“Can you explain it?” Xiao Li asked.

“Look at this one,” Zhang Juanjuan pushed a photo out with her index finger. “The technique of twisting the neck to kill is indeed something that professional killers love to employ because it is quick and silent. Why would they allow a target to have an opportunity to pull out a gun in a low-security bathroom?”

“This driver,” she flipped to the forensic report. “He didn’t die after two cut wounds; even high school students can be more efficient than this killer. The wound on his neck was actually a stab. If it was me…” she smiled faintly, gracefully sliding her finger across her neck. “It is a guarantee that the target won’t be able to make a sound as he dies slowly, and even better, the blood would flow out a bit more beautiful.”

Xiao Li frowned.

“Look at this van. It’s an old model, the door doesn’t even close tightly and the truck is deformed. This kind of vehicle is better off used to kill someone with laughter than to poison someone with carbon monoxide, let alone left on the roadside for you guys to discover.” Zhang Juanjuan sighed and picked up another document. “Also, using bar drugs to kidnap a target? How fucking hilarious is that? When I have not retired yet, just one puncture from a needle and the target wouldn’t even be able to move. How would you have been able to jump out of the window and run off for several meters? Moreover, independent killers have their own unique characteristic – those that use poison and those that use firearm mutually despise each other, let alone operating at the same time?”

She gathered the files again and shook her head in disappointment. “Low-grade equipment and meager skills, what kind of professional killers are these? Mr. Xiao, you don’t have to worry. Base on my experience, the opposing party is definitely from an underworld organization like you are. They probably thought you are an eyesore and wanted to take you out, however, afraid that your accomplices… uh, your colleagues would be able to track them down, they set up the crime to make it looked like it was done by an independent killer so that you guys won’t be able to figure out who they actually are.”

Having said that she placed the documents in an envelope and pushed it over to Xiao Li. “What a pity ah.”

Xiao Li asked, “Why?”

“Weren’t you thinking that a professional killer was eying you, so you wanted to hire me as a bodyguard? You must have also thought of taking advantage of me.” Zhang Juanjuan crossed her arms with one hand supporting her chin as she looked up at Xiao Li. “But you can rest assured. If they were actually professional killers, even if they failed this time, they will come for you until they succeed. After an underworld organization plays this kind of trick, they will watch from the sideline for a while since they failed and don’t want you to recognize them. You can relax now, right?”

Xiao Li smiled and glanced at her, “Your consultant fee will be justly given. It’s hard to come by someone like Ms. Zhang who is so knowledgeable of the underworld and organization of killers. But I don’t like your type. Please move your feet back.”

“Oh? You don’t like the killer type or bodyguard type, and like the underworld type instead huh.” Zhang Juanjuan undoes the first two buttons on her blouse. She got out of her seat, untie her hair bun and took off her glasses. Then, she leaned over the table to get closer to Xiao Li while teasingly licking the corner of her lips. “There’s no harm in trying…”

Xiao Li looked up and captured her chin as his eyes swept over her face. He slowly spat out, “Okay, let’s see how much you understand about the underworld…”

Zhang Juanjuan slowly turned her face to the side and licked his ear. “Hehe, I have quite a close relationship with the underworld…”

Xiao Li’s hand reached into her blouse as he narrowed his eyes, “Oh?”

When Qi Xiuyuan walked out of the school gate, he saw Xiao Li standing under a tree on the other side of the road. He had on a pair of jeans and a shirt with both of his hands tucked in the pockets as he stood rather straight, looking at the school.

Qi Xiuyuan was surprised, and despite the condition of the road, he ran across the street.

“How come you didn’t give me a phone call?” He asked, smiling.

Xiao Li, however, did not smile or say anything as he turned and walked away.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Qi Xiuyuan followed after, “Are you in a bad mood?”

“En,” Xiao Li answered.

“Did something happen?”

“A woman came to see me today,” Xiao Li’s tone was strange as it did not fluctuate. “She said something that I really didn’t like.”

“What was it?”

Xiao Li was silent again as he walked ahead even faster.

Without speaking either, Qi Xiuyuan quietly followed behind him.

The two walked like that for nearly half an hour; the further they walked, the more desolate the area became and the narrower the path.   

Qi Xiuyuan followed Xiao Li into a narrow alley but then he couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Li, what exactly are you——”

Xiao Li suddenly turned around and let his fist connect with Qi Xiuyuan’s chin.

The strength he employed was tremendous. Qi Xiuyuan’s body slanted and knocked against the sidewall and then unable to steady his footing, he fell backward to the ground, bleeding from the corner of his mouth.

Qi Xiuyuan had fallen down so hard, his vision became dark. He used his elbow to raise the upper half of his body but before he could react, Xiao Li had already crouched in front of him.

A cold breeze brushed by as Qi Xiuyuan’s vision cleared, however, his sight was met with the muzzle of a pistol pointing directly in between his eyebrows.

“Qi Xiuyuan, I hate it when people lie to me.” Xiao Li switched off the safety lock to the pistol with a murderous expression in his eyes that Qi Xiuyuan had never seen before. His voice was bitterly cold to the core – enough to freeze someone to death. “Tell me again, who is your grandfather?”

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