Lawless: Chapter 23

Although there was a pistol pointing at him, Qi Xiuyuan did not take notice and instead, he stared into Xiao Li’s eyes and slowly asked, “You actually had me checked out?”

The calmness and tacit tone of his words made Xiao Li’s murderous intent thickened. He grabbed Qi Xiuyuan by the collar and violently yanked him up from the ground. Then, without giving him a chance to stand firmly, Xiao Li’s fist plunged into his ribs. Just as Qi Xiuyuan staggered back and dropped to the ground again, Xiao Li crouched down in front of him and pointed the pistol at his head once more.

“Tell me again, is Du Yan San Ge your grandfather?”

Qi Xiuyuan’s eyes remained plastered on Xiao Li as he gasped. “No.”

Xiao Li used the buttstock of the gun to roughly smash Qi Xiuyuan in the head, causing his face to swing to the side upon impact – the overwhelming pain drew out several deep breaths.

A cold and deranged air swooshed by as Xiao Li used the pistol barrel to turn Qi Xiuyuan’s face back toward him before pointing it back against his forehead. “Say it again!!”


Hearing that, Xiao Li pulled him up, threw him back against the wall and allowed his fist to mercilessly strike his body countless more times. Qi Xiuyuan could not ward off them off and groaned pain from time to time.

When Xiao Li finally stopped, he forcefully grabbed Qi Xiuyuan’s chin with one of his hands to lift his head up while aiming the pistol in between his brows with the other hand.

“‘The path they walk may be different from ours, but they are humans just like us’,” Xiao Li uttered one by one. “You lied to me about that as well?”

With his head having been rammed against the wall, a fresh trace of blood flowed into the corner of Qi Xiuyuan’s left eye, making his vision blurry. But even then, he could see how Xiao Li’s hand, along with the pistol he held, trembled as if he urgently needed the answer, yet afraid at the same time since knowing the answer can just change everything.

Qi Xiuyuan opened his mouth and for the first time, he avoided Xiao Li’s eyes. “Yes.”

The hand that held his chin tightened as Xiao Li shouted, “Look at me!!”

He shifted his gaze back.

“Say it again,” Xiao Li pressed the pistol more, his tone irascible. “Did you lie to me?”

The words struck Qi Xiuyuan greatly as his eyes held Xiao Li’s confused one. “Yes.”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Li did not make any movements; however, the more strength he utilized, the more dangerous his expression became.

“Explain.” He said, his voice deep and packed with ruthlessness.

Qi Xiuyuan was speechless.

Xiao Li released his left hand and then used his right to smash the butt of the gun at him. “Explain!! Why did you lie to me!” He nearly roared, “You said you respect me? You want to be my friend? Did you fucking take me as a fool? Talk!!”

He lifted the pistol up while his eyes reflected with anger.

Qi Xiuyuan suddenly seized the back of Xiao Li’s neck, exerting his strength to forcefully pulled Xiao Li toward him before he desperately kissed those lips – those lips that he has longed for.

He had been battered ‘till his body ached painfully, his vision covered in red while a pistol still pressed between both their necks. But all he wanted to do was to kiss him. His desire had lasted for so long that even if the pistol was to go off, he would not be able to stop himself.

In seconds, Xiao Li roughly shoved Qi Xiuyuan to the ground and used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth, kicking him right after.

“I want to be with you.” Qi Xiuyuan simply said as a burst of painful coughs sounded.

Xiao Li froze.  

“Didn’t you want an explanation?” Qi Xiuyuan quickened his speech; afraid Xiao Li would lose the interest to listen.

“I want to be with you. Xiao Li, it’s all I want. I want you to leave the underworld. I want you to no longer do those kinds of things. I want you to like me. I don’t want you to treat me favorably because of my relationship to Xiao Yang,” he coughed. “But you don’t like me. You had always been distant with me and only took me just as your benefactor. I don’t want that. I just want to be by your side. Xiao Li, Xiao Li, I have no other way. I have no other way…”

He lifted his head up and tried to look at Xiao Li, but the blood in his eyes and his throbbing head made his sight blurry – Xiao Li’s expression was clear.

In the faint light, Xiao Li raised his pistol but lowered it again. Qi Xiuyuan waited for him to speak, but the wait was akin to the time between night and day. And when he eventually heard him speak, his tone was detached. “In the future, I will take it as I don’t know you.”

After all was done and said, Xiao Li crossed Qi Xiuyuan’s body and disappeared into the dark alley without care.  

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7 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 23

  1. Well shit. I can’t say I’m happy about this happening, but at the same time, its like FINALLY…
    My only wish is for jealous scenes…. Oh my battered heart ;-;


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