Lawless: Chapter 6

Two months later, the school received a task to proctor an examination. Because of that, each middle school must make up classes on the weekends.

The examination was located at a very elite primary school. Since Qi Xiuyuan was single, it did not bother him every time he was arranged to work that day. But this time, he did not realize that the examination was for some middle-aged government officials until he arrived at the school.

Proctoring the exam was boring but what made it worse was that the officials were brazenly cheating. Qi Xiuyuan understood the trickiness of these exams, so he naturally turned a blind eye. After all, looking at those rich guys stuck in the small chairs of a primary school classroom while bending forward in front of a small desk to answer those questions did not seem that boring.

After the exam was completed, the exam sheets collected then bind and sealed, Qi Xiuyuan picked up his payments and dismissed everyone.

As he walked outside, there were countless high-end vehicles parked in front of the school. Qi Xiuyuan maneuvered his way around but still could not get anywhere. While he walked, he pondered on what he could buy with his 200-yuan payment. Not paying attention to where he was going, he bumped into another person.


Qi Xiuyuan raised his head. His eyes widened with shock – the young man he had bumped into was similar in height to him and had on jeans paired with a long sleeve shirt. The expression on his face was gentle, soft even. If it was not for the scar, Qi Xiuyuan would have thought he recognized the wrong person.

Xiao Li gave him a glance and moved to the side, seemingly unaware of who he was.

However, Qi Xiuyuan did not move. He could have easily walked away and headed off to buy something at the market, return home and make lunch. But for some reason, a strangle impulse prompted him to speak. “Mr. Li, you really don’t recognize me?” He listened to his own voice that sounded as if he was close to Xiao Li.  

Xiao Li looked at him, his expression holding only a hint of shock; a moment later did he asked, “Qi Laoshi, you’re also participating in the exam?”

“To overlook the exam.” Qi Xiuyuan was curious, “How about you? Are you taking it?”

“No, I came to pick someone up,” Xiao Li simply said.

“Who?” Qi Xiuyuan asked but immediately wanted to take back the question and leave.

Xiao Li seemed even more shocked.

Qi Xiuyuan didn’t even have a chance to say, ‘I’m sorry, it’s okay if you don’t want to say,’ when Xiao Li replied, “Our boss’s friend.”

“There’s someone above you?” Qi Xiuyuan asked, “Your boss is a government official?”

Hearing that, traces of amusement trickled on to Xiao Li’s face, “Of course I have a boss. But he’s not an official. I’m only here to get his friend today.”

“Oh,” Qi Xiuyuan nodded.

The two looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Qi Xiuyuan could not help but recall the awkward scenario he had faced that time he went to see Xiao Yang at the hospital.

However, the difference was, he was not anxious to leave this time.

“Qi Laoshi, is there something else?” Xiao Li asked.

Qi Xiuyuan thought about what he could speak of to keep their conversation going, yet nothing came to mind. Without any other option, he faced Xiao Li and smiled. “No, no. I’m sorry for taking up your time. I’ll head off first. See you again.”

“Take care.”    

Having walked for a while, Qi Xiuyuan turned around for another glance. Xiao Li was still standing there with his hands in his jeans pocket. He stood in an upright and proper manner that was hard not to notice. No matter how you look at him, he looked just like another reliable youth.

            All afternoon, Qi Xiuyuan was bothered and distracted by Xiao Li’s broad back.

After dinner was finished, Qi Susu hugged a big pillow and continued to watch an idol drama while Qi Xiuyuan walked back and forth, choosing two outfits from the closet.

“Susu, I might come back late, you don’t have to wait up for me.”

Keeping her eyes glued on the television, Qi Susu simply gave an ‘en’.

Once outside, Qi Xiuyuan walked down the road with a relaxed posture. But, after some distance from his neighborhood, he hailed a taxi.

When the driver heard the name of the place he wanted to go to, there was a subtle distortion in his expression. Qi Xiuyuan could completely understand him, after all, there weren’t a lot of people who wanted to go to the gay bar.

During the two years after he graduated, he had played crazily. Later, he became aware and resolute to serve as a worthy role model. Since Qi Susu had also moved in to live with him, he had no choice but to be cautious about his behaviors. Therefore, the amount of time he went out lessened tremendously.

Today, he could not hold back. Qi Xiuyuan placed his hand at the pit of his stomach as an indescribable feeling aroused in his chest, making him a bit irritated. What it caused him to long for was – the warmth of another person.

6 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 6

  1. Hmmm… Qi Laoshi is feeling “something”. ????

    I just love this novel so much, the way the plot unfolds is amazing. I hope it’ll have a happy ending.


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