Lawless: Chapter 8

Before the taxi had a chance to come to a full stop, Qi Xiuyuan tossed a large paper bill on the passenger seat and rushed out.

The front entrance of Jin Ting was decorated with elaborate lighting that was indeed a sight to be mesmerized by. Qi Xiuyuan took in a deep breath and tried his best to compose himself before he walked through the door.

“Hello sir, please show your membership card,” said a beautiful attendant with a very pleasant and alluring voice.

“I want to open a new membership card,” Qi Xiuyuan replied.

“We welcome you to join us. The annual fee is 800,000 yuan13 but the membership fee that needs to be paid in advance is 80,000 yuan.13 You can come this way to swipe your card.”

As the attendant leisurely walked towards the front counter, Qi Xiuyuan slowly followed her while looking for an opportunity to slip in. However, he saw a familiar figure ahead.

What was his name? He commented to himself as he tried to remember. “Lin Zi!”

The husky fellow turned his head around and walked towards the seemingly familiar youth.

“I thought I remembered wrong, but it’s really you.” Qi Xiuyuan said with a friendly smile.

Seeing that, Lin Zi was slightly at a loss for words.

“It’s good that you’re here,” Qi Xiuyuan said, patting his shoulder energetically. “I was worried about how I was going to get in since I forgot my membership card!”

Lin Zi was still speechless.

“How about,” Qi Xiuyuan fastened his hand on Lin Zi’s shoulder, “Bring me in with you?”

Suddenly, a rustling noise sounded. Lin Zi had flung Qi Xiuyuan’s hand off causing him to rub at the pain that was kicking it around his shoulder. He lifted his head and looked at that husky fellow’s gloomy complexion as he glared at him.

“I remember who you are now. Are you looking for Li ge again?”

“Xiao Li?” This time, it was Qi Xiuyuan’s turn to be at a loss.

Lin Zi gave a signal and two people immediately came to drag Qi Xiuyuan out of Jin Ting.

Wearing a sinister mien, Lin Zi followed after and purposely spat out some harsh words. “Where would you have the money to come to a high-ranking clubhouse like this when you only teach in a school? You’re definitely trying to look for trouble on Li ge’s territory! I’m warning you, bastard! Li ge and Xiao Yang have already cut off their ties with each other. If you want something, go and look for Xiao Yang yourself! If I see you again, I beat the shit out of you the moment I see you! Let’s go!”

With that, the two men holding Qi Xiuyuan down shoved him to the ground and followed Lin Zi back into Jin Ting.

“Xiao Li’s territory…”

Qi Xiuyuan muttered repeatedly to himself with a complicated expression as he picked himself off the ground. He quickly took his phone out and browsed through his contacts for Xiao Li’s number. Although he had originally thought that he would not contact him again, he somehow couldn’t find the courage to delete the number.

If I call, would he pick up? Would he help me? He did have on a cold face when I saw him that day… if he ignores me, what should I do? If… if the one that wants to hurt Jiang Xiaoning is him…

Without much expectation, Qi Xiuyuan dialed the number and thought about how Jiang Xiaoning was doing. As he listened to the call tone, his hands couldn’t help but tremble.

The call went through.

“Hello,” Xiao Li’s voice was calm, yet powerful as it traveled into his ears.

“Xiao Li, it’s Qi Xiuyuan.

“Wait a moment.”

The call ended. When all he heard was a beeping tone, Qi Xiuyuan became a bit dispirited and he didn’t dare to look at his phone again. He lowered his head and tried to think, but for some unspeakable reason, his heart was throbbing.

“Qi Laoshi.”

Xiao Li?

Just as he was about to turn away, that distinctive voice entered his ears again. He lifted his head up once more and saw Xiao Li wearing a casual western-style suit.

As he walked out of Jin Ting toward Qi Xiuyuan, Xiao Li said, “Qi Laoshi, I’m really sorry. Lin Zi just talked to me a moment ago. He’s really impulsive when handling things, please don’t mind him.”

“No, it’s fine.” Qi Xiuyuan said as he stared attentively at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li felt a bit uncomfortable at that intense stare. “You’re looking for me? Do you need something? Did Xiao Yang—”

“No,” Qi Xiuyuan secretly laughed at himself. Sure enough, he thinks it’s because of Xiao Yang.

“I need your help with something else.”

Translator’s Note:

13  ¥800,000 = about $120,000 / ¥80,000 = about $12,000

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