Addicted: Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Feelings began to change.


Translator: Estreline

Proofreader: Sienna


After Gu Hai went back to his home, he folded his uniform, then he put it inside his closet. His old mobile phone suddenly rang, producing a deafening ringtone because it was so loud.

“Da Hai ah! Da Hai!”

When Gu Hai heard it, he knew right away that it was Li Shuo, who always had nothing to do.

“Da Hai, what are you busy with these days? Why did you never contact this brother of yours?”

Li Shuo’s words caused Gu Hai’s body to tense for a few seconds, indeed, he hadn’t get in touch with his buddies for quite a while. Since he changed his phone and sold his computer, he couldn’t even connect to internet. Because he had no internet connection, and his phone was not a decent one too, Gu Hai was too lazy to contact anyone else.

“I’m not really busy with anything, just went to classes, and then sleep. It’s pretty boring.”

When Li Shuo heard that, he was very happy.

“Then, let’s go out on Saturday, let’s call Hu Zi too, he bought a new car and wanted to show it off to you. Are you coming to our place, or do you want us to pick you up?”

Gu Hai’s eyes suddenly revealed a completely cautious look.

“I’ll go to your place. From now on if there’s nothing important, don’t come and look for me. If it’s something really urgent, then give me a call first, after I said okay then you can come.”

“What shameful thing have you done this time? Why are you so afraid that we would see…”

Gu Hai just casually brushed it off, “It’s nothing, just remember my words and that’s enough. See you on Saturday.”

After he finished speaking, Gu Hai hurriedly hang up the call.

Not long after that, his phone rang again.

“Gu Hai!!”

A loud voice from the other side of the phone shocked Gu Hai.

“During these past few days, why did you never call me first?”

Gu Hai took a deep breath, what did he do wrong these days, why is everyone talking to him as if they were demanding payment from him like he was indebted to them?

“Didn’t we talk on the phone every day?”

Jin Lu Lu’s voice could be heard from his old mobile phone, it was extremely rough.

“Yes, we talked on the phone every day, but it’s always me who called you first, you never take the initiative to call me! You weren’t like this before, you’re always the one who called me first. You… Are you cheating on me?”

“Who am I cheating you with?” Gu Hai replied angrily. “Can you not be paranoid all day long? You weren’t this narrow-minded before! If I’m really cheating on you, I wouldn’t answer your call!”

Jin Lu Lu was sobbing, “Then, why didn’t you call me first?”

Truthfully speaking, giving someone a call needs money, while receiving a call is free. Gu Hai used to not care about these things before, even if he fell asleep in the middle of phone call, the phone would be always connected until dawn. But now he can’t do that anymore, he only wanted to receive a call, if he take the initiative to call someone first, he felt that he would suffer losses. Moreover, if he used this phone for too long, it would heat up and he’s worried that his phone would die suddenly, so he simply didn’t call her.

“I’m busy these few days because I’m moving to a new place, so I couldn’t contact you.”

Jin Lu Lu breathed slowly and said with a tactful tone, “Where did you move to?”

Gu Hai lifted his head to look up at the ceiling whose paint had fallen off, he went silent for a long time before saying, “I moved to an apartment which is not far away from school, even if I tell you the address you wouldn’t remember it.”

“Tell me. If you tell me, I will definitely remember it. I will go to your place when holiday comes.”

Gu Hai’s expression changed, nevertheless his manner of speaking was still steady and firm.

“Don’t come here, you’re a girl and if you come a long way here, I’ll be really worried.”

Jin Lu Lu sighed heavily, “But I want to see your current life situation, since you started school up until now, I’ve never been to your place at all, I didn’t even know how you are doing.”

“I’m doing very good. As long as you’re doing good, then I’m fine too.”

Jin Lu Lu went silent for a quite while, her tone suddenly became somewhat dreary.

“Gu Hai, you’ve changed.”

“How have I changed?”

“You’ve never said anything good like what you’ve just said before. Do you really have a new girlfriend?”

Gu Hai immediately hang up the call, if he didn’t hear it, then it wouldn’t bother his heart. He didn’t understand why suddenly he just lost all the patience he had towards the girl, whom he’d always thought as a perfect girl.

After a while, the phone rang again, the sound was still as ear-piercing as before. The walls here were very thin and there were other people living beside him, Gu Hai was afraid he would bother everyone else, so he just turned off his phone.

When Gu Hai was lying on his bed, his heart felt a little tight.

He suddenly remembered one thing, with Jin Lu Lu’s temper, supposed if he was in a cold war with her, then the one who’d lose their patience first would be her. And what does it mean? It means that she would go all the way here to find him, and then she would reveal his real identity as well as his family status.

This can’t be happening!

Gu Hai went down from his bed again, took a couple big steps towards the table, and picked up his phone. Right after he turned on the phone, it rang again, Gu Hai hastily picked up the call. However, since the phone’s reaction was too slow, while Gu Hai’s action was too fast, as a result, just when he was about to answer the call, the phone crashed right away.

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