Addicted: Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Father and on are not in one mind


Translator: Estreline

Editor: Zachariah

Proofreader: Sae & Sienna


“You’ve caught so much fish, yet you’re not going to let me eat dinner at your place tonight?” Gu Hai straightforwardly asked without caring about the fact that he hadn’t been invited to do so.

Thinking about Grandma Bai’s peculiar speech habits, Bai Luo Yin immediately rejected the idea, “Just wait until the fish is fully cooked and I’ll bring them over to your house. You can just wait there.”

Gu Hai then remembered about the men and women, both old and young tenants, who resided at his place and his heart anxiously quivered. There’s no way that’d be okay. That place isn’t even their home! It would be a miracle if his secret wasn’t exposed if Bai Luo Yin really went there.

“What’s wrong with me eating at your place?” Gu Hai furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure, “Honestly, you should be the one to take initiative first and invite me to dinner. I’m not the one who should remind you. Why do you lack such common sense?”

“You’re right. I don’t have common sense.” Grabbing the bucket that was in Gu Hai’s hand, Bai Luo Yin stubbornly retorted, “If you want to eat, just wait quietly at your home. But if you don’t want to eat, then forget it.”

The moment Gu Hai heard the word “home”, his whole body shivered.

By the time the two boys arrived at Bai Luo Yin’s house, Bai Han Qi had already come back home from work. He was moving back and forth between two new trees that were planted in front of the door. Once he noticed that Gu Hai and his son had returned, he was visibly overflowed with happiness.

“Uncle!” Gu Hai called him in a heartfelt manner.

Upon hearing Gu Hai calling for him, a bright smile spread across Bai Han Qi’s face and he replied him joyfully. While reaching towards Gu Hai’s broad shoulder, he was about to utter a few kind words, but then his facial expression abruptly changed, “Why are your clothes so wet? Hurry inside the house and change into clean ones!”

Standing between Gu Hai and Bai Han Qi with a cold expression tainting his features, Bai Luo Yin frigidly inquired, “Dad, do we really have spare dry clothes at home for him to wear?”

“What do you mean……? I just bought two sets of clothes recently. Give one of them to him first.”

While standing and silently listening to his father explaining the situation, Bai Luo Yin furrowed his eyebrows in frustration. How come he didn’t buy new sets earlier? Why did he have to buy it so suddenly? Not only that, but Bai Luo Yin really didn’t want Gu Hai to come inside his house.

“Uncle, can I take a bath too? My body is covered in mud. If I don’t, I’ll dirty the new clothes!”

“Enough!” Bai Luo Yin yelled and stared at him viciously. His eyes were squinting while his lips were drawn in tight lines, visibly irritated.

Regardless of what his son said, Bai Han Qi actually looked very happy with the suggestion, “Of course you can! Do you know how to turn on the water? If you can’t, just ask Luo Yin to shower together with you.”

“That’s a really good idea!” A smile spread widely across his lips and the sight of it almost made Bai Luo Yin’s chin drop to the ground.

“What’s a ‘good idea’, huh?” Bai Luo Yin yelled sharply, “Our house doesn’t even have a decent toilet. The shower is in the open air and the showerhead is also clogged all the time. How can he take a bath here?”

“Of course I can!” Gu Hai looked lenient, “Your family bathroom is still covered with a plastic sheet while the one in my house is an open-air bathroom. I took a shower using the tap water during summer and there isn’t even any hot water!”

Bai Han Qi laughed, “We have hot water in our home! You may use it as much as you’d like!”

Both of you, really….. Enough! Bai Luo Yin bitterly thought as he secretly gritted his teeth. Having had enough of their ridiculousness, he grabbed his things and went inside the house with a grim expression.

Back when no one visited his house, he never thought that it was particularly messy. But now that Gu Hai was there, he began cleaning up in his room. He was in the middle of tidying everything up when he suddenly heard Gu Hai shouting, “Bai Luo Yin! How do I get the hot water to work?”

Bai Luo Yin stubbornly pretended not to hear him and continued cleaning.

After a while, Bai Han Qi angrily went inside Bai Luo Yin’s room and complained to him, “Just go there and help him! Why don’t you have any manners?”

With a heavy sigh, Bai Luo Yin walked straight to the bathroom and tore open the plastic curtain. Gu Hai had already stripped naked. His impressively athletic figure was in full display in front of Bai Luo Yin’s eyes and the sight made him want to kick his firm butt.

“You said you couldn’t get  the water to work, so why did you take off your clothes so quickly?”

Gu Hai ignored the question and reached towards Bai Luo Yin’s collar, gently unbuttoning the top three buttons of his shirt.

“Let’s shower together! Your trousers are also covered with mud. Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

“All thanks to you!” Firmly grabbing onto Gu Hai’s slippery shoulder, Bai Luo Yin suddenly kicked  Gu Hai’s lower abdomen with his knee and roared at him, “Just shower by yourself!”

An amused smile spread across Gu Hai’s lips instead, “Bai Luo Yin, you’re too perverted.”

Bai Luo Yin was just about to leave and return to his room, but when he heard Gu Hai’s provocative words, he hastily turned to face him again with an ice-cold stare. When Gu Hai saw his movements, he subconsciously covered his private parts with both hands.

“Your reaction is quite fast!” Bai Luo Yin said with a straight face.

Replying with a smile at that statement, he then earnestly asked Bai Luo Yin, “Your bathroom is only covered with a single plastic sheet. Aren’t you afraid that someone will see you if they come over here?”

“Usually, no one comes to our house and especially not women. So, no one will pay attention to you even if you walk out into the yard completely naked!”

“Is Bai Han Qi at home?” Aunt Zou’s soft voice could suddenly be heard from outside the bathroom.

Bai Luo Yin went silent as he heard her voice: “……”

“Fuck!” Gu Hai’s body stiffened up in anxiousness, “Didn’t you say that nobody would come? Are you kidding me?”

Laughing out loud upon seeing Gu Hai’s sudden discomfort, Bai Luo Yin warned him with a smug grin, “You’d better behave yourself! If you get on my nerves, I’ll immediately use the lighter to burn holes in the plastic sheet.”


Not paying any attention to the sounds coming from within the bathroom, Aunt Zou focused on the bucket full of fish, which had instantly caught her eyes, “You bought fish today?”

“I went fishing.” Bai Luo Yin quickly exited the bathroom and smiled as he walked towards her. “Auntie, I’ll give you two fishes if you help us cook them. Please? I’m afraid my father will spoil the dish if he gets his hands on them!”

Aunt Zou laughed boldly, “Look at this kid! You really can talk, huh? Then I’ll take these home and return with the dish once it’s done.”

Hurriedly stepping out from the house when he heard his son’s words, Bai Han Qi quickly stopped Aunt Zou from leaving just yet, “Don’t mind him! This is not right! Just take two fishes for yourself and then I’ll cook the rest myself.”

Wordlessly smiling, Aunt Zou simply grabbed the bucket and calmly passed Bai Han Qi as she headed  out of the yard.

Bai Luo Yin looked at his father and desperately wanted him to act. So he grabbed onto his arm and said in a serious tone, “Later, Gu Hai will say that he wants to eat dinner here, but can you just say that the food in our house is awful? No matter what, you can’t let him stay.”

“This kid. How can you be like this?” Bai Han Qi frowned. “Those fishes were caught by the both of you, so why can’t you just let him eat some of them with us?”

“It’s not that I’m not allowing him to eat, but I’m just saying that I want to bring the fish over to his place instead.” Bai Luo Yin absentmindedly gazed towards their house and thought about his old grandparents, “I just can’t let him laugh at our family!”

Suddenly understanding his son’s reasons for rejecting Gu Hai, Bai Han Qi nodded his head and said, “Don’t worry. I definitely won’t let him stay.”

After Gu Hai had finished showering, Bai Luo Yin quickly undressed and went inside the bathroom. As Gu Hai walked out of the bathroom, dressed in clean clothes, he noticed the blooming flowers in the flowerbed.

“Uncle, who planted these flowers?” he asked with curiosity.

“Oh, my son planted those. Beautiful, right?”

“They really are beautiful. Is it okay if I pluck one?”

“Go ahead. Pluck as many as you’d like.”

Bai Luo Yin almost tore open the plastic sheet hanging around the bathroom as he heard their conversation. He was brimming with fury. It took him more than six months to make the flowers bloom in the first place!

“Uncle, may I stay and eat dinner at your house tonight?”

While in the shower, Bai Luo Yin noticed that it was silent outside the bathroom and so he turned off the water to eavesdrop on the conversation. His hair was wet and full of foam as he stood in complete silence, pricking up his ears to hear what was being said…

“Of course!” Bai Han Qi laughed joyfully, “Even if you had wanted to leave, I wouldn’t have let you! Just eat dinner here and then, you can go back home! Hahaha….”


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