Addicted: Chapter 41

Careless Talks, Resulted in Unnecessary Demises

Translator: Sae | Editor: Waitingonadoctor


“Why did you come here?”

“You’re asking me why I came? It’s already been two days and I still haven’t been able to get through to you on your phone! Since I couldn’t get in contact with you, I actually thought you had been kidnapped!”

“Can’t you see that I’m fine? My phone fell into the river and I didn’t have extra money to buy a new one, so there was no way for me to get in contact with you…”

As Gu Hai patiently explained, Jin Lu Lu’s flabbergasted gaze swept over his entire body. Looking at the tacky color of his long-sleeved T-shirt and the 30 yuan athletic shoes that he was wearing, she couldn’t remain calm.

“How can your father do this to you? Even if he kicked you out, he didn’t have to make you this miserable…oomph…”

Before Jin Lu Lu could continue, Gu Hai covered her mouth with his hand and pulled her to a relatively quiet corner.

“Don’t talk with such a loud voice. My classmates can hear you.”

Jin Lu Lu gave him a confused look. If it was not for the fact that she had imprinted Gu Hai’s face firmly in her heart, she would have never believed that the person before her now was actually her boyfriend. Wasn’t Gu Hai fearless? Even if the Emperor of Heaven were to give him direction, he would still dare to pave his own way. Then, why was it that he lacked even the courage to talk in front of his classroom door now?

“How come your father is making you suffer to the point of making you become like this?!”

For someone like Jin Lu Lu, it was hard to conceal her emotions as she persistently pulled at Gu Hai’s clothes. She actually could not bear to see him dressed in those shabby clothes.

“Stop pulling! It’s going to rip if you keep doing that.”

Hearing that, Jin Lu Lu pulled at his clothes even more aggressively. She wanted to remove that intolerably vulgar T-shirt from Gu Hai’s body and have him wear his stylish clothes from before.

Gu Hai grabbed Jin Lu Lu’s hands and looked around to make sure no one was there before he spoke to her in low voice. “Stop messing around. Go for a stroll around the school first, then after classes are dismissed at noon, I will take you back home.”

“I’m not going.” Jin Lu Lu insisted, “I took three days off.”

Gu Hai’s heart suddenly skipped a beat, three days, what kind of idea was that?

“You took three days off, but I didn’t. Don’t tell me you’re going to wander around here by yourself for three days?” Gu Hai’s eyes was filled with coldness.

Jin Lu Lu felt like she no longer knew Gu Hai.

“You actually care about asking for a leave? You’re not going to skip your classes? Didn’t you skip a lot of classes in the past? How come, you’re not going to now? I didn’t sleep all night just to rushed over here to find you, yet that’s not enough for you to skip even one class?”

“I said, stop messing around. I don’t have any time to accompany you right now!”

Jin Lu Lu remained surprisingly calm.

“I knew it. You have found a new girlfriend here, didn’t you?”

The temperature in Gu Hai’s face dropped instantly.

“If you’re going to talk like that, then get lost and go back to where you came from.”

Without replying, Jin Lu Lu stared angrily at classroom number 27, not too far in the distant. Then she silently bypassed Gu Hai and ran as fast as she could toward the backdoor of the classroom.

“Even if I have to leave, I must get to the bottom of this!”

Gu Hai quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her one step back. His grip was so strong that her face became purple and distorted. But this girl has the backbone to not let even a drop of tear well in her eyes.

“If you don’t want to break up, then stand here obediently and listen to me finish what I have to say.”

When all was said and done, Jin Lu Lu was not as stubborn as Gu Hai. When it came to weighing their emotional level, she had always been more vulnerable.

“If you think that I’m not giving you enough of my time, I can apply for a leave of absence from the teacher right now, to especially accompany you for three days. However, the most crucial matter is, it is really not suitable for us to be seen together in this kind of place. I can accompany you back later and then you can torment me however much you want there, but here, you can’t!”

“Why?” Jin Lu Lu asked looking at Gu Hai.

“Does there have to be an answer for everything?”

“I want you to be honest with me! I, Jin Lu Lu, am not that cheap. If you really have a girlfriend here, I’ll leave without you telling me to!”

Gu Hai was tired of explaining.

“Then, just leave.”

Throughout the entire class time, Gu Hai’s annoyed expression did not clear up.

There was no movement outside the classroom, and Gu Hai did not know whether or not Jin Lu Lu had left, but he knew for sure that she would not give up so easily. In the past, they had fought many times over similar things, and it was always Jin Lu Lu who compromised first every single time. Gu Hai did not need to worry about losing the relationship, he only needed to think about how he would spend the next two days.

When the bell finally rang, Dan Xiao Xuan swung her hips and walked over, appearing in front of Gu Hai’s anxious eyes yet again.

Bai Luo Yin stood up from his desk and walked out with You Qi following behind him

“What did the teacher lecture us about in this lesson? I didn’t understand anything at all.” Dan Xiao Xuan cupped her chin with her hands and blinked at Gu Hai a few times to entice him.

Gu Hai was already irritated enough with just one girl, but then another one came. Any patience that he had left to deal with either of them was nearly exhausted by now.

“I didn’t understand any of it either.”

Dan Xiao Xuan pulled Gu Hai’s arm that was on his textbook, and slowly parted his fingers. Her voice was lovely yet extremely flirtatious to the ear.

“I can tell the fortune with your palm! It’s really accurate!”

Gu Hai pulled back his hand back and left. His grave and stern back simply disappeared from the entrance.

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