Addicted: Chapter 46

Melancholy husband and wife

Translate: Estreline | Proofread: Sienna7455

Beautiful trees were lined on both roadsides of the neat rows of European-style villas, each circular arc-shaped small windows were patterned with plaster stone, giving an elegant and noble feeling. Sitting in the car, his gaze was directed towards the window, his eyes were quiet and peaceful, but there was a faint trace of solemnity and dignity on his face.

“Commander, you’ve arrived.”

Two young men dressed in military uniform opened the car doors for him, they focused their attention on escorting Gu Wei Ting down from his car, then two security guards in front of them opened the villa’s door for him and respectfully escorted Gu Wei Ting inside.

“You’ve come back!” Jiang Yuan warmly pulled Gu Wei Ting inside, she unbuttoned Gu Wei Ting’s shirt while smiling, “The food will be done in a while, I thought you won’t be coming home, I’ll reheat the food again.”

Gu Wei Ting’s rigid and stern face finally eased up a bit. After he changed his clothes, Gu Wei Ting went to the bathroom to wash his hands, but suddenly he saw Gu Hai’s toothbrush cup sat quietly on the rack, the water was already flowing, yet Gu Wei Ting was completely oblivious.

During the dinner, Jiang Yuan asked carefully, “Xiao Hai still doesn’t want to come back?”

Gu Wei Ting’s face fell, “There’s no need to think about him, this kid is not disciplined enough. If I didn’t let him experience hardship, he would never know how lucky he is to be at his own home.”

Jiang Yuan sighed, there was a hint of anxiety on her gentle and lovely cheek, “But to make him suffer like this is also unacceptable! He’s only 17 years old, this is the most important time for him in his entire life, if he really tasted the hardship, and if it left a scar on his heart because he actually experienced it, won’t he hate you for a lifetime?”

“A big guy like him is not that fragile, bearing hardship is for his experience and training, just like when I was young….”

“Are there any illegal cooking oil when you were young?” Jiang Yuan interrupted Gu Wei Ting’s speech, “Are there any melamine in the powdered milk you drank when you were young? When you were sick, will the doctor give you toxic capsules? The present time is different from that time, if you drive him off, it won’t give him any training and experience, it will make him suffer instead, it will cause him to become socially vulnerable.”

Gu Wei Ting never expected that a housewife like Jiang Yuan would be able to say such sharp words like this, for a moment, he couldn’t find any word to refute her, so he merely ate in silence.
Jiang Yuan used her chopsticks to stir her rice, she cast a glance at Gu Wei Ting and incisively asked, “Otherwise, let me talk to him.”

“You don’t need to find him, he won’t put up a smiling face for you.”

“I’ll go and try! You see, he’s gone because I’m here, basically, he doesn’t want to see me at all! If I can make him think rationally if I can change his impression of me, won’t this solve the problem between both of you?”

“Don’t worry about it!” Gu Wei Ting gave some vegetables to Jiang Yuan, “You have to worry about your own son! He has lived a tough life, think of a way for him to come here as early as possible, it is more important. If he doesn’t want to live here, then I can arrange a separate house for him. Our house in Guo Mao Qiao is vacant, right? If it’s really impossible for him to live here then just let him move there.”

“That’s not okay.” Jiang Yuan put down her chopstick. “That house was arranged for Xiao Hai if you let Luo Yin live there, won’t Xiao Hai want to kill you?”

“Hmm…” Gu Wei Ting’s face blackened. “Look at his attitude, he doesn’t even want to come back, why would I still give a house to him?”

“I’ll go and talk to Xiao Hai, persuade him to come back.” Jiang Yuan tugged at Gu Wei Ting’s arm, her face showed a pleading expression.

Gu Wei Ting paused and then nodded.

“Then, how about Luo Yin?”

When Jiang Yuan heard Bai Luo Yin’s name, she began to frown worriedly, “I completely have no idea what to do with that kid, he doesn’t even want to see me.”

“Then let’s do this, I’ll go and see him.”

“Huh?” Jiang Yuan surprised.

Gu Wei Ting put down his chopsticks.

“I’ll go and talk to him.”

“This…. This kid is extremely stubborn, you….. don’t be too hard on him.” Jiang Yuan was worried that her son would suffer.

“Don’t worry!” Gu Wei Ting placed his hand on top of Jiang Yuan’s hand, comforted her.

“I know my limits.”

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