Addicted: Chapter 47

The war of words between Xiao Bai and Lao Gu.

Translate: Sienna

The class was still explaining the exam papers.

The chemistry teacher wore a serious look and coldly swept the class a glance, “Are there any questions that you cannot do?”

“The first question…”

The class cried out sporadically in a lifeless manner.

The chemistry teacher raised her eyebrows, her face ferocious, while the tone of her voice sounded like she wanted to blast cliffs.

“You still can’t solve the first question? Huh? Who can’t solve it? Raise your hand, let me see!”

No one dared to raise their hands.

The chemistry teacher heaved a breath, “Alright, we’ll skip this question. Are there any other question you can’t solve?”

“The fourth question?”

“You also can’t solve the fourth question?” It’s still the same snarl, “How many times have I explained it? Yet there’re still some of you who can’t solve this question? Those who still don’t understand, find an empty space after the class and smoke a few mouthfuls. Next time, you’ll be able to solve it.”

No one uttered a single sound.

“Are there any more questions you cannot solve?”

A weak, feeble voice rang out, “The tenth question.”

“The tenth question?” The chemistry teacher placed both of her hands in her waist and angrily stared at 50 to 60 people, with a posture that screamed ‘hate iron for not becoming steel’ [1], “Isn’t the solution to this problem clear? Huh? A towards 1? Obviously wrong! B towards 1? How could it be? Now look at D, only a fool will choose this. Therefore, you should choose C! Does this question still needs to be explained?”


“Are there any more questions you cannot solve?”

The students in the class yelled together, “There’s no more, we can do everything.”

The chemistry teacher abruptly smacked the table, her roar was just like a tsunami, sweeping over the ears of each student.

“There’s no question you cannot do? If every one of you can do everything then why are we still having this class? If every one of you can do everything, then why no one got full marks?”


A squeaking noise could be heard as the classroom’s front door was pushed open.

“Teacher Chen, I’m sorry to disturb you for a while, I’m looking for a student.”

When Luo Xiao Yu’s melodious and bright voice rang out, it immediately let the dead classroom to feel a kind of warm spring breeze. Everyone eagerly looked at her, hoping that the person she was looking for was themselves.

The chemistry teacher grunted calmly as if she was disgusted that other people interrupted her class.

“Bai Luo Yin, come out for a moment.”

After Bai Luoyin went out, Luo Xiao Yu led him out of the school building. Bai Luoyin didn’t ask who is the person that requested for him, meanwhile, Luo Xiao Yu also didn’t tell him. Nevertheless, from Luo Xiao Yu’s stern complexion, it could be seen that the person looking for him this time was surely not an average person. Bai Luoyin himself had already guessed the general idea in his mind.

A military car was quietly parked below the shade of a tree, Bai Luoyin walked over impassively.

“Please, come in.”

A person opened the door for Bai Luo Yin, his appearance respectful and submissive.

Bai Luo Yin, without any hint of nervousness, directly entered the car, allowing the two officers to bring him to a teahouse.

Gu Wei Ting wore a neat military uniform, he was sitting in a private room, waiting for Bai Luo Yin.

“Reporting to the senior officer, he is already brought here safely.”

“You can go out.”

The smell of tea wafted faintly all over the room, Bai Luoyin silently watched Gu Wei Ting, no change of feelings could be seen from the inside of his eyes.

“Come and sit, son.”

It was very rare that Gu Wei Ting’s manner of speaking could be this gentle and soft.

Bai Luoyin confidently sat in front of Gu Wei Ting, he still kept his mouth shut.

Gu Wei Ting casually scrutinized Bai Luo Yin, for once he was quite amazed. Generally speaking, a 16-17-year-old child would have been struck with terror if they saw a person like him. However, Bai Luoyin doesn’t show the slightest amount of fear. His clothing is plain and simple, yet there is no hint of submissiveness in his posture. A flash of resilience could be seen in the center of his eyes, Gu Wei Ting couldn’t help but to appreciate and admire him.

If you were to ask Bai Luo Yin, what was his first impression of Gu Wei Ting, there’s only one.

Why is it the longer he looked at this old man, the more he looked familiar?

“You have probably guessed what I am doing, looking for you. I am your mother’s current husband and your stepfather as well. Previously, your mother had tried to find you, requested you to move in and live together with us. However, you refused. I’ve also predicted that it would come to this, therefore the reason I looked for you today is not to interfere with your present life, but simply to act as an elder and give you some suggestions in life and education.”

Bai Luoyin didn’t sense any hint of suggestion at all, every word is an undisguised order. The way Gu Wei Ting feigned gentleness and kindness, is a completely condescending attitude In Bai Luoyin’s eyes.

“Thank you.”

Two brief words.

Gu Wei Ting didn’t take any offense that Bai Luo Yin was cold and indifferent to him, he simply continued to impart the principles that everyone acknowledged.

“A young man ought to have a share of stubbornness and the spirit not to admit defeat, at this point, you and my son are very similar. To tell you the truth, both of you are about the same age, he is also stubborn and rarely take my words seriously. However, if it is related to the gain and loss of his own major issues, he’s able to judge calmly. We are all men, it’s impossible to live solely for the love between man and woman. Even if it’s for your father’s sake, you shouldn’t restrict yourself in this kind of environment. While you consider this as devotion and responsibility towards your dearest people, it is actually a type of self-abandonment in disguise.”

Bai Luoyin slowly held the teacup and drank a mouthful, from its rich fragrance, it was a high-quality tea indeed.

“I believe I can give you a better living environment, this is our obligation. You may refuse to live together with us, but you should not refuse a good opportunity. If you are a clever person, you should not regard your mother as an enemy, you ought to deprive her whole possession, she tried as much as possible to make up for her shortcomings these past few years. This is not a type of gift or a pity, this is your right. If you don’t value it, then it indicates that you are not mature enough, it cannot prove your integrity.”

“I think, you have misunderstood.”

“Oh?” Gu Wei Ting’s eyes revealed his disbelief, “What have I misunderstood?”

“I have never felt that I have to demand anything from Jiang Yuan, as I have never considered her as my mother at all.”

Gu Wei Ting was speechless.

Bai Luoyin stood up, and used his eyes to hint at Gu Wei Ting politely, “If there is nothing left to be discussed, I’ll return to my class.”

“Only you yourself know, whether or not you consider her as your mother.”

Gu Wei Ting’s voice loomed faintly from Bai Luoyin’s back, his tone was not heavy yet each of his words was sharp and piercing.

“If one day you succeed, the one who obtains the benefit is definitely not me or your mother.  You must think this over carefully.”

“Thank you very much.” Bai Luoyin smiled evenly, “I believe I am a talented person, even if I don’t take any shortcuts, I can also succeed.”

Translator Note:

[1] ‘Hate iron for not becoming steel’ is a Chinese idiom, meaning to be resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and feel impatient to see their improvement.

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