Addicted: Chapter 48

I’ll let you vent your anger.

Translate: Sienna | Proofreader: Estreline

The afternoon break was the paradise of wrestlers. They were called wrestlers because a group of men who loved to wrestle would gather at the corridor for 15 minutes during the afternoon break. You fight me, I fight you, you fight him… continuously until the last person, which was granted the title of Wrestling King, the leading juniors of the current floor went to another floor to provoke the others.

Finally, the person who had beaten all of his opponents all over the school grounds would be bestowed the title, God of Wrestling.

It’s both a childish and hearty game.

Before Gu Hai arrived, there were numerous Wrestling Kings on the third floor. After Gu Hai arrived, not one of those Wrestling Kings dared to stick their head out. The remaining few people who came to challenge him were surely that kind of impulsive and inexperienced ones. They obviously realized that they wouldn’t be able to beat him, yet they still wanted to challenge him. It seemed like if they were able to exchange a few punches with Gu Hai, it could increase their level by one.

The people who looked for Gu Hai to challenge him were plentiful today, most likely those aches they received from the previous fights had become somewhat better.

Originally, Gu Hai was irritated as well, he didn’t see any sign Bai Luoyin at all for the past two classes! What should he do? Beside venting his anger on these squanderers, is there any other kind of good diversion that he could find?


Along with a round of loud cheering, countless cannon fodder appeared before Gu Hai’s feet.

The last two people moved forward at the same time, Gu Hai first did one big movement, he swing his arms and knocked a 1.8-meter big jock, it was yet another beautiful shoulder throw. The guy who lied on the ground was crying out painfully.

The whole group of people was playing excitingly, then an unknown person shouted a sentence.

“Bai Luo Yin has returned, let him fight Gu Hai.”

This particular sentence immediately roused a rowdy jeering from the crowd, the uproar reverberating through the entire corridor. Prior to Gu Hai’s arrival, Bai Luo Yin was not an easily beatable person as well, even though he was not the strongest, nevertheless, he was highly skilled and agile, making it difficult for his opponent to gain an upper hand on him.

During the split second that Gu Hai noticed Bai Luo Yin, his mood rose and fell quite a several times. At first, he was relaxed and a hint of happiness seeped through his heart, yet upon seeing his complexion, Gu Hai’s heart suddenly tightened once more…  He didn’t understand the influence that Bai Luo Yin had towards his own emotions was this big, it was as if he lost control of his own feelings as they naturally followed Bai Luoyin’s moods.

“Come, let’s fight one time.”

Bai Luoyin took the initiative to declare war.

Gu Hai felt that Bai Luo Y in was unusual, he was extremely out of the ordinary. When he was still mulling over this problem, Bai Luo Yin had already lifted his leg. Fortunately, Gu Hai’s step was quick and steady enough, if Bai Luoyin’s sudden kick were to hit an average person, they would surely be on the ground already. Only after this disadvantage, that Gu Hai looked at the person in front of him squarely, he is not in a good mood, he is waiting impatiently to vent his anger, therefore, I will accompany him.

For several seconds both parties refused to budge, Bai Luoyin took the initiative to attack once more, he liked to search for the flaws in other people’s defense. Looks like Gu Hai’s weakness is difficult to be found, it’s hard to be struck as well. The crucial point is in his arm and legs, they are too powerful. Even if he managed to find a flaw, it will be very hard for Bai Luo Yin to topple him. It’s just like a 500-kg boulder, although you are highly skilled, you won’t be able to move it.

Gu Hai saw a chance, during Bai Luoyin’s repeated assault where his arms exerted strength and his steps alternate constantly, he suddenly dodged behind him and used his arms to embrace Bai Luoyin’s waist as an attempt to disrupt his center of gravity. However, Bai Luoyin saw through his particular trick, he swiftly used his elbow to jab at Gu Hai’s back with all of his strength. This is actually Gu Hai’s weakest place.  When Bai Luoyin shoved him from below, Gu Hai was pushed back a few steps.

This guy is too sneaky, he can find my weak spot in such a short time…

One side of Gu Hai’s waist was still limp and numb when Bai Luoyin pounced on him the second time, this time his momentum was even more violent. Gu Hai sensed that something has definitely provoked Bai Luo Y in, or else he won’t be putting up such a deadly stance. Gu Hai didn’t dare to approach Bai Luoyin too hard, as he was afraid that he will hurt him for real during the fight, and when that time comes, Bai Luoyin will surely be the one to get the worst of it.

He must end this as soon as possible.

However, the reality is much harder than Gu Hai’s imagination, he had truly underestimated Bai Luo Yin as he didn’t cease his assaults, every move was exactly ruthless, every attack was particularly aimed at Gu Hai’s weak spot. If Bai Luoyin’s position were to be replaced by other people, Gu Hai would have punched them all the way up to the South Wall already.

Bai Luoyin noted that Gu Hai is an experienced fighter, he is completely on a different level compared to the other students here. Each of his movements was all planned and calculated, he has definitely undergone special training, it’s not that he could counter several of the techniques around the world.

He has no other choice but to go all out.

It doesn’t matter whether it is Gu Hai or himself who tumbles down, as long as he can throw a few punches, it can slightly cheer his heart up already.

Gu Hai felt that right now Bai Luo Yin has a posture resembling ‘shouting mountain and roaring sea’ [1], meanwhile the expression in his eyes clearly screamed ‘I want to beat you to death’. The corner of his lips kept on smiling, yet it was a grim smile, the depths of his eyes yearn for freedom from a hopeless situation.

Beads of sweat dripped from Bai Luoyin’s forehead, wantonly giving him a wild and unruly look. Gu Hai was very steady all the way, showing a firm and unwavering charm. The two energetic and vigorous young men wrestle against each other, secretly comparing their own strength with their opponent’s as well as recognizing each other’s worth. Gu Hai was reluctant to knock Bai Luoyin down, yet he was also unwilling to let himself lose. Bai Luoyin could see a kind of consolation deep inside Gu Hai’s eyes, and to his surprise, his mood started to heal slowly.

When he spotted an opening, Bai Luoyin started to attack, Gu Hai continuously retreated, his center of gravity was thoroughly pushed back and in a way, giving Bai Luoyin a false impression. Bai Luoyin rapidly launched a barrage of attacks, then Gu Hai noticed the gap between his legs and abruptly extended his legs to trip Bai Luo Yin.

This was a suicidal move, because Gu Hai’s center of gravity was very low, when Bai Luoyin stumbled, at the same time Gu Hai also fell down while facing the sky, just in time to become Bai Luoyin’s soft cushion.

Bai Luoyin realized that Gu Hai let him win.

The bell had rung, signaling the start of class, everyone started to head to their own classes, running while turning their heads and applauding at the same time.

During the short moment that they fell down, Gu Hai’s hand happened to press on Bai Luoyin’s butt. When everyone had left, all of a sudden his hand started to move indecently, instead of putting it down, he intentionally pinched it several times.

“It’s quite flexible.” Gu Hai amusingly gazed at the charming face inches away from him.

Bai Luoyin used two fingers to poke at Gu Hai’s waist, his face wearing an evil smile, he knew that Gu Hai was injured in his waist.

Gu hai immediately tightened his waist, he doesn’t know why is it when other people touch this part, it will hurt excruciatingly, yet when Bai Luoyin touch it, he only felt a tingling sensation. This tingling sensation ran through all over his whole body, to such an extent that when Gu Hai squinted his eyes to look at Bai Luo Yin, he suddenly felt that his smile was very captivating.

“You’re still not going? Class is starting!” Bai Luoyin stood up from Gu Hai’s body, using his foot to kick at him once.

Gu Hai frowned his eyebrows into a knot, pretending to be in tremendous pain.

“I can’t get up, I’ve hit the back of my head.”

Bai Luoyin speculated darkly in his mind. Since when hitting the back of your head can hinder you from standing up? Acting shamelessly on purpose, aren’t you? Although he had this thought in his mind, he really looked at the person lying on the ice-cold ground, and still, he truly felt a little bit sorry for Gu Hai.

He extended his hand to grasp at Gu Hai’s hand.

Gu Hai had already stood up before he managed to use any force.

After getting up, Gu Hai was still unwilling to let go of his hand, instead, he incessantly guided their hands across his shoulders.

“Dust off the dirt from me, I can’t reach it.”

“Hey, don’t take advantage of somebody else’s weakness!”

Bai Luoyin exerted a great deal of effort, insisting on releasing his hand.

Gu Hai felt aggrieved, then shamelessly rubbed against him.

“Clearly I acted as your cushion on the ground, you don’t even feel guilty a little bit? Yeah, I deserve it right, I deserve to suffer the fall.”

When Bai Luoyin caught sight of Gu Hai’s current appearance, he really wanted to give him a couple of kicks.

However, he doesn’t understand why his hands and feet are very hard to control today.

“Quick, get inside!”

Bai Luoyin pushed Gu Hai forward with one hand, casually dusting the dirt off him for a few times.

At this very moment, if someone were to pour a bucket of water into the center of his heart, it would definitely bloom into a bouquet of flowers.

Translator Note:

[1] ‘shouting mountain and roaring sea’ (山呼海啸) describes something with a grand and imposing manner. It can also describe an extremely vile and horrible natural situation.


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