Addicted: Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Why does it hit him unexpectedly?


Translator: Sienna7455


Tonight is a full moon, the lamps were already turned off, yet everything inside the room was still clear.

Two people were squeezed together in the bed, Gu Hai was sleeping nearby the window, when he inclined his head, he could directly see the moon hanging from the treetops.

“The moon festival is only two days away.” Bai Luoyin reminisced.

Gu Hai casted a glance towards Bai Luoyin, his face was half-bright and half-dark, the moonlight softened the curves of his face. On normal days, his eyes are always cold and sharp, at this moment, they finally rested and the speed of his blinks had started to slow down, he often fixed his eyes on a corner, watching quietly.

“Why does the homeroom teacher look for you today?”

“How does your family celebrate the moon festival?”


The two questions, which were asked at the same time, caused the atmosphere of the room to become slightly awkward.

Gu Hai was waiting for Bai Luoyin’s reply while plotting an answer in his mind, he realized that it is quite difficult to hide the truth of his status like this. There cannot be a more suitable phrase for his current predicament than ‘tell a lie once and you will tell countless more lies to cover the first one’. He feared that he can’t stop the day where Bai Luoyin spotted a clue regarding this matter, and when that moment comes, the aftermath will definitely become more serious.

Moreover, it was impossible for him to hide in this place all his life.

Even if he doesn’t return and find Gu Wei Ting, Gu Wei Ting do everything possible to get him back.

If he doesn’t resist, then his identity will be exposed right away; if he fight back, it will become the talk of the town and his identity will be completely revealed.

Therefore, no matter which path he walked, they are all dead ends.

He must win Bai Luoyin’s trust as soon as possible, build an indestructible and revolutionary friendship with him, after that, he will slowly reveal the truth to him.

“Our family had never celebrated moon festival, the most we did was buying one kilogram of moon cake.”

Bai Luoyin peeked at Gu Hai from the corner of his eyes, he noticed a special kind of aura from him, it is not the kind of aura that can be emitted by a person from a poor and ordinary family.

Gu Hai shifted to one side and propped his hand behind the back of his head, looking at Bai Luoyin in interest.

“How about your family?”

Bai Luoyin smiled faintly, “We eat moon cakes of course.”

Gu Hai caught the sight of Bai Luoyin’s smile and guessed that he definitely like to eat moon cakes.

“What kind of moon cake do you like to eat?”

“The one stuffed with egg yolk and lotus seed paste.”

“Why do you like to eat that kind of filling?” Gu Hai expressed his confusion, “It’s not sweet and also not salty, I’m bored eating those.”

Bai Luoyin inclined his gaze towards Gu Hai, “So, what kind of moon cake do you like? Tell me.”

“The one stuffed with ribbonfish.”

“Your family bought a ribbonfish-stuffed one?” Bai Luoyin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Why don’t you say that you’d even eat the one stuffed with sheep tail?”

“The one stuffed with sheep tail smelled very rank.”

Bai Luoyin couldn’t help but to burst in laughter, the moonlight illuminated his smile, intoxicating the heart of a certain person.

“Bai Luoyin.”

“Hm?” Bai Luoyin turned his head to look at Gu Hai

Gu Hai had his back to the moon, the contours of his eyes reflected the increasingly dark and deep background.

“Actually, I’m not like this.”

Bai Luoyin replied neutrally, “Then, what kind of person are you?”

“I’m a very honest and serious person.”

However, that was before I met you, Gu Hai forgot to add these words.

“Gu Hai, from now on, there is no need to say this kind of words anymore, even if you tell me that you are a woman, I’ll probably believe you.”


After taking a few deep breaths, Gu Hai finally digested these words. He saw that Bai Luoyin had already turned his back, he pondered, I won’t let him go to sleep so easily, besides he hasn’t answered the most important question.

“Actually, why does the teacher look for you today?”

Bai Luoyin slightly turned his body around, “Do you stay here today just for the sake of asking me about this thing?”

“It’s not like that, I’m only afraid that if you suppress those feelings inside your heart, it would hurt you.”

An inexplicable feeling rose from Bai Luoyin’s heart, for a time, he was suspicious of Gu Hai’s intention towards him. When you have a conflict with him, he will give you a very hard time, as if he has accumulated his hatred for you for several lifetimes; however, when he is kind to you, he is unreasonably kind, as if he was indebted to you in the previous life… Regarding the matter today, Bai Luoyin thought that he had concealed his feelings very well, so that other people can’t discover it, Bai Han Qi doesn’t suspect either, yet Gu Hai can see through him.

There are times when Bai Luoyin felt that Gu Hai resembled an insane person, but when facing this insane person, it’s inevitable that there will be a kind of indescribable trust. Supposed if that ‘wine in, truth out’ night [1] was counted as a coincidence, then his impulse to pour out his heart right now won’t be able to deceive people anymore.

Regardless of his previous doubts, those are currently unimportant, he only needs a close and understanding friend.

“I’ve told you that my mom remarried, right?”

Gu Hai nodded his head, “Yeah, you’ve mentioned before.”

“Today that man came to find me, inviting me to move in and live with them.”

“Did you agree?”

Bai Luoyin asked a rhetorical question, “Do you really think that I’ll agree?”

You really deserve to be called my bro!… Gu Hai secretly expressed his approval, both of them have the same kind of bitter experience, they ought to share a common hatred for the enemy.

“The thing that irks me the most is his manner when he was talking to me, he compared me with his son, boasted about his son excessively, and then use it to contrast with how shortsighted thinking my thinking is. Do you know? I loathe that kind of person the most, talking pretentiously, as if all the people in this world is inferior to him and they must listen to his orders.”

Fuck… Gu Hai pulled his bed sheet down, these words truly strike the center of his heart.

“I’m also annoyed by that type of person, you don’t need to heed him.”

Bai Luoyin’s voice was dry, “I just can’t accept the way he speaks.”

“If you really can’t accept it, then you can simply curse him, curse his son to get hit by a car and become crippled tomorrow!”

Then a loud sound of crashing could be heard, something had fallen down from the wall and directly plunged onto Gu Hai’s foot.

“Ouch, hey, what’s going on?”

Bai Luoyin hastily turned on the lamp.

The old wall clock that had been hung on the wall for more than thirty years fell down for no reason today. It fell off suddenly and directly hit Gu Hai’s left foot without any mercy. If it were not because of Gu Hai’s healthy body, this fifteen kilogram clock would have really crippled his foot.

Gu Hai furrowed his eyebrows, “Did you do it on purpose? Why does it fall off when I’ve just arrived to sleep here?”

Bai Luoyin laughed until he couldn’t keep his mouth closed, what general, what stepfather, throw the entire Nyima country[2] behind your head, nothing can beat the bad luck that Gu Hai had.

Say, this old clock has been hung for more than thirty years, why does it hit him unexpectedly?

Translator Note:

[1] ‘wine in, truth out’ night refers to chapter 29, the night where Bai Luoyin got really drunk on the street stall and  spilled his heart out to Gu Hai, the one where Gu Hai piggybacked him home.

[2] Nyima is the name of a county in central Tibet.

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2 thoughts on “Addicted: Chapter 50

  1. ===“If you really can’t accept it, then you can simply curse him, curse his son to get hit by a car and become crippled tomorrow!”
    Then a loud sound of crashing could be heard, something had fallen down from the wall and directly plunged onto Gu Hai’s foot.===

    hahhaha watch your mouth Guhai


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