Advance Bravely: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Kickboxing Championship


Translator: @anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae


Once a year, a free fighting tournament is held at the Beijing stadium between China and the United States’ police force.

“Yesterday, we conducted the elimination round and after many grueling matches, sixteen contestants have been chosen for the final.” One by one, the host announced the names of the remaining contestant, “Joy, Zhou Huaqiang, Brown, Dai Gao Gao, Xia Yao, Andersen…”

Sixteen uniformed policemen consisting of eight Chinese, eight Americans strutted onto the ring. They stood sternly facing each other and bowed at an acute angle. Third in line on the United States team was Brown. He bent at a ninety degrees angle and silently assessed his opponent – Xia Yao –  from head to crotch before a perverted but discreet smile played on his lips.

The gunfire signaled the beginning of the contest whereas two contestants would go head to head and the winner of each round would advance to the next fight.

This annual kickboxing competition was considered a meeting between the East and the West and its respective martial arts. It was known by now that the Chinese police tend to focus on their fierce leg movements to take down an enemy, while Americans utilize their fists to deliver the killing blows. In this kind of competition, Brown was celebrated as one of the best.

First match was Brown against Zhou Huaqiang. Entering into the first battle, Brown immediately overpowered Zhou Huaqiang with a simple kick that left Huaqiang sprawling on the ground. In just a few minutes, Brown smoothly showed off his moves which gained an occasional applause from the audience. For the first round, Brown took the win without much difficulty.

After seven fierce matches, eight contestants remained, three of which were Americans and five Chinese. Amongst the Chinese contestants, Xia Yao remained a strong contender.

The second round started, and this time the Chinese team selected a real power fighter – Zhang Wenlong. At the beginning of the match, Zhang Wenlong swooped a swift kick onto Brown’s head even then said person did not react. Instead, he took hold of his opponent’s ankle and twisted it to the ground. After a minute of resting time, both sides went back to the ring. This time, Zhang Wenlong decided to use his secret techniques by continuously raining blows onto Brown’s head, unfortunately as before, Brown remained unresponsive. In just minutes, Brown was able to catch his opponent off guard, mercilessly kicking him in the knees. Injured to the point that he could no longer continue, Wenlong was disqualified.

The second match ended with only four people remaining. Now, one American and three Chinese, one of which included Xia Yao who stood at the sideline.

With the third round just starting, it was lucky that Xia Yao had not been partnered up with Brown yet.

While Brown was in the ring, Xia Yao stood on the sidelines, listening to other workers chat.

“Hey, that American is really powerful. Our policemen all look like little baby chicks standing next to him.”

“All of our good fighters were eliminated by him already but the remaining three doesn’t seem too bad!”

“Ah, motherfucker! That dude has just been taken down!”

“Stand up! Stand up! Fuck, he can’t even crawl up.”

The whistle sounded. Brown won.

As the third round came to a gruesome end, only two contestants still standing. Brown and Xia Yao.

The semi-finals finally became the final match.

The entire stadium broke out in cheers and shouts, though of course, the Chinese were much louder than those of the United States. Although the home team dominated the audience, no one dared to breath a sigh of relief because the enemy was quite formidable

In no time, the two contestants climbed into the fighting ring. Under the illuminating spotlight, Brown’s figure was sculpted to scream strength and power, reminding people of Lam Giao Dau and Thuy Hu who have powers to conquer mountains, kill beasts, dominate ten thousand men, and exulting overpowering skills. Standing opposite him was Xia Yao, whose spine remained as straight as a pine, with a high nose, thin lips, and beautiful eminent eyes, totally contrasting your average fighter.

The two sides exchanged a friendly handshake. Xia Yao laughed blandly; it was the kind of laugh that made his opponent feel at ease.

It seemed as if the two were waiting, baiting and preparing for an all out war. It was the calm before a storm. Then without warning, they both charged at each other with aggressive determination. They threw themselves at each other with fast paced kicks, highly trained techniques, attacking and defending, hit after hit.

Brown swung his legs up, aiming a death blow that was extremely accurate and frightening. Xia Yao flipped to one side and delivered his own kick the moment his body landed. Then soaring higher, he launched a double attacks. He mirrored a panther, aiming for Brown’s head. This sly movement beckoned thunderous screams from the spectators. (The fighting scenes sounds so unrealistic :))) )

If there was only one word to describe Xia Yao’s techniques, it was “beautiful”. Punching, jumping up, backing up…every move morphed together was incalculable, extremely powerful but majestic at the same time. Not only does it captured the audience’s eyes but also awed Brown himself.

The fight entered a cliff-hanger stage, where Xia Yao took the upper hand, throwing out precise hits at his opponent. He used his own body weight to deftly bring down Brown’s 115 kg, beating him until the whole stadium erupted in cheers.

“One minute … two minutes …” The umpire started the timer.

Xia Yao utilized his elbow to plant Brown’s chest to the floor. As time approached the three minutes mark, Brown suddenly arched his chest. Xia Yao had to lean his body forward, trying his best to prevent the enemy from overturning. Brown got hold of this opportunity to grab Xia Yao’s nape and pulled him down.

And then…

Brown placed a wet kiss on Xia Yao’s lips. In just one second, whispered reverberated from the audience. Xia Yao was pushed to his breaking point.

The referee blew the whistle. The award finally belonged to Xia Yao. A vibration of applause rocked through the stadium, but Xia Yao did not pay attention at all as he turned towards Brown with a determined desire for vengeance. Within seconds, bombarded punches after punches that were as quick as bullet onto the man’s smug face. This time, it was even more intense as if he wanted to kill the opponent.

The referee ran over to cease the fight, “The fight has ended, haven’t you had enough?”

It was only then that Xia Yao moved to stand up. Then, being the good sportsman that he is, he offered Brown a hand.

“You’re very handsome!” Brown exclaimed.

Xia Yao casted a friendly smile, and whispered something that only they could hear, “I am-not-gay- you motherfucker!”

(“I’m not gay” was in English and “motherfucker” was in Chinese)


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6 thoughts on “Advance Bravely: Chapter 1

  1. I’m so happy because I can finally read the story in english! Thank you so much for translating it! ( * – * )


  2. Translating materials for others is such an awesome and selfless thing to do. that you are willing to spend your precsious time and effort this way, is something i really appreciate.
    Thank-you for your time and effort. 🙂 ❤


  3. Thank you so much Ann n the rest of the admin of the Saehan01 group, for moving the stories from wattpad to your own blog 😊
    Will anticipate for more of your update on ‘Advance Bravely’.


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