Advance Bravely: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – A dark past that cannot be revealed


Translator: DungQuoc16

Editor: @anhnguyen12332

Proofreader: Sae


Once he finished his conversation, the hill myna begins to rap out:

“Greeting! How are you? Prosperity! Prosperity! I wanna give you a kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss…”

Peng Ze roams the room, poking around in search of that unusual voice. In the end, in adjacent to the window, he manages to discover a small black bird, with soulful sparkling eyes, trying to hold up its delicate head while continuously opening and closing its tiny beak.

“Hey! What an amusing bird!” Peng Ze enthusiastically complimented.

“What an amusing bird!” The little myna mimics.

Peng Ze laughed out loud. The myna also stretched up its neck, letting out sounds of laughter, “Hahaha.”

Peng Ze played around with the bird for a while before turning to Xiao Ya and returning to the main topic once again, “Please! Listen to me for once. Just come and join the fun. Besides, I already told Dou Sensei that I’ll persuade you to go to the party no matter what.”

Even then, Xia Yao did not turn a hair.

“Yuan Ru will also be there,” Peng Ze gently emphasizes.

Consequently, the reference to the name just adds fuel to the flames. It was better off not mentioning it.

“What on earth are you thinking?” Peng Ze powerlessly replied. “Southwest Chinese girls are sweet, gentle and well-mannered, just as you wish. How about giving her a ring?”

Xiao Ya reaches out for his ATM card, “This dinner is on the house. My treat. By the way, send my regards to Dou Sensei. Say that I’m completely done in. Maybe next time.”

“I’m begging you…I’d do anything, I’ll even call you grandpa.” Peng Ze’s face fell.

“Hey you!” Hill myna hastily reverts at the top of his voice.

Xiao Ya giggles, patting Peng Ze’s shoulder before going for a stroll with his bird’s cage in hand.

Far from being eccentric, Xia Yao appears to be impertinent, owing to his habit to greet elders.

“Mr. Wang. Are you having a brisk walk after the meal?”

“Yep. It’s good for my digestion.”

Most of the seniors in the neighborhood had a very deep affection for Xia Yao who was the son of a prestigious family and knew how to properly orchestrate his affairs. Not to mention his attractive stature, courageous enthusiasm and his well-behaved character.

In regards to his love affair, Xia Yao is a competent guy with conscience and manliness. However, his lust is suppressed by his own moral abstention. Much as Xiao Ya loves the social gatherings, he tended to back away from sexual treat with women of all kinds. Some even say that he is slow while others say he suffers from frigidity or he is just simply a homesexual…

But the truth is, Xia Yao has a dark past he never wishes to reveal.

During his high school years, Xia Yao was just like any other average boy, curious about life and absolutely attracted to the opposite sex. One day, no longer able to prevent himself from the temptation anymore, he opened a video call to chat with xxx.

Unfortunately, he met with a mentally defeated son of a bitch.

The person on the other side of the camera was a man with skin as fair as snow and legs that went for miles. The man zoned the camera towards the lower half of his body and crossed his legs to hide his “little brother”. This action made his body look no different from that of a girl’s. While smoking a cigarette, he patiently watched Xia Yao disrobe.

(I should say now that this “man” who tricked Xia Yao is the main character in Miss Chai’s other danmei after this book. I can’t tell you guys too much in case I spoil anything, but I have got to say, the sequel was one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. ???✌?️)

Xia Yao’s blood red eyes saw the “bush” that laid between ‘her’ legs, making him imagine all types of xxx.

Clack clack clack, a line appeared on the screen, “…open your legs for me baby”

The reply was, “Okay, but you can’t close your eyes. I will do a magic trick for you.”

Thinking about it, Xia Yao almost reached his limits. He was just minutes away from climaxing.

Three numbers then appeared on the screen, “One, two, three!”

Xia Yao never blinked his eyes.

And then, the ‘girl’ opened her legs.

Since then, the experience has always been a lurking ghost in Xia Yao’s mind.

If other men saw a woman showing off their long legs, they will all get turned on and wish to rip the remaining clothes off the woman’s body, but  Xia Yao would just want to kill somebody. He had made a promise to himself that if he ever met that man again, he would personally cut off his balls and dick. That way, the man can finally achieve his dream of becoming a girl.


Fun Fact: The trailer that I linked in “Casting” is said to be only the “teaser” trailer. The “dirtier”, “sexier” one will be released later ?????.

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