Advance Bravely: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Please be my matchmaker


Translator: DungQuoc16
Editor: anhnguyen12332
Proofreader: Sae


Xia Yao was having a leisure walk with his hill myna by the river when a strange car suddenly pulled up. As he turns for a glance, an attractive northeastern beauty came out of the vehicle and confidently met his gaze.

Adorning her silhouette was an aquamarine gown which exposed the shoulders perfectly. Her long, wavy hair, flowed at the back, displaying the image of a mature woman’s graceful and beauty. The most outstanding feature was underneath the slit of her skirt, exposing pure white legs that ran for miles in attempt to seduce Xia Yao.

Frankly, no men on earth has the power to resist the seduction drawn from this lady. But…sadly, Xia Yao belonged to the 0.01% that was an exception to this enticement.

“Young Master Xia, I especially prepared your drinks for you at the party, why didn’t you come?”

“I’m not interested!” Xia Yao’s face hardened in rebuff.

“Are you avoiding me?” Yuan Ru sidled up to Xia Yao, intentionally showing a few more inches of her legs.

“Not at all.” Xia Yao turned back once he finished answering her.

Yuan Ru hurriedly chased behind, “I am asking you! Don’t go!”

Xia Yao sneered at Yuan Ru with a cutting remark, “Has the gown’s slit reached your armpit yet?”

Yuan Ru failed to feel self-conscious, instead, she lasciviously ridiculed,
“Don’t you think it’s sexy?”

(Girl! You better just give up. It won’t be of any use trying to show him your legs because he’s allergic to them ???)

Then she intentionally pulled up her dress, showing off those salivating long legs.
Xia Ya stepped backwards with the intention to stay away from Yuan Ru as far as possible.

Yuan Ru tried to catch up, Xia Yao drove into a small alley. She finally gave up when her vehicle could no longer fit the area that Xia Yao disappeared to.


“Brother, I’m falling for a guy, again”.

The word “again” made it obvious that this situation had occurred before.

“But…I’m not able to gain his love. Please make him like me. You are the only trustworthy man who can help me.”

Yuan Zong’s expression darkened.

“He is the great grandson of a prominent ancestry who has contributed to the revolution.”

Yuan Zong’s face still held the same expression.

“The guy is good-looking, absolutely courageous and doesn’t have any bad habits at all. Plus, he’s single. Tell me, where can you find such a man? Other than your own younger sister, who else can hull in that type of man?.”

Not having received any answer from Yuan Zong, Yuan Ru bursts out, “Just say something already!”.

“Mind your own business.”

A thought suddenly occurred to Yuan Ru the instant she heard her brother, “He has a heart of steel. No matter how seductive a woman may be, he doesn’t even bat an eye. Other men has always been satisfied with just a glance at my legs. But, he is the only exception.”

Again, there were no reaction from Yuan Zong.

“What does that prove? Are you trying to convince me that this stranger is actually trustworthy?”

Yuan Ru continued to dragged on with her plead, “Big brother! Please help me! I can assure that you will be pleased with him at first glance.”


Yuan Ru and Yuan Zong – Brother and sister

??????? gaahhhhh!! Xu Feng!! Yuan Zong!! You’ll be the death of me ??? =>>> if you wonder what my “ideal” man looks like…you’ve found him ???


4 thoughts on “Advance Bravely: Chapter 4

  1. I’m actually kinda glad that Yuan Ru likes Xia Yao because if she didn’t then she wouldn’t have sent her brother to basically stalk him and they probably would have never met.


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