Advance Bravely: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – A ‘DANGEROUS’ character



Translator: HiuPhm277
Editor: anhnguyen12332

Proofreader: Sae


After work, Xia Yao walked out from the main entrance into a nearby store to buy a cigarette.

“One Yuxi [1], please.”

([1] Yuxi cigarette: 1 Yuxi = approximately $43)

The salesperson turned and grabbed a pack of cigarette from the cabinet behind and hand it over to Xia Yao. While he was counting the change, a customer stepped into the store. The salesperson’s eyes moved imperceptibly from the surface of the counter to the new guest before suddenly gleaming with nervousness.

Just imagine something intimidating coming into your view out of the blue. Then, one would understand why the salesperson trembled with fear.

“Can…can I help you?”

“A packet of cigarette like his.”

A warm low-pitched male voice rose, shattering the ponderous quietness lingering over the three people. The salesperson hurriedly turned away to take another packet of cigarette down.

Xia Yao gave the guest standing next to him a sharp glance.

This man was about 1.9 meters in height, with a strong build hidden inside baggy black clothes. Hooded eyes extending to his temple, combined with a straight nose, which appeared to have been intricately handcrafted. Below the longish face was the steadfast chin making up a masculine Adonis.

Yuan Zong was also observing Xia Yao from the corner of his eyes.

The face of the person beside him was oozing with testosterone. His long narrow eyes was lined with thick lashes at the top and bottom, making it open up his pitch black eyes and revealing those alluring iris. The inner and outer corners of his eyes are slightly slanted up, making others feel somewhat breathless. Although his facial lines illustrated a tough man, his eyes and pure white skin, created an image of a person that was refined and sexy.

Having received his change, Xia Yao felt a sudden urge to run away.

“Hey handsome, don’t forget to take your packet.” The salesman shouted from behind.

Xia Yao was about to return when a powerful, dark shadow flashed by him, grabbed the cigarette pack, pulled his collar open, and tucked it inside. Yuan Zong’s speed was incredibly unbelievable. Xia Yao had barely said “thank you” when he was thrown into his car. Xia Yao stretched his hand down his back, intending to pull the cigarette pack out, but realized he couldn’t.

“Fuck!” Xia Yao silently cursed, why the hell did he have to tuck it down so low?

At this point, Xia Yao was forced to ruin his image as he undoes his button up shirt, exposing a pristine white back.

On the way home, Xia Yao instantly felt that the atmosphere trenched with a danger aura.

It was 7pm, the peak of traffic jams and people were travelling constantly.  Xia Yao lowered the car’s window, trying to breathe in some fresh air but instead he was met with darkened eyes, looking at him from the opposite window. Those eyes gleamed like they meant to judge Xia Yao, staring at him for the whole journey.

There was a shade of surprise in Xia Yao’s mind. It turned out to be the man he bumped into earlier. How did he drive without looking at the road? Why is he observing me? Xia Yao cursed silently, but still managed to wave with a radiant smile on his face.

(Yeah, Xia Yao…I wonder why he’s staring at you? :v :V :V).


Having said so, he immediately closed the window, not looking to the side any more.

In the end, this threatening air followed Xia Yao home. Only after he looked around to make sure that no one was there, Xia Yao finally step inside.

A few days later, Yuan Zong came back for Xia Yao. He did nothing apart from staring at him. Even when Xia Yao intentionally glared at him, he still didn’t look away. Xia Yao was a policeman, which meant he is extremely aware of his surroundings. Normally, he was never afraid of anyone. He was used to judging the level of danger since he had faced off with thugs carrying guns, taken down drug traffickers who hid in the mountains and many more. From his appearance, Xia Yao had been competing for many years. He has also met larger and stronger men.

But none has ever made him feel helpless or turned his legs to jelly.
(Boy oh boy :)))) Yuan Zong can also make those toes of yours curl with ecstasy)  


How did you picture Yuan Zong? Does Xu Feng live up to your expectations?

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