Addicted: Chapter 104

What is shameless?

Translator: Estreline

Bai Luo Yin was irritated, he grabbed Meng Jian Zhi’s neck, then he pulled him until they walked outside of the crowd. Meng Jian Zhi cried out with pain, he tried to kick Bai Luo Yin’s body. Those neighbors around them followed Bai Luo Yin while asking him, actually what happened? Bai Luo Yin didn’t say anything, he just kept dragging Meng Jian Zhi away from the crowd. He gave some kicks to Meng Jian Zhi.

Meng Jian Zhi vomited all of those steamed buns he just ate, while pointing his finger at Bai Luo Yin.

“Can’t you see? Everyone in that family is bullying me….. *cough* *cough*”

The door suddenly opened, and Bai Han Qi’s angry face appeared.

Under everyone’s gaze, Bai Han Qi walked towards Meng Jian Zhi, and calmly said, “If you have something to say just go into our house and say it.”

“I’m not going! You’re just going to beat me once you close that door. I’m not going!”

Bai Han Qi suddenly pulled Meng Jian Zhi up, “Today you have to go, even if you dont want to!”

“You’re bullying other people!”

Meng Jian Zhi bawled again, then he grabbed one of the woman’s clothes as he bawling, caused that woman almost fell down. He hid himself behind her. She immediately shouted, but Meng Jian Zhi didn’t let her go.

When Bai Han Qi saw that, he stopped his hand, he was afraid that Meng Jian Zhi would harm the innocent.

Suddenly the door opened, Bai Luo Yin saw Aunt Zhou appeared from the house, she hurriedly ran outside.

“Aunt, just go inside quickly. If you’re here he will get noisier.”

“Meng Jian Zhi, actually what do you want?” Aunt Zhou yelled, “Do you want me and your son die?”

The crowd around them suddenly exploded….

“Isn’t that Mrs. Zhou? Why is she coming out from Lao Bai’s house?”

“Oh my… you see. She’s really staying at that house, what can I say?”

“Lao Bai, what a disgrace!”

When Bai Luo Yin heard those words from the people around him, he felt that he just wanted to give Meng Jian Zhi a couple of kicks. It’s okay if it would make him go to jail. He couldn’t bear to see this bastard anymore!

Meng Jian Zhi staggered out of the crowd, he walked towards Aunt Zhou while sobbing, “Xiu Yun ah! How can you be this cruel to me? I came here to take both of you home! But how can you just ignore me like this? Even if I’m poor, I’m still your son’s father!”

Aunt Wang, their neighbor, couldn’t see it anymore, she mumbled to herself, “That man is really pitiful, can’t they be a bit kinder to him?”

After she said that, she went to help Meng Jian Zhi stood up.

Upon seeing Meng Jian Zhi stood up, Aunt Zhou’s lip trembled, “Meng Jian Zhi, if you’re still a man then just go inside and talk to us clearly. If we’re here all the neighbors could see us. We definitely won’t hit you! But if you’re a coward, then just stay outside, even if you’re crying until you’re dead, no one would pity you!”

Meng Jian Zhi took a few deep breaths, he looked at such a big crowd behind his back, he suddenly felt that he caused enough trouble. He rubbed the spittle from the corner of his mouth, then he walked into Bai family’s house with a limp, following Aunt Zhou.

“It’s done it’s done, please go back.”

That huge crowd walked away while talking between themselves, leaving only Bai Luo Yin and Bai Han Qi behind.

“Dad, don’t take those words they said to your heart.” Bai Luo Yin patted Bai Han Qi’s shoulder.

Bai Han Qi went silent for a while, then said to Bai Luo Yin: “Yin zi, don’t get involved with this matter, I know how to handle it. Go to your grandma’s room quickly, she heard the noise from outside so she definitely will get worried. Just talk to her and persuade her not to go out, do you hear me?”

Bai Luo Yin nodded his head, then he walked into the house calmly. When he saw that Grandma Bai was already outside, he moved quickly towards her, while fixing his gaze on Meng Jian Zhi.

Bai Luo Yin hastily stepped forward to stop Grandma Bai.

“Sha… Sha…”

Grandma Bai pointed at Meng Jian Zhi, her face was red, but she couldn’t say any word.

Bai Luo Yin held Grandma Bai and brought her back to her room while coaxing her softly, “That’s someone who has been staying outside our house and begging for food. Everyone was trying to drive him away, so we had no choice but to call him to go inside and give him some food.”

“Pitiful people must have something for other people to hate.”

Upon hearing Grandma Bai’s wise words, Bai Luo Yin’s heart that was in a mess suddenly eased up.

After persuading Grandma Bai to come back to her room, Bai Luo Yin came out again.

They were in the middle of quarrels right now.

“It’s okay if you’re together now, I don’t have any objection. But you sacrificed me, so you must give me compensation.”

“Sacrificed you?” Aunt Zhou glared at Meng Jian Zhi.

Meng Jian Zhi rolled his eyes, then he said, “You ask me that? Aren’t you my wife? And isn’t that son my son too? Now he snatched both of you from me, do you expect that this matter would be settled just like this? You two became a couple, and then left me alone. You’re eating and drinking well, and let me sleep on the street? Do you still have any conscience left in your heart?”

“Meng Jian Zhi!” Aunt Zhou slammed the desk, “Don’t act so shameless!”

“Who’s being shameless? I’m asking you, whose house are you living right now? Who is being called ‘dad’ by our son?….” Meng Jian Zhi raised his voice.

Aunt Zhou couldn’t bear it anymore, she pounded her chest nonstop, her face looked really agitated.

“Now you realized that I’m your wife, now you realized that he’s your son, but when you ran away with another woman, why didn’t you think about us? You never came back for five years, you never send money to us, why didn’t you mention anything about that?”

“Woman?” Meng Jian Zhi sneered, “You still have face to mention that? If it wasn’t because of you, I would still be together with Xiao Wu now. If it wasn’t because of you, will she ran away with my money? I, Meng Jian Zhi, will say this clearly. Because of you, my woman ran away from me. Because of you, my son didn’t recognize me. Now, I don’t even have place to sleep…..”

When Bai Han Qi heard that, he thought that, this man is a trash from the start. No matter how much we talk to him he wouldn’t understand it.

“Just say it clearly.” Bai Han Qi opened his mouth to talk, “Actually what do you want?”

Upon hearing that, Meng Jian Zhi’s gaze suddenly became different.

“I won’t beat around the bush, I just want this much.” Meng Jian Zhi spoke while making a V gesture with his hand.

Aunt Zhou’s face turned livid in a flash, “You want 20 thousand yuan?” (around $3000)

“20 thousand yuan?” Meng Jian Zhi sneered, “At this place like Beijing, you won’t even be able to buy toothpick with 20 thousand yuan. Even the rental fee for your small restaurant must be more than 20 thousand yuan right? Listen to this clearly, what I meant was 200 thousand yuan.” (around $30000)

“200 thousand yuan?!” Aunt Zhou was agitated, “Meng Jian Zhi, just keep dreaming!”

Meng Jian Zhi’s gaze changed, there was a hint of threat deep in his eyes.

“Zhou Xiu Yun, with that small restaurant of yours, you can make several thousands profit easily right? Just 200 thousand and I won’t disturb you again, it’s not too much right? If I got the money, I won’t come and harass you again. If you won’t give me the money, I will spread the rumour to those people on the streets. I will let everyone know what kind of trash you, Zhou Xiu Yun, are. I won’t let you open your shop anymore. I will make you feel too embarrassed to face other people in your entire life….. If you don’t believe me then just try it.”

Once he finished his words, Aunt Zhou suddenly ran onto Meng Jian Zhi.

“Mr. Meng, let’s just die together!”

Bai Han Qi immediately stopped Aunt Zhou, she looked deathly pale, her body trembled fiercely.

“Dad, bring Aunt Zhou back to her room first.”

Bai Luo Yin pushed Meng Jian Zhi until he fell underneath the jujube tree. His expression looked unusually calm.

“This is my house. If you have something to say then just say it to me.”

Meng Jian Zhi’s weak body leaned against the jujube tree’s trunk, “If you’re willing to replace her and give me the money, I have no objection.”

Bai Luo Yin kept quiet.

“Speaking about your family, it’s not that hard to give 200 thousand yuan right? I heard that your father is an engineer, just design few blueprints and he would be able to make that much money, no? But for me, it’s going to save my life. Do you know that if I want to make that much money, how many bricks do I have to move? I’m afraid that I will die before that. If you give me that money, that would mean that you saved my life. You save my life, do you know that? Is there anything more important than someone’s life? Don’t you have any morals?”


“When will you go back?” Gu Hai looked at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang casually fiddled with the lighter in his hand, then he lightly replied, “I’m not sure. Before I came here I planned to finish it all in six or seven days. But the speed of the worker here is really slow…. I’m afraid that I will stay here for another week.”

“Finish them all quickly and then go back early after it’s done.”

“Why are you chasing me away?” Gu Yang seemed to say that deliberately, “I remember that before, it was you who were always calling me to come back. This time, why do I feel like you’re being hateful towards me?”

I’m really being hateful towards you. Who told you to act so handsome in front of my wife!

“I just think that you’re really tired because of the time differences.”

Gu Yang coldly smiled, “Xiao Hai, coming back this time, I found out that you’ve changed a lot. So you know how to care towards other people now?”

“Can you not talk with that strange tone all the time?”

Gu Yang let out a faint smile. He stared at GH, and asked, “Where did your little brother go?”

Gu Hai didn’t react at first. After he met with Gu Yang’s eyes then he just realised that Gu Yang meant Bai Luo Yin.

“Why are you asking about him?”

“I’m curious.”

These two words pierced Gu Hai’s ears.

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