Addicted: Chapter 105

Thinking a method to punish evil people.

Translator: Estreline

“Just go away.”

Meng Jian Zhi didn’t expect that he wasted a lot of time and efforts just to get those three words from Bai Luo Yin.

“What? You’re asking me to go? I’ll tell you this, if you irritated me, I will drag all of you together down with me.”

Bai Luo Yin was unusually calm, “I will wait for you, that is if you’re really capable to do it.”

Bai Luo Yin’s calmness aroused Meng Jian Zhi’s suspicion and restlessness. Why the hell isn’t he getting anxious? I’ve caused so much trouble outside his house, isn’t he feeling agitated? Why does he look like he has a well-thought-out plan? He isn’t even 20 years old yet, he’s just a little boy and thats all, what kind of harm can he do to me?

“Call your dad to come out! I wont speak with you anymore, you’re not mature enough.”

Bai Luo Yin stopped Meng Jian Zhi, his tone was cold and stiff, “Even if you ask him to go out, he will still say those three words.”

“You…. you….” Meng Jian Zhi gritted his teeth, his expression was fierce, “Don’t think that I won’t dare to do it!”

“I didn’t think that you won’t dare. Now excuse me, could you please go away quickly? I can put up small posters everywhere, about you defaming my father and my aunt!”

“I’m telling you, dont think that I won’t dare to offend you just because of some people from public security bureau. I’m not breaking the laws!”

Bai Luo Yin sneered, “I didn’t say I will call public security bureau, I also didn’t say that you’re breaking any laws.”

Meng Jian Zhi was flustered, he immediately shouted and asked Bai Han Qi to come out again.

A layer of ice covered Bai Luo Yin’s eyes, he just gave two words to Meng Jian Zhi.

“Get lost!”

Meng Jian Zhi stayed still as if he didn’t hear it.

Bai Luo Yin immediately walked towards the dog cage, he released A Lang that had barked nonstop since before, he rubbed its head and said, “Son, I’ve been troubling you these two days. Do you see that person? Everytime you see that person appeared at our house, just go and bite him.”

Meng Jian Zhi still insisted on walking into the house. But when he saw a Tibetan Mastiff dashed towards him, he suddenly turned pale with fright, and ran outside in a hurry.

After that Bai Luo Yin tamed A Lang again at the entrance, and then he closed the door.

After he returned to the room, Bai Luo Yin[1] quickly turned on the computer, and searched for some popular forum website, planning to post there.

He started with a title “Leaving his wife behind, abandoning his son, while putting the blame on his victims. Look at this top-notch man putting on a shameless act“. but he thought that it’s not provocative enough. This kind of family quarrels, this kind of society trash is too many, it wont be easy to attract other people. So, he changed the title to “Challenging your patience to your limit, if someone can watch this for one full minute, I will cut my own dick.” [2]

Well, to punish this scum thoroughly, Bai Luo Yin can only sacrifice his Xiao Yin Zi.

Bai Luo Yin read some lead stories from newspaper front page to study the writing skill and how to narrate a story. He learned them all by himself in a short time. What kind of writing style is it? His writing is close to full marks, even if he just wrote an essay casually, it would be able to get into newspaper easily. Dont look at how quiet he usually is, if he wants to write something provocative, he definitely is the expert! If he doesn’t have any ability, how can he had such a crown prince like Gu Hai under his control!

Since you already threw your own morals away, then I will let you taste your own medicine.

Soon enough, this post attacted many people’s reaction, the click through rate exceeded 10 thousand clicks, the replies passed one hundred. Some people expressed their anger, but some people wasn’t quite convinced. Some people thought that Meng Jian Zhi is a bastard, some people thought that a scum like Meng Jian Zhi is an epitome of society’s abnormal development, but there are some people who harbor suspicions that the writer just wanted to hype the news.

Bai Luo Yin called Yang Meng, “Help me to comment at my thread.”

Yang Meng was puzzled, “Bai Luo Yin, didn’t you hate visiting a forum website the most?”

“It doesn’t matter, just help me.”

Yang Meng was really curious at Bai Luo Yin’s thread. Once he saw it, his chest was filled with rage. He couldn’t bear to watch on his own, so he pulled his father to come and watch together with him. What kind of man his father is? He was a famous writer when he was young, how can he stand such a provoking language like that? His small body trembled in front of the computer, his fingers quivered,

“Son, step aside. Dad will help you to post a comment!”

Yang Meng suddenly remembered one person, You Qi.

“Why are you suddenly calling me of your own accord?” It seemed like You Qi was in a good mood.

Yang Meng laughed full of confidence, “It’s because I know you’re the best at cursing other people!”


“Finally the moment to show off your talent has arrived! Brother, put your literary talent and your potential to good use! “

When he heard that Bai Luo Yin wrote a thread, he immediately take a look on it. Once he saw it he was really agitated! My foul mouth really is made for this kind of person! He registered several fake accounts right away, every account would write few pages of curses, without repeating the same words.

Not only that, You Qi also started to curse at his own blog. You Qi’s blog was already popular since the beginning, just like a celebrity. Once he posted a photo, that photo could be stolen by an advertising company. It proves that his influence couldn’t be underestimated.

Soon enough, You Qi’s fans caused an uproar. They keep reposting and giving comments, it keeps repeating.

The more he cursed the more excited he gets. You Qi typed on his keyboards very fast.

His cellphone beside him rang, You Qi picked it up with one hand while his other hand was still typing on his keyboard.

“You Qi, do you still remember me? It’s Dong Na.”


“That time I sent 12 rolls tissue to you.”

“I don’t have any time to call you.”

You Qi was going to hung up the call when suddenly a shout can be heard from the other side of the phone, “Don’t hung up yet! I’m telling you this, I’m a forum moderator at XX forum website.”

You Qi finally placed his phone on his ear, “Don’t you want this thread to appear on the front page?”

You Qi’s hand that was typing suddenly stopped, he casually replied with an ‘ng’.

“Oh my God! I will pin that thread to the front page of the forum right now for you!”

Nearly three hours later, the click through rate exceeded a million, the replies reached more than two thousands.

Bai Luo Yin was stunned, he didn’t expect that the reaction would be this huge. This is the first time he felt so excited because people paid close attention to his thread. When he saw that the click through rate and the replies increased at full speed, Bai Luo Yin was fired up, it was as if he saw Meng Jian Zhi was being condemned in the middle of everyone, until he fell down to the ground and die.

Gu Hai was eating with Gu Yang and some uncles.

He kept sending a text message to Bai Luo Yin, but he didn’t receive any reply.

He was really worried, so he excused himself and went outside to make a call to Bai Luo Yin.

“Yin zi.”

There was a cheerful reply from the other side, “Hey!”

Gu Hai was dumbfounded, “You…. Are you Yin zi?”

“If I’m not then who am I? Hahahaha….”

This voice indeed is Bai Luo Yin’s voice, but there must be something wrong with his mood! Could it be that after not seeing me for a whole day, he felt restless, so just with this one phone call from me he felt too happy, and he wasn’t being himself?

“What are you doing? I sent you text messages but why didn’t you reply me?”

“Huh?.. Oh… Hahaha…”

Gu Hai let out an evil smile, “I called you once and you’re this happy?”

“Yes, I’m really happy! Tonight don’t come back here!”

Gu Hai, “….”

“If you dont have anything else to say, okay then. I’ll hung up now. Tut tut tut….”

After feeling troubled for a long time, it turns out that he wasn’t happy because of your call, rather it’s because you weren’t there with him!

At night, Gu Yang went to Gu Hai’s place. He was bored, so he turned on Gu Hai’s computer and browsed the internet. He’s living abroad for a long time, so he didn’t really visit Chinese website much.

He saw Gu Hai’s browser showed so many Chinese websites, so he casually opened some of them.

Gu Hai sat at the other side, he was hesitating, should he call Bai Luo Yin again or not. Just now he thought about it again, he felt that Bai Luo Yin’s mood isn’t normal yet.

“Tsk tsk… There are still so many conflicts in this society. This person called Meng Jian Zhi… I have no comment!”

The more Gu Hai listened to that name, the more familiar he felt. He walked towards Gu Yang and said,

“Show it to me.”

When Gu Hai saw that, his expression suddenly changed. There is accident indeed! Otherwise with Bai Luo Yin’s temperament, if he wasn’t forced to such extent, would Bai Luo Yin be able to write such things that could arouse public’s anger like this?

“I should’ve known earlier that there must be something happened since he didn’t reply my messages at all. He even still pretended to be happy, and didn’t let me know on purpose….” Gu Hai muttered to himself while changing his shoes.

Gu Yang stared at him blankly, “Where are you going?”

“There is something, I’ll go out for a bit.”

Gu Yang lightly replied, “Come back soon, and be careful on the street.”

The sound of the door slammed can be heard.

Gu Yang frowned his eyebrows, and sighed, “This kid….”


Yang Meng and his father were fighting for the computer, two small bodies jostled one another in front of the computer.

“Dad, let me curse one or two sentences.”

“I haven’t finished with mine yet, wait for a while, good son.”

Suddenly a shout can be heard, “What are you two doing? Aren’t you going to work tomorrow? Aren’t you going to school tomorrow? Just let me do the cleaning and go sleep quickly!”

Papa Yang replied casually, “We’re sleeping now, we’re sleeping now.”

Yang Meng also gave a docile gaze towards Mama Yang.

Mama Yang suddenly kicked the door open and went out.

The two cowards went closer, then whispering to each other, “Dad, I’m a little bit too excited, I can’t sleep. I’m going to go to Yin zi’s house.”

Mr. Yang swung Yang Meng’s hand excitedly, then said, “Dad will support you. A man must be loyal to his friends. Just go. You don’t need to come back tonight.”

“I’m afraid that Mom won’t let me go.”

Papa Yang pounded Yang Meng’s chest a few times, “Aren’t you a man? What did I teach you when you were small? The most important thing is you have to be brave, if you’re not taking advantage of your youth to do some reckless things, how will you gain your place in society later?”

Yang Meng answered his question with another question, “Then can you be a master in your own house, let me go outside in front of Mom?”

“That….. Can you just jump over the wall?”

Yang Meng showed a worried expression, “The wall is too high, I can’t climb it. If I were to take a stool and used it, mom will definitely found out.”

“It’s okay. I will carry you on my shoulder.”

Late night, this father and son sneakily went outside.

“Where are you going?” Mama Yang crossed her arms and stood at the doorway.

Papa Yang and Yang Meng both answered in unison, “We’re going to toilet.”

“Do you have to go to the toilet together?” Mama Yang glared at them fiercely.

Yang Meng grabbed his father’s arm and smiled, tried to coax his mother, “Isn’t it to save time?”

Mama Yang rolled her eyes, then walked back inside.

“Just go quickly….”

Papa Yang pushed Yang Meng, then both of them sneakily went inside the toilet.

Under 1.7m wall, this father and son struggled persistently.

“Dad, raise me higher, I still can’t jump over the wall!”

Mr. Yang was breathing heavily under Yang Meng, “I can’t. Dad can’t raise you higher anymore. Use your own strength.”

“One two three, one two three, one two three…”

This father and son shouted the numbers in unison, but every time they shouted, they went down a bit, the more they shouted the lower their position was. Until finally Papa Yang’s face touched the ground, both of Yang Meng’s leg were still on his shoulder.

“Dad, should we stop shouting? The more we shout, the more strength we wasted.”

Papa Yang rested for a while, then he continued to squat down again, adjusting his position, “Son, let’s do it again!”

Having no other option, Yang Meng stepped on his father again.

“What are you two doing inside the toilet?”

Mama Yang’s steps sounds closer and closer.

Once Papa Yang heard Mama Yang’s voice, didn’t know where did he get his strength from, he suddenly stood up, it made Yang Meng unstable, and he fell towards outside the wall.


Translator Note:

[1] I think its supposed to be Bai Luo Yin here but in the original novel it’s written Bai Han Qi. I decided to just change it to Bai Luo Yin.

[2] It was written “哥自切JJ”. I have to google what JJ is because honestly I’m not familiar with chinese slang and I found out that JJ here is a chinese slang from 鸡鸡 which means dick. Pls correct me if I’m wrong thanks! XD

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