Addicted: Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Do you think it’s possible?


Translator: Estreline

Proofreader: Sienna7455


Inside the private room of a high-class nightclub in Sanlitun, Gu Hai brought Bai Luoyin to see his buddies, whom he hadn’t seen for so many days.

“This is my new friend from school, his name is Bai Luoyin.”

Zhou Si Hu laughed happily while patting Bai Luoyin’s shoulder, “Bro, you’re so handsome!”

Gu Hai pointed his finger at Li Shuo, “His name is Li Shuo.”

Li Shuo raised his glass and gave Bai Luoyin a toast.

“My name is Zhou Si Hu.”

Bai Luoyin smiled at him.

The four young people were sitting together while chatting joyously, all of them were youngsters with similar age, even if they have different family backgrounds, but their hobbies and preferences are pretty much the same. They talked about their chaotic school life to their favorite car brands, after the automotive talks finished they ought to start talking about girls, after that they simply have a mutual and tacit understanding about those kind of vulgar matters.

Li Shuo reached Bai Luoyin’s shoulder and asked, “Da Hai really didn’t get it on with another girl at your school?”

Bai Luoyin told the truth, “Nope.”

“What did I tell you?”  Zhou Si Hu gave a sincere and trusting look, “Da Hai’s unwavering loyalty to Jin Lu Lu is really second to none, it’s simply formidable!”

At first, Li Shuo believed that the reason why Gu Hai didn’t show his face much lately, was because of a new girlfriend, so when he heard Bai Luoyin’s statement, it means that Gu Hai is still committed to his long-distance relationship. Li Shuo really admired Gu Hai somehow, other people would’ve changed their pretty girlfriend seven to eight times already, but he is still together with such a fierce woman.

“Hey, do you know Jin Lu Lu?” Zhou Si Hu nudged Bai Luoyin.

Bai Luoyin nodded, “Yes, I met her once.”

“I’m telling you this, the way Da Hai acts around Jin Lu Lu, is truly flawless. You haven’t seen them together, if you see them, you’ll definitely think that it wasn’t Da Hai.”

Indeed, I feel that it isn’t like Gu Hai, but I don’t think the way he treated Jin Lu Lu is really that special?

Zhou Si Hu’s mouth kept on babbling nonstop, just like a machine gun, he poured out what’s inside his mind, he really wanted to tell Bai Luoyin everything that made him became annoyed with Gu Hai.

“Let me tell you, don’t look at his usual cold expression that he wore most of the time, once he sees Jin Lu Lu, the laugh lines on his face won’t disappear for 3 days. Every time we talked, it’s always about Jin Lu Lu, and we would listen to him until our ears were about to go deaf. Usually, if we want to ask something from him, we have to find Jin Lu Lu first, once Jin Lu Lu opens her mouth, there’s nothing that Da Hai wouldn’t do…..”

Zhou Si Hu talked about many things repetitively, Bai Luoyin only replied with one sentence.

“Isn’t Gu Hai just like that?”


Zhou Si Hu had yet to react, but Gu Hai had already came over, he put his hand on Bai Luoyin’s shoulder, there’s a hint of slyness in his smile.

“What are you guys talking about?”

Bai Luoyin drank a mouthful of beer and answered him indifferently, “We’re not talking about anything.”

Gu Hai handed a glass full of wine to Bai Luoyin’s hand, “Try this. How does it taste?”

Bai Luoyin sucked a mouthful with the straw, he furrowed his eyebrows lightly, after he swallowed it he felt a slightly smoky taste.

“It makes me choke a bit when I drink it.”

Gu Hai moved the glass to his side, without changing the straw, he directly drank from the very same straw that Bai Luoyin had just used. He even looked very pleased with himself when he drank, as if the taste of the wine had become completely different.

“I think the taste is pretty good!”

Li Shuo was stunned, he nudged Zhou Si Hu.

“Didn’t Da Hai never drink from the stuff that someone else has drunk before?”

Zhou Si Hu forced a smile and said, “You knew it too that meeting with Da Hai this time, how hard his life is right now, most likely his living condition forced him to do so.”


The exciting music outside stimulated the young people’s sensitive eardrums, the four men went out from the private room and sat on the bar, enjoying the lively atmosphere. The men and women on the dance floor swayed their bodies around crazily, under the flickering lights is one lonesome face.

Li Shuo poked Bai Luoyin, and then he asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Yes, but we broke up.”

Li Shuo laughed, “That girl across you has been staring at you for quite a long time.”

Bai Luoyin didn’t even lift his head, he asked Li Shuo a rather personal question.

“Gu Hai…… Does he often jerk off with you guys in the past?”

This question rendered Li Shuo speechless for quite a long time.

“Wait for a while….” Li Shuo passed Bai Luoyin and leaned in front of Gu Hai, he stroke Gu Hai’s inner thigh ambiguously. As a result, Gu Hai’s face darkened immediately, “Get lost!”

Li Shuo went back, his eyes hinted on Bai Luoyin, “Do you think it’s possible?”

When Bai Luoyin saw Gu Hai’s reaction, he knew the answer already.

Li Shuo continued, “Da Hai hates it the most when other people touch him, if what you’ve just said happened for real, what you’ll see right now would be both of our corpses….”


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