Addicted: Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Not as good as a dog.


Translator: Estreline

Proofreader: Sienna7455


Before sleeping, Bai Luoyin intentionally used a blanket to wrap his whole body tightly, just like a cocoon, both sides of the quilt were held down by Bai Luoyin’s body, it left no space for loopholes.

Just as Bai Luoyin had expected, Gu Hai extended his legs and began to explore the blanket that covered Bai Luoyin’s body, searching for any gaps for him to insert his leg inside. However, it’s a pity that Bai Luoyin wrapped himself very tightly, hence Gu Hai’s hard effort turned out to be futile.

“How can you sleep so uncomfortably like this? Come, let brother help you to loosen it up a bit.” Gu Hai shamelessly moved closer to Bai Luoyin.

“Leave me alone.”

Gu Hai’s feet were still searching for the loopholes in Bai Luoyin’s blanket without giving up.

Bai Luoyin became annoyed, both of Gu Hai’s feet are just like a worm, they keep on wriggling on top of Bai Luoyin’s blanket without stopping, sometime fast, sometime slow, sometime light, sometime heavy, it made him terribly upset.

“What do you want? If you’re not going to sleep, just scram!”

Gu Hai’s pupil flashed with unrestrained evil, “I think your blanket is not warm enough.”

“Whether my blanket is warm or not, does it have anything to do with you?”

“I can warm you up!”

Gu Hai spoke while throwing himself on top of Bai Luoyin.

Bai Luoyin took a deep breath, angry and annoyed, “Why are you doing this every single night? Are you nuts? Can’t you sleep properly, even just for one night? I’m really tired today, tomorrow is weekend, you… Eh…..”

Gu Hai bit Bai Luoyin’s sensual chin.


Both of Bai Luoyin’s hands grabbed Gu Hai’s hair.

Gu Hai didn’t care about his image at all, he took that chance to lift Bai Luoyin’s quilt up, stretched his hands out, then suddenly pull Bai Luoyin into his embrace, he felt satisfied once Bai Luoyin in his arms, his saliva/drool flowing rapidly into the floor.

“Yin Zi~~~” He dragged the last syllable until ten meters long.

Bai Luoyin was completely at the end of his ropes when dealing with Gu Hai, how can there be someone so shameless like him? Say, if you are really aggravated with him, that you used your whole strength to resist him, yet he doesn’t give a damn about it, and what’s more his teasing becomes even worse instead. If he only continue to endure in silence like this, when will it end? Does this kind of person has any self-awareness?

Gu Hai’s hands went inside Bai Luoyin’s pajamas trouser, slowly exploring it.

This time, Bai Luoyin replied harshly, “Do you think what you’re doing is normal?”

“What’s strange about this?” Gu Hai temporarily pulled his hand back, giving a whole-heartedly loyal and sincere expression, “This is my bad habit, I like to get close to my friends that I like, you saw Li Shuo today, right? Usually we stick together, and every time I touch him, he would be docile, but why is it when it comes to you, it’s so hard?”

Bai Luoyin felt so ashamed because of Gu Hai’s shameless boasting.

“Have you had enough? Li Shuo told me today that he absolutely never engaged in those kinds of thing with you before.”

“……” Gu Hai was startled for a moment, but he was still as stubborn as before, “He was just too embarrassed to admit it. He’s just like me, we’re both thin-skinned.”

Bai Luoyin cupped one fist in his other hand, giving Gu Hai a gesture of admiration and respect, then he kicked Gu Hai out from his blanket.

Gu Hai didn’t immediately make his way into the blanket again, he stared at the ceiling instead, pondering deeply.

“Say… why did you suddenly ask Li Shuo that kind of thing?”

Bai Luoyin didn’t speak.

Gu Hai made a speculation by himself, “Are you saying that you really want to try it with me, but you are worried, so you went to Li Shuo to seek for a peace of mind?”

Bai Luoyin raised his eyebrows, “Say, why is A Lang barking so loudly today? It’s not like usual, I’ll go out to check on him.”

Gu Hai, “……..”

“A Lang, A Lang.” Bai Luoyin called gently.

A Lang’s barks became louder, it really scared other people, Bai Luoyin turned on a flashlight to check on him, then he found out that A Lang’s paws was stuck between the iron pillars of the cage. Bai Luoyin carefully pulled it out, then stroked A Lang’s head, soon he stopped barking, he lay on the cage entrance while groaning. Bai Luoyin found out a blood stain on A Lang’s mouth. Most likely, it was because when he couldn’t take out his paws from between the iron pillars, he used his mouth to bite the pillars.

Bai Luoyin felt sorry for A Lang, so he placed a kiss on A Lang’s mouth.

Gu Hai stood in the middle of bleak autumn wind, in tears, they got along for so many days, but he’s still not as good as a dog!

After Bai Luoyin went back to his room, Gu Hai was sitting on the bed, constantly drawing deep breaths.

“It seems like the corner of my mouth has become swollen. It really hurts.”

Bai Luoyin snapped his fingers, “Wait here, I have an ointment in my home.”

“Do you still need to use ointment?” Gu Hai intentionally hinted on Bai Luoyin.

Of course you need to use ointment, Bai Luoyin sincerely held the ointment tube, he personally applied a little bit of the ointment cream on the swab, then he applied it on Gu Hai’s mouth, his movements were very careful.

Although he didn’t get a kiss, but Bai Luoyin still took care of Gu Hai like this, it made Gu Hai’s heart became somewhat excited.

Obviously, you could just hand the cotton swab to me and let me do it myself, yet you still insist to do it by yourself, you really cherish me that much, huh?

When he felt the ointment cream on his hand, it felt so cool and refreshing, the comfortable feeling penetrates deeply into his heart.

“What ointment is this? The effects can be felt right away.”

“Hemorrhoid cream.” Bai Luoyin answered calmly.

Gu Hai: “…..!!!!!”

Bai Luoyin restrained Gu Hai’s trembling shoulders, comforting him patiently, “It’s okay, this ointment can be applied anywhere, the last time when my mouth was swollen, I applied this too, and it worked very well.”

“What if there’s nothing wrong with me? Are there any side effects?”

Bai Luoyin’s hand paused, “Side effects? Maybe one or two hemorrhoids will appear.”

Gu Hai’s face seems to fuse together with the pitch-black night sky, except for his bared white teeth, he couldn’t be seen.


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