Addicted: Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Kill me if you can.


Translator: grantye

Proofreader: Sienna7455


The first time Bai Luoyin came to Gu Hai rented room, he discovered that Gu Hai’s room was very neat, at least it’s much tidier compared to his bedroom.

“Why is your broken cellphone still here?” Bai Luoyin picked up an old cellphone on the windowsill.

Gu Hai was tidying things up, he opened his mouth to reply without thinking, “Forgot to throw it away.”

Bai Luoyin walked outside the boarding house. He went to his granduncle’s house to take a screwdriver and tweezers, then sat on a seat made of rock and started to get busy. In less than half an hour, Bai Luoyin disassembled the phone and fixed it, wiped the screen, then returned to the rented room to hand the phone over to Gu Hai.

“Try it.”

Gu Hai had some doubts, he took the cell phone then tried it. He turned it on normally, the text messages worked normally, telephone call had a slight noise, but it didn’t affect the normal function of the phone.

“Awesome!” Gu Hai’s eyes showed astonishment, “It was broken already and yet it can be repaired again?

“It’s not a big deal, this kind of old device is generally very durable.”

Gu Hai noticed Bai Luoyin’s intelligence at these kind of things, and once again, his feeling of adoration towards Bai Luoyin grew somewhat stronger.

“Do we need to pack all these things?” Bai Luoyin pointed at the junks on the writing desk.

Gu Hai straightened his waist and glanced at him, “It’s up to you, just take the items you consider useful.”

Bai Luoyin collected the functional items and loaded them in the bag, while he was loading the items, he saw some sheets of paper that are sticked together on top of the writing desk. If he never saw it, he wouldn’t get angry. But now that he had seen it, he wished he could peel Gu Hai alive, on the top of the paper was his essay, every single sheet, all of them were taken away by Gu Hai, this guy is way too awful!

Once Gu Hai noticed Bai Luoyin’s reaction, without feeling any shame, he even took out more sheets of paper from the drawer, showing them off in front of Bai Luoyin’s face.

“Look, is my handwriting similar to yours?”

Bai Luoyin glared at Gu Hai angrily, “Why don’t tell me about your handwriting practice, huh! Just because of these essays, now the Chinese Literature teacher ignore me!”

“Then, you can also ignore her!”

“The one I should be ignoring is you.” Bai Luoyin gnashed his teeth [1].

“You dare to ignore me? Just try.” Gu Hai’s strict gaze swept towards Bai Luoyin’s face.

Bai Luoyin didn’t show any weakness, he fearlessly stared at Gu Hai face to face, after five seconds, Gu Hai whooshed his face away [2].

“This one… Look at my handwriting, does it actually improve?”

In fact, even without asking Bai Luoyin, Gu Hai wanted to say that his current handwriting had become better compared to the moment when school started, after seeing Gu Hai’s urgent need to hear his approval, Bai Luoyin suddenly didn’t want to speak anymore.

“Why don’t you say anything? Is it actually good or bad?”

Gu Hai sharpened his fang in his mind, if you dare to say it’s not good, I’ll kick your ass!

Bai Luoyin arrogantly and delicately shot Gu Hai a glance, faintly replied a sentence, “Not bad!”

This “Not bad” sentence, simply pleased Gu Hai to the utmost satisfaction, Bai Luoyin’s one sentence compliment really meant a lot for him! Gu Hai felt like he had drunk ten bottles of Red Bull, all his entire body from head to toe brimmed with energy, as if he could lift this house then run two laps in the yard.

Bai Luoyin was amused by Gu Hai’s smug look.

Once Bai Luoyin smiled, Gu Hai’s eye straightened.

Jin Lulu calmed her face while standing at the door, that harmonious and gleeful scene she clearly saw just now, made her aware that being with Gu Hai all these three years, she’d never seen Gu Hai with that kind of glance. Before, those brothers of Gu Hai said that Gu Hai could only wear his second facial expression when he was with Jin Lu Lu. Now, Jin Lu Lu discovered that Gu Hai had a third facial expression, this kind of expression is the one she has never seen before, it’s very charming yet it hurts her very much.

All girls are very sensitive, don’t even mention brothers, if her boyfriend pampered a dog, she can’t even bear to watch it.

Bai Luoyin saw Jin Lulu first, then poked Gu Hai, hinting at him to look at the door. Gu Hai was somewhat surprised, “Why are you here?”

Jin Lulu found that Gu Hai’s third facial expression only lasted for a fleeting moment, when he turned his sight to her, the familiar look returned.

“You’re asking why I’m here? Today is weekend.”

Gu Hai seemed as if he couldn’t give any response, he felt that every week passed so fast, in a blink of an eye, weekend came already. Previously, he felt that the weekdays were extremely hard to bear, but now he doesn’t even see the date anymore, as if every day is identical to him.

“I’m moving right now! And I don’t have a cellphone, so I couldn’t get in touch with you.”

Jin Lulu dangled the cellphone that she took from the writing desk, “What is this?”

“Isn’t this cellphone already broken long ago?”

Gu Hai barely finished his talk when the cellphone suddenly rang, Jin Lulu pressed the phone with a cold face, then both cell phones connected.


Jin Lulu suddenly threw the phone to the ground, the intact phone split into pieces, the broken pieces of the screen were scattered all over the place!

Gu Hai’s face changed, from shocked to angry then unable to control himself, all this happened in a split second, he strode towards Jin Lulu, grasped her shoulder, pressed her towards the corner of the room, then questioned her very fiercely.

“Who allowed you to break it?”

Jin Lulu held his tears, but her tone showed absolutely no hint of conceding.

“How many cellphones have we broke during our fights? Just because of that lousy cellphone, you become hostile towards me?”

Gu Hai’s eyes reddened because of the wrath, let alone himself.

“Yin Zi just repaired this phone, who the fuck allow you to throw it?”

“I let myself threw it!! So what if he’s the one who repaired it?”

Jin Lulu suddenly trampled on the phone’s case on the ground several times, the sound of shattering cruelly irritated both of Gu Hai’s eardrums.

“I threw it already, I trampled it already. Just kill me if you can!”


Translator Note:

[1] ‘Gnashed his teeth’: 咬牙切齿 is a Chinese idiom, which means to bite your teeth together and grind them. “Gnashing teeth” is used to describe angry look.

[2] ‘whooshed’: CJD wrote嗖 (sou1) which can be translated literally into whooshing, which means to move quickly with a rushing sound. Actually, this word translation can be substituted to another word, but I found this whooshing depiction really funny.

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