Addicted: Chapter 68

Chapter 68: An unpleasant feelings.


Translator: Sienna7455

Proofreader: grantye


In the middle of the dangerous clash, a hand stretched out and grasped Gu Hai’s arm, whose nerves were pulsating madly.

“Stop it, it’s just a cellphone, right?”

Bai Luoyin’s voice was extremely flat, it didn’t take much strength to block Gu Hai’s hand, but being confronted in this kind of slow-moving situation, Gu Hai’s cruel and fierce thoughts slowly calmed down, his hand that was clasping Jin Lu Lu’s shoulder gradually relaxed.

“Gu Hai, you’re not human!”

Jin Lu Lu screamed and pushed Gu Hai away. She kicked the door open and charged out from the compound house [1].

Gu Hai stood still at his current place, not stirring at all.

Bai Luoyin abruptly hit his shoulder, “You idiot, you still aren’t chasing her?!”

“Why do I have to chase after her?” Gu Hai’s reddened orbs were fixed upon Bai Luoyin.

“No matter what, she’s still a girl who’s come from far away to find you. No matter what, you’ve been together with her for three years. No matter what, you’ve slept with her.”

Gu Hai kept silent.

Bai Luoyin grabbed Gu Hai’s collar, yelling: “Damn it, are you a man or not?”

Gu Hai caught Bai Luoyin’s hand, his voice was peaceful and calm, yet it concealed a turbulent wave of surging feelings.

“Yin Zi, you know right, at this moment I’m only willing to listen to your words. Do you really want me to go?”

During this brief moment, Bai Luoyin’s heart suddenly lost its balance, as if a mechanical consciousness completely manipulated his own lips.

“Yes, you absolutely have to go, when a girl’s emotions go out of control, it can easily result in a bad things.”

Gu Hai turned his body and exited the door.

Bai Luoyin’s tall and straight stature went numb in an instant, he bent his waist then tidied up the mess on the floor.

When Gu Hai walked out, Jin Lu Lu had already run to another alley. After Gu Hai saw a glimpse of her shadow, he directly took a large stride to chase her. Not even a moment had passed and Gu Hai had already caught up with Jin Lu Lu’s pace. He saw her heading to a tree root, crouched at the ground and started to bawl.

This is the first time Gu Hai sees Jin Lu Lu behaving like this.

He didn’t understand, the reason of the rift between both of them, is it because of Jin Lu Lu or is it because of himself?

He had previously experienced the period of falling passionately in love, the phase of giving each other the cold shoulder, and the quarrelling period… These kinds of patterns won’t stop alternating with each other, but regardless of the period they find themselves in, he wouldn’t feel like there’s something wrong with the relationship itself.

Right now, Gu Hai suddenly felt rather tired and weary, he doesn’t know whether he’s already tired with this relationship or with the things he would do for Jin Lu Lu.

Only when Jin Lu Lu saw Gu Hai, that the sounds of weeping stopped. Even though she is the one at a disadvantage in this relationship, but she’s also unwilling to let Gu Hai see her moment of weakness, not even once.

“Gu Hai, this is the first time you chase after me when we fought.”

Gu Hai quietly watched Jin Lu Lu’s reddened, crying eyes, behind her lean and stubborn face is actually is actually a fragile lip, to his own surprise, his heart actually felt anguish. Just as Zhou Shi Hu said previously, she’s his cherished girlfriend for three years, three years is not a short time, any three-year relationship can create a genuine affection.

“Next time, don’t do this again.” Gu Hai said.

Jin Lu Lu suddenly hugged Gu Hai tightly while sobbing loudly. She thought that both of them were already over, she always has this notion after every time they had a row. Hence, she was always in a state of anxiety, although she felt that she lost her face, but she virtuously faced him to reconcile.

When Gu Hai took the initiative, it shows his softer side and Jin Lu Lu felt really grateful, as if she had received the greatest grace. She won’t grudge about their relationship problems anymore, she also realized that she had gone overboard just now.

Both of them stood beneath of the tree roots [2] for a very long time, talking about their previous matters, reminiscing about their memories together. A thing they definitely do after every time they quarreled, after that they make up.

“I won’t annoy you, I’ll never annoy you again.”

Jin Lu Lu wiped her tears, pulling Gu Hai’s hand and said, “Let’s go, I’ll help you move.”

When they returned to the compound house, the landlord told them that Bai Luoyin had already carried his things away in advance.

Gu Hai stared at the empty room as well as the tidy and clean floor, his heart churned over. He didn’t know how many times did Bai Luoyin go back and forth to move his things, how long he got busied by this…

Only at this moment that Jin Lu Lu remembered to ask, “Where are you actually moving to?”

“Yin Zi’s house, I’ve been staying at his home these days.”

Jin Lu Lu’s complexion turned somewhat fishy, but since both of them had just reconciled with each other, so she didn’t continue to pester him about this matter anymore.

When they were eating, Jin Lu Lu started to talk endlessly about her matters at school, about the bitchy girl that she put in order, about an insect that appeared in the canteen, about how she got bargained a discount from the food vendor, about the unusual old-fashioned clothes that her teacher wore for the entire day, about their awfully horrible custom-made batch of uniforms that were very unsightly……

Gu Hai stayed silent all the way, until a plate of smoked duck head was served, that he smiled and spoke up.

“Yin Zi really loves to eat this.”

Gu Hai ruined Jin Lu Lu’s extremely good mood.

“Gu Hai, let me ask you something.”

Gu Hai lifted his eyes to reply lightly, “What?”

“Don’t you think the way you treat Bai Luoyin is a little bit too good?”

“What’s your point asking this kind of question?” Gu Hai’s face darkened.

Jin Lu Lu was fuming with anger, she grabbed a piece of duck head and placed it on her plate.

Gu Hai felt somewhat weird while eating, he put his chopsticks down and spoke towards Jin Lu Lu:

“What kind of man doesn’t have a brother that he’s extremely close with? Why do you always have to make it difficult for him? Let me tell you, you really don’t understand Yin Zi. If you can understand him, you’ll definitely be very fond of him. Don’t look at his poor family conditions, he’s really full of talent, his taste is also quite unique. Even though he doesn’t like to smile, deep inside his bones, he’s actually a passionate person. Sometimes, he wants to care for you, but he’s too embarrassed to show it, so he does it secretly. Even if you see through his lies, he will still oppose you. He has a sharp tongue but a soft heart, his manner of speech doesn’t spare anyone, but his heart is actually very kind. I eat and live for free at their house for such a long period of time, he always pretend to drive me off, but when I really leave and didn’t return for half a day, he’ll definitely feel uneasy and restless. Oh right I forgot to tell you, he’s also exceptionally intelligent, he likes to tinker with a lot of things. Once, he changed the door in our class so that it couldn’t be opened from the outside but it could be opened from the inside.

That cellphone just now, it actually fell into the river, but he can still repair it…”

Actually, Gu Hai only wanted to talk a few words, to lower Jin Lu Lu’s worries down, who would expect that once he opens his mouth, he couldn’t restrain himself. Once Jin Lu Lu heard this, she became even more jealous and furious, this was the first time Gu Hai ever spoke so many words in front of her, as far as to praise another person unexpectedly. Isn’t it obvious that he only wanted to add more fuel to her ire?

Gu Hai was completely oblivious, he believed that when he spoke delightfully and interestingly, other people would also become interested.

Jin Lu Lu restrained her wrath with great difficulty, chewing the noodles in her mouth fiercely. The feeling of her superiority being stripped off by another person, is extremely unpleasant. So what if he’s a man? Just because that he’s a man, Jin Lu Lu felt that she shouldn’t feel that way.

Gu Hai, are you unable to differentiate who is more important?

After the meal, a lot of Gu Hai’s constrained feelings were finally relieved.

When they settled for the bill, during the time that the cashier was counting the change, Gu Hai could still manage to turn around and say something to Jin Lu Lu, “Today, Yin Zi praised me, he said my handwriting has improved.”

Jin Lu Lu almost took the fortune tree on top of the reception desk and thrashed it to the floor.

“Okay, everything’s settled!! Take care!”

For the entire afternoon, Gu Hai accompanied Jin Lu Lu in a shopping spree to all kinds of high-class places.

Before he slept at night, Gu Hai felt his heart was empty, when he shut his eyes, the only thing running through his mind is Bai Luoyin’s countenance. He felt that the air he inhaled isn’t incense, but rather drugs, slowly infiltrating into his innermost being. His train of thought started to become muddled again, his whole mind was in a mess. During the day, his mind was clear as the bustling downtown streets concealed his emotions. But now, his true emotions are revealed once more.

A romantic movie was playing in the high-definition TV, Jin Lu Lu was watching while muttering to herself at the same time.

“Is this girl too stupid or what? That guy is an idiot as well, why don’t you speak up. He’s really a spineless coward, I’m not watching anymore, let’s sleep.”

After that, she hugged Gu Hai and squeezed herself into the blanket.

The curtain of darkness fell gradually, Gu Hai slept with his head still in a daze.


“Da Hai, I’ve made a newly developed slingshot. Let’s shoot a bird together!” Bai Luoyin wiped his runny nose.

Gu Hai was dumbfounded, in front of his eyes was a white and plump child, his big eyes were sparkling, his small mouth opened and closed, he looked very familiar…

“Who are you?”

“I’m Yin Zi!”

Gu Hai was terrified, “Why have you shrunk into a little midget?”

“Who are you calling a midget?” Bai Luoyin placed his hands on his small waist, “Look at yourself, you’re not even taller than me!”

Gu Hai bowed down his head and looked at his corduroy trousers and his small cotton-padded shoes, whose size is less than thirty. His stretched his hands out and his plump arms looked like a piece of lotus root [3].

“What’s going on?”

Bai Luoyin laughed, his cheeks were flushed, “We’ve already known each other since small.”

“Known each other since small?” Gu Hai pulled Bai Luoyin’s hand.

Bai Luoyin spoke with excitement, “That’s right! We’re childhood friends!”

Childhood friends? That’s great… Gu Hai squeezed Bai Luoyin’s cheeks. So, we’ve actually known each other since small, we’ve been together for so many years. This is truly an exciting thing. Starting from now on, I can always play with Bai Luoyin until we grow up.

Gu Hai was grinning as he held Bai Luoyin tightly. Bai Luoyin placed a kiss upon Gu Hai’s cheek, then Gu Hai would kiss him back. After that, Bai Luoyin kissed Gu Hai again, then Bai Luoyin kissed again on the lips, and Gu Hai would return his kiss… While they were kissing each other, Gu Hai suddenly woke up.

Inside the luxurious room of the hotel, the warm lamp still emitted its light faintly.

Gu Hai sensed that his lips were a little moist, so he used his hand to touch it, his heart shuddered immediately afterwards.

Yin Zi, did you kick the blanket to the floor again?


Translator Note:

[1] ‘compound house’ is a house that refers to a cluster of buildings in an enclosure, where it is occupied by many families or households living together. It’s similar to a boarding house.

[2] ‘stood beneath of the tree roots’: most likely, the tree has hanging roots (example: willow tree), but it wasn’t really specified in the novel.

[3] ‘lotus root’: the outer appearance is similar to a potato, but lotus root has longer length.

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