Addicted: Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – Bai Han Qi’s good LUCK

Translator: Estreline

Proofreader: Sienna


“Mr. Bai, the factory director is looking for you.”

Bai Han Qi took his dustproof faceguard off, then entered the factory director’s office with tired and sleepy posture.

“Lao Bai, come, sit down.”

Bai Han Qi had no idea what had happened with the normally straight-faced director, but he spoke very politely today, not only that he pulled the chair for Bai Han Qi to sit, but he also poured a cup of tea for him.

Bai Han Qi was bewildered, what does he want to do?

“Lao Bai! Our factory has decided to dismiss you.”

Bai Han Qi’s heart skipped for a moment, his face turned white, he suddenly understood why the director is acting differently from his normal behavior, it’s simply because he wanted to fire him. Bai Han Qi’s hand that was holding the cup trembled, he stood up and placed the cup back onto the desk, he was standing straight in front of the factory director, his face showing an offended expression.

“Director, you know that my son is still in high school, this is exactly the time when I need money. I still have to support the whole family, not to mention there’s also a monthly medical treatment fee….”

“I know.” The director interrupted Bai Han Qi, “If it isn’t because of this, I’d really hate to let go of someone who has already worked here for more than ten years!”

“Then, why did you fire me?” Bai Han Qi anxiously clenched his fist, “Aren’t you just forcing my whole family towards a dead end?”

“What do you mean by forcing you to a dead end?” Bai Han Qi’s statement confused the director, “So, they haven’t given you a call yet?”

“Who?” Bai Han Qi was bewildered.

The director scratched his head impatiently, “Seeing you like this, it means that you really haven’t received a letter from them yet! How about this, I’ll give them a call…….”

Just as he finished speaking, someone knocked on the door.

The factory director went to open the door, he saw a man wearing an impeccable suit and directly greeted him with a smile.

“Oh, hello. You are already here. I was just about to give you a call!”

The man in suit only nodded while smiling, his gaze shifted to Bai Han Qi beside him, “This person is?”

The director called Bai Han Qi right away, “This is Lao Bai, the person that you’re looking for.”

The man immediately held out his hand.

Bai Han Qi smiled apologetically, “There’s dust all over my hand, it’s all right.”

The man didn’t force Bai Han Qi anymore, the director beside him took the initiative to introduce him.

“Lao Bai, this is the Human Resources Manager from Tong Jie Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Company, his surname is Miao, you can address him as Manager Miao.”

Bai Han Qi nodded towards Manager Miao.

The factory director poured a glass of water for Manager Miao as well, and then he excused himself, only Bai Han Qi and Manager Miao remained inside the office.

“It’s like this, our company would like to hire you to work as an engineer in our IT Department, the monthly salary after taxes is twenty thousand Yuan. There will be a paid vacation every month, the residential subsidy is five thousand Yuan, the transport allowance is two thousand Yuan, and the meal allowance is two thousand Yuan, and lastly, the year-end bonus is six months’ worth of your salary. The working hour is eight hours a day, with double off days during festivals and holidays…..”

Bai Han Qi’s ear went numb.

“Manager Miao, your company is not printing counterfeit money, right?”

When Bai Han Qi easily interrupted Manager Miao, who was talking to his heart content, the manager’s heart felt somewhat sour.

“Mr. Bai, you really are funny!”

Bai Han Qi laughed hollowly, “I’m not being funny, but it just that the conditions that your company offered are too unreasonable.”

Manager Miao took out his business card, “You’ve already worked in this factory for more than 10 years, so you’re definitely familiar with the factory’s daily operation. More than half of our company’s spare parts are manufactured by your factory, your factory director and I are acquainted as well, do you still not believe us?”

Bai Han Qi still couldn’t believe it, “The most important thing is, I don’t understand much about technology, how can I just simply waltz into your company and become an engineer there?”

“Don’t worry about it. When the time comes, there will be someone to guide you.”

“If it’s like that, why don’t you just directly find an engineer? It will save a lot of trouble!”

Vertical lines could be constantly seen upon Manager Miao’s forehead, this person is really too selfless. This is truly a great opportunity. If it were me, even if it’s a matter of life or death, I wouldn’t let this opportunity slip away! Look at him, still thinking about other people?!

“Mr. Bai, if you’re still hesitating, let me invite you to visit our company, the workshop has already been prepared for you.”

Bai Han Qi followed Manager Miao to the company in a half-dreaming and half-awake state. He went inside and looked around. It was a spacious and clean factory, everything was mechanized production. Those spare parts that he manufactured with his very own hand, if compared to these finished products before his eyes, were just like small sesame seeds.

“Mr. Bai, we’ve arrived.”

Bai Han Qi drew his attention back, he followed Manager Miao and went inside a room.

The room was more than 30 square meter area, spacious and well-lit. A desk is placed neatly in the middle of the room, there is a large bookshelf at the back, there are specialized books and reference books inside, along with sofa, coffee table, air conditioning, TV…. everything needed is there, standing in front of the French window, there is a beautiful small park outside.

Indeed, this is deserved to be called a manager’s office….. Bai Han Qi sighed in his heart.

“This is going to be your office.”

Ban Han Qi was taken aback, “What did you say?”

Manager Miao explained to Bai Han Qi patiently, “If you agreed to work here in our factory, just stay here first for the time being. In the future, if there’s anything that you’re not satisfied with, we can always replace it for you.”

Bai Han Qi stood in the middle of the office, his body stiffened just like a statue.

Manager Miao opened a drawer, and pulled out a brown paper bag.

“There is five thousand Yuan inside, if you are willing to accept our sincerity, please take this, and you can work here starting from tomorrow.”


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  1. Wow, is this what military management i.e. communist officials can do in China? Where only good connections matter? …


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