Advance Bravely: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The first combat

Translator: trangcugia
Editor: anhnguyen12332
Proofreader: Sae


For some incomprehensible reason, Xia Yao felt like he was being closely followed by a criminal who was ready to kidnap him any second now in return for ransom.

Hence, during his afternoon off, Xia Yao stayed at the police station to check out all the records of delinquencies in the past two years, to see if he could find any suspicious man that resembled Yuan Zong. Unfortunately for him, no useful file popped out and the ones he saw were cases, whether big or small such as bike robberies and so, that had been handled already. In the end, he couldn’t find any files connected to that rugged man with dominating aura.

After days of anxiety, Xia Yao set aside his rules, calling for more than ten bodyguards to his aid. They sat in a circle around him in a long duty car on the journey from the office to his home. As the car turned to a deserted corner, Xia Yao could not help but look out the window screen. He was immediately met with  a familiar intimidating gaze.

“Stop.” Xia Yao abruptly said to the driver.

The car next to his suddenly came to a stop as well before the window was scrolled down. Yuan Zong glared back at Xia Yao with eyes that flashed like blazing torches.

That glare! You still have the nerve to glare me? Glare at your grandma, you fucking bastard! Xia Yao viciously swore in his head, then pointed out the window while maintaining his composure.

“Go get him for me.”

More than ten well-trained bodyguards got out of the car, heading for the opposite direction.

“Get out!” The leader of the gang shouted.

Contrary to their expectations, Yuan Zong was not the only person in the car. There were also two of his own personal bodyguards from his company sitting in there with him. Hearing the loud yelling from the outside, those two bodyguards got out of the car. With just one glance, both had black beard, short hair and extremely intense manliness.

“We told that guy to get out, not you!” A bodyguard on Xia Yao’s side stated.

One of his rivals replied, “Before asking for our boss, show us your strength first.”

As the last word left his lips, the leader of Xia Yao’s bodyguard instantly aimed at the opposing personnel. But, before he could make any blows, he was beaten up to the ground right away with a  precise, “Spinning Twist Kick”.

Feeling enraged, his assistant lifted his leg with the intent to seek revenge but his leg was suddenly gripped. He could barely make out the enemy’s techniques before the enigmatic motions threw his body into the air. Within seconds, the side of the man’s face landed on the sidewalk in a bitter defeated.

Witnessing those blows, the colleagues of the two bodyguards began to panic.

Remaining in the car, Xia Yao kept a thorough observations of the battle outside. Since he was the one that personally hired those bodyguards, he knew their abilities inside out. They were not elites, but definitely not ordinary either.

Seeing more than ten of his men being repulsed by only two rivals, Xia Yao saw it impossible to accept. He got out of the car and darted towards the combating bodyguards with an angry shout:

“Give way!”

“Honourable Xia, you…” One of the bodyguard said in a confused tone.

Heeding him no attention, Xia Yao headed for the opposite opponent. First, he twisted his body, giving a splendid kick to the left side of his opponent. Then, as his leg changed its direction in the blink of an eye, the personnel was briskly thrown to the ground.

Xia Yao’s guards all gazed at him in awe. Why were they here if the client possessed such strength ?

Still in his car, Yuan Zong observed the fight with great enjoyment. Never before had he expected that slender man to be this powerful.

Yuan Zong’s bodyguards bravely jumped up to perform a kick from high above in an attempt to strike Xia Yao down. With a slight movement, Xia Yao’s left arm quickly locked the kick, then his left leg smoothly swept around, crushing the other man. The man’s head hit the ground with a big crack.

Xia Yao rubbed his hands together and turned towards the other car with the intention of coercing that man to get out. But before he could, his shoulder was suddenly gripped by a big skillful hand.

At last you’ve shown up. In just one second, Xia Yao’s masculine body was unexpectedly maneuvered.

And the next scenario made all the observants’ jaws dropped.

Xia Yao had yet to close in on Yuan Zong let alone attacking when he was spun around several times like a sandbag. Not a training partner, but literally a-sand-bag.

Xia Yao wanted to make use of his body to assault Yuan Zong, but Yuan Zong was even more flexible and his physical endurance seemed to significantly surpass that of Xia Yao. His position at the moment was just like a child fighting against a grown up. Xia Yao was continuously attacked to the point that all the bodyguards thought he would be beaten black and blue any time now. Eventually, seeing that Xia Yao had no more will to fight, Yuan Zong laid down his arms.

Xia Yao did not suffered any serious wounds. He was just a bit dizzy after being spun so many times.

After a moment of break, Xia Yao frigidly looked at Yuan Zong. “Make it clear today, are you seeking vengeance or properties consolation from me or something? If so, then do it quick!”

Yuan Zong answered with a completely calm tone, “My sister likes you.”

“What?” Xia Yao still did not get what Yuan Zing was implying.

“Yuan Ru.”

Xia Yao dumbly stared at his feet.

A whole week! Every kind of anxiety, confusion, obsession, then investigations, anticipation and so on…

A couple of minutes later,  Xia Yao suddenly lifted his head and shouted at Yuan Zong at the top of his lungs.

“Are the two of you insane?!”

All the irritations and hatred that he held in for the whole week was freed in that one shout.

Having done that, Xia Yao coolly turned up his collar and returned to his car.

Before leaving, he even scroll down the window and threw Yuan Zong a sentence.

“Tell your sister, stop messing around!.”


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