Advance Bravely: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Get Lost!



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As it turned out, Yuan Zong had more spare time on his hand than expected of someone that own a company.

This type of spare time was not reflected in how much freedom one has during the day – no – it was the kind that whenever you want free time, you had it. For Xia Yao, even if he wasn’t busy during the day, he still has to sit at his desk until 5 o’clock. But for someone like Yuan Zong, no matter how busy he was, the moment he has dealt with the matters at hand, he can immediately concentrate on sitting outside the entrance to the police station and wait for Xia Yao.

Yao Xia has endured three consecutive days of extreme pressure along with a menacing aura that thickened with each passing day.

For three days straight, Xia Yao suffered Yuan Zong’s electrifying stares to the point that he was going to have a minor mental breakdown.

If it was someone else that was looking at him, Xia Yao wouldn’t care much and  turn a blind eye to it instead. But, Yuan Zong’s piercing eyes were like thorns. Even if Xia Yao wasn’t looking straight into them, he could still feel as though his skin was being pricked all over with tiny pins. Sure enough, this kind of sensation was was not particularly comfortable.

Consequently, on the third day, Xia Yao bit the bullet and took the crowded subway.

Talking about subways, Xia Yao has not been one for three years. For someone like Xia Yao who has never been fond of crowded place since it left him feeling faint, being able to drive his car was more convenient. This condition was classified as a fainting disease or more known so as syncope. This disease would make him dizzy and at time leave a feeling as if butterflies were swarming his in inside.

To make matter a bit more difficult for him, Xia Yao also has occupational disease. Being in a crowded places put a strain on his nerves, eyes and ears since he is always on high alerts either carefully watching his surroundings or having some sort of suspicion about the people nearby.

Why is that woman’s stance so reserved? Maybe she hiding drugs beneath her dress. Why is that man holding a sleeping baby in his arms? Maybe he is trafficking children…

Even with these circumstance working against him, Yao Xia was determined to walk onto the subway.

During this hectic rush hour, Yao Xia changed from line 6 to line 2 and then to line 1. It was a total of three transits that resulted in a variety of pushing, pulling and innumerable collisions against other stranger. What’s more, the subway was fuming with the acrid odor of human sweat. But the most irritating thing was the two beautiful women wearing super short dresses standing on either side of Xia Yao. If there was just slight bump on the track, their legs would be dangling on his body already.


Xia Yao suffered all types of attack on his chest and stomach that left him feeling sick with the urge to puke. Even then, he mentally consoled himself. As long as I can avoid that asshole, I’ll take any amount of pain at anytime!

Caught in his own train of thought, Xi Yao casually looked up for a quick glance out of the corner of his eyes. His eyes slightly widened at the same time that his breath stopped dead in his throat…

A familiar figure appeared in the distance. Honestly, one cannot blame Xia Yao for deliberately looking over now. Yuan Zong’s tall build was just too distinct, too overbearing. (Yeah…right ???). It was not hard to notice him since he stood at least a head taller than everyone within his vicinity. Unsurprisingly, the people around him had put a distance of about three meters away from him as if they feared he would eat them alive. Standing on this side, Xia Yao felt as if he was being squeezed to death, while Yuan Zong on the other side, stood so still without much disturbance. All the while, his oblique eyes leisurely latched onto Xia Yao’s figure.

Yuan Zing wore a deadpan expression on his face, but Xia Yao felt that beneath that stoic look was a mocking grin. If Xia Yao’s legs were two meters long, he would kick that dickhead’s face right now. (Bitchy Xia Yao :v)

So infuriating, ah! >_<

“The train is nearing Dongdan. Passengers getting off, please be prepared. Dongdan is the next transfer station …The-next-station-is-dongdan … Dongdan!”

The passengers around Xia Yao began to move out, surrounding him at all sides. He started to count minute by minute, for the exact time to make a run for it. In just a  split second before those doors shut, he jumped off onto the platform. Xia Yao landed firmly with a proud smile threatening to draw on his lips.

Just as he was about to turn away, a warm hand halted his steps.

Xia Yao shivered and weakly turned back.

Fucking hell! Did you use those people’s heads as a carpet to climb out?

Yuan Zong calmly said, “You missed the stop.”

It was intentional! I don’t need you to remind me!!!

Xia Yao loathed this situation with every breath he took as he tore Yuan Zong’s hand away from his shoulder, “Dude, you’re not going to stop, are you?”

Yuan Zong merely cast a scathing glare without uttering a single word.

Seeing that stern face, Xia Yao used a rather sincere tone of voice to put leash on his own rising temper, “At first,I had a really good impression of you. You look very manly. But how can you be such a pushover? You let your sister walk all over you! I advise you to give up, really! If you’re a real man, don’t let me look down on you anymore.”

After Xia Yao spewed out his heart, all he received was a few dry words from Yuan Zong, “My sister has something to give you.”

Xia Yao roared with frustration, “Get lost! The further, the better!!!”


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