Advance Bravely: Chapter 9


You’ve lost all self conscience


Translator: DngQuc8
Editor: anhnguyen12332

Proofreader: Sae


A day later, in an attempt to avoid Yuan Zong, Xia Yao made a decision to travel by bicycle. With a slightly bowing stature and hands holding the handle, Xia Yao’s pure white shirt blew in the wind, showing off the intermittent appearance of his smooth underbelly.

His straight and long legs were in a state of shrinking and stretching as they harmonized with the rhythm of his movement on the paddles. Looking at it from the sideline, the movements were executed in a very artistic manner as he continued to maintain a steady balance ahead.

As he passed by vehicles along the road, all eyes, especially those of the ladies, would peered out from the window in his direction, mesmerized by his gracefulness. If those affection gazes could be described in only two words, it would be:

“Absolutely handsome!”

After properly parking his bike in the lot, Xia Yao ran into a colleague name Chang Tian.

“The heck! What’s up with the bike?”

Xia Yao obviously had no intention of telling his peer that he was trying to escape from a crazy stalker, so he simply replied, “Exercising.”

“It’s not necessary for a guy like you.” Chang Tian said before he slapped Xia Yao’s ass, “Building some muscles for this baby?”

Xia Yao’s expression did not show any sign of satisfaction, “Are you trying to make it flat?”

“Oops! Forgot about that.” Chang Tian smiled.

“Master Xia, you hate being touched, hate touching people, and hate seeing others naked in front of you. What would happen if you have a wife?”

Xia Yao slapped Chang Tian’s neck, “Is that any of your business?”

After several lengthy hours at work, Xia Yao left from the back gate with the intent to take a quick glimpse at the parking lot first. Sure enough, his bike was still there. He glanced at the main gate, only to find a familiar car parked there. It was as if the car itself has been waiting for him the entire time. Xia Yao curiously stared at the figure inside. Narrowing his eyes at Yuan Zong, he then stretched his legs  out and started to bike away.

As Yuan Zong followed behind with his car, his scorching gaze settled on those round, luscious buttocks, bumping rhythmically against the bike seat. This was indeed a mouth watering sight to the spectator.

Having reached a turn, Xia Yao unexpectedly swerved into a desolate small alley. Then he slowed down his bike just the slightest and turned towards Yuan Zong for a glance. With one of his brows slightly arched, he gave him a sexy lopsided smile, “Come over here if you have the guts! It would be strange if I ran over you!”

Yuan Zong pulled over at the entrance of the alley. Xia Yao frowned as he put his foot on the clutch, with the intention of gathering speed in an attempt to escape from the other man’s eyes. But as a result, the clutch wouldn’t budge. As he made an effort to speed up a second time, a crackling sound suddenly blared out. To his dismay, something was broken.

After sitting down to check where the car was for a moment, Xia Yao’s eyes turned bloody red. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 9”