Advance Bravely: Chapter 11

My hill Myna is bored!


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While Yuan Ru was busy searching for Yuan Zong, he was at the training ground outside, busy with supervising the members the training session.. A few days ago, the company had recruited some rookies who needed to undergo a month long training session. Although, they will all be rigorously training together, only one third of them will be accepted while the others will be eliminated.

A little distance away, six officers were heaving tires that looked to weigh around a couple of hundreds kilograms. All of the tires were bearing down on their shoulders. Moreover, trainee all had uneven height, so it was quite tiring for them to maneuver between each other as they passed the tires around. What was worse was that, they had to run quite far which added to their tiredness. Indeed, these training sessions were something that ordinary people can not bear.

After three rounds, a tired trainee could no longer continue.

Nothing this, the vice commander who was standing next to Yuan Zong went over and kick the man. With just one kick, the spiked boot immediately peeled off a layer of his skin. The man immediately dropped to the ground and groaned with excruciating pain.

“Stand up!!!” The commander shouted at the top of his lungs.

The trainee was already exhausted to the bones, how could he expect him to stand properly?

The commander stepped heavily on the rookie trainee’s lower back, forcing a gut wrenching wail from his throat. This kind of spectacle has been seen many times on these grounds so none of the trainers bothered to bat an eyelid. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 11”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 10

Suck on that!


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When Xia Yao left his house early morning of the next day, he immediately saw his bike leaning against the wall.

With just one glance, one could tell that it was restored to its original mint condition. The once broken chain was replaced and the crushed parts had been overhauled. Feeling slightly suspicious, Xia Yao let his eyes roam the surrounding area before heaving a sigh of relief. Lucky got him, Yuan Zong was nowhere in sight.

“At least you did something normal.”

Although his bicycle was back within his grasp in good condition, Xia Yao nonetheless decided not to use it. Knowing how Yuan Zong’s had been for the past couple of day, he knew it was best to be on high alert.

What if he’s up to something again? My life and safety might no longer be guaranteed.

In the end, a pair of roller-skates became his alternative traveling tool.

Contrary to what he had worn the previous day, this time, Xia Yao’s outfit was equipped with protective gears.

As he reached the department’s entrance gate, Xia Yao ran across some female colleague. The moment he vanished from their sight, the ladies began chatting to themselves.

“What’s wrong with Xia Yao lately? Yesterday, he rode a bike. Today, he’s on roller-skates!”

“You mean … he has feelings for me?”

“No! You silly girl!”


Once Xia Yao returned to his own office, he pulled off the roller-skaters and placed them closeby so that it was within his line of sight. “Let’s see how you’re going to mess with me this time.”

At the end of the work day, Xiao Yao easily put on his skates and took to pleasantly skating down the streets. He passed through even the most narrow alleys feeling as if no dilemmas could weigh down on him.

“Chase me if you have the guts! Come on! Follow me! I’ll make sure you won’t even get to see my shadow.”

After a few days, Xia Yao could finally treat himself to the joy of not being held down by someone loitering eyes. With that in mind, he breezed down the street towards his house filled with freedom. This was indeed a pleasure that made Xia Yao’s heart cried out in joy! He was so happy that when it was time for dinner, he ate more than one bowl.

Unfortunately, all joyous events comes to an end.

Once night fell, just as Xia Yao pulled down the blinds, the sight of someone’s stern face made him jump out of his skin, forcing him to pull back by exactly three steps.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, he was finally able to regain enough composure and courage. He walked back towards the window and snarled, “Fuck off!”

It was a frightening snarl that made the poor little Hill Myna thrash about its tiny cage.

Mrs. Xia rushed to her son’s bedroom and knocked on the door in worry, “Is everything alright?”

Xia Yao resentfully pulled up the curtains, heaved for while and replied, “It’s okay mom. You can go to bed now.”

It was not until Mrs. Xia went back to sleep did Xia Yao himself sat on his bed to meditate. (I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to calm your mind either 😂😂😂👌🏻). Fortunately, the distance between his bed and the window was a relatively good, given that his bedroom was bigger than the average. If it wasn’t for that, those disgusting pair of lurking eyes would have haunted him like a horrible nightmare in an attempt to drag down his spirit.

Why can’t such a parasitic man whose is as skin as thick as a rhinoceros vanish off the face of the earth? All this just because of an ordinary gift?

That bastard was better off throwing out that gift, then telling his sister that Xia Yao had already taken. (…well…he did throw it away…:v)


After calming down, Xia Yao could not fight back the urge to gaze at the window. Feeling rather curious, he surmised that Yuan Zong must have left by now since a whole hour has passed by already.

Without certainty, Xia Yao tiptoed to the window and peeped through a slight opening of the curtains.

Unsurprisingly, Yuan Zong’s own gaze met a beautifully drawn eye that could not conceal its current emotions.. Afterwards, the other eye was exposed, accompanied by a high bridge of a nose, soft lips, a firm chin and an gentle outline of the face that set off an irresistible anger.

Finally there was a “whoosh” sound of the curtains closing, followed by the sound of heavy treading.

The following day, before going to work, Xia Yao inserted two new batteries into the sound recorder, activate it, then hung it up near the little myna’s cage.

Over and over again, the recorder repeated the words that  Xia Yao’s sentence recorded last night.

“Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off!…”

That night Xia Yao traveled home by roller-skaters as usual, leaving Yuan Zong behind as far as possible. Once he arrive at home and had dinner, Xia Yao passed the baton to his “royal amplifier”.

Despite the fact that Yuan Zong did not appeared yet that night, little myna could not prevent himself from volubling.

Of course, once Yuan Zong did show up, little myna’s words hardened.

“Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off!…”

Xia Yao was able to clearly picture that stern man’s insulted face just thinking about it. Perhaps, this time, he could not inhibit the shame and pity.

“Suck on that!” Xia Yao chuckled to himself.


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