Advance Bravely: Chapter 11

My hill Myna is bored!


Translator: HiuPhm277
Editor: anhnguyen12332 & Sae

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


While Yuan Ru was busy searching for Yuan Zong, he was at the training ground outside, busy with supervising the members the training session.. A few days ago, the company had recruited some rookies who needed to undergo a month long training session. Although, they will all be rigorously training together, only one third of them will be accepted while the others will be eliminated.

A little distance away, six officers were heaving tires that looked to weigh around a couple of hundreds kilograms. All of the tires were bearing down on their shoulders. Moreover, trainee all had uneven height, so it was quite tiring for them to maneuver between each other as they passed the tires around. What was worse was that, they had to run quite far which added to their tiredness. Indeed, these training sessions were something that ordinary people can not bear.

After three rounds, a tired trainee could no longer continue.

Nothing this, the vice commander who was standing next to Yuan Zong went over and kick the man. With just one kick, the spiked boot immediately peeled off a layer of his skin. The man immediately dropped to the ground and groaned with excruciating pain.

“Stand up!!!” The commander shouted at the top of his lungs.

The trainee was already exhausted to the bones, how could he expect him to stand properly?

The commander stepped heavily on the rookie trainee’s lower back, forcing a gut wrenching wail from his throat. This kind of spectacle has been seen many times on these grounds so none of the trainers bothered to bat an eyelid.

Yuan Zong walked towards the rookie trainee and peered down at him. His tone was ravaged with indifference to the fallen trainee’s suffering as he spoke, “Stand up.”

The words that came out of his mouth were quite normal. Although it was two words, they mirrored two merciless guns that generated an intense emotion only describe as fear.

The rookie cried out, used his last bit of strength and pushed himself off the ground.

Yuan Zong pointed a frigidly indifferent finger.


Hearing that one commande, six people began to run simultaneously.

“Commander Yuan, Yuan Ru is waiting for you.”

Yuan Zong took a glance at his second in command, telling him to strictly watch over them before he took off towards the office.

As soon as Yuan Zong’s shadow faded, the training sessions came to a stop and their break time began. The crowd of trainers and trainee sat down cross-legged to gossip.

Do you know what our commander has been busy with lately?”

“I’ve heard that it has something to do with his sister. Her highness Yuan Ru has fallen for a guy who’s 24 years old and is exceptionally handsome. If I’m correct, he’s from a royal family.”

“How freaking frustrating! Our commander is almost 30 now. When will he start thinking for himself?  All our female guards are quite beautiful. When they are on the beach, they even put on bikini for him. You know, even though their gorgeous breasts were swinging back and forth, he doesn’t even bother giving any of them a single glance.”

“I think our commander is so tasteless.”

“What the hell…why would you say that???”.

“You’ve misunderstood me. What I mean is, love isn’t something that the commander speaks about…ever. Isn’t it quite obvious that he’s only heroic and has no eyes for any women.”

“Not really, maybe he’s just a bit slower in that field. Let me tell you something. My uncle was just like him. He was 35 years old and never any girlfriends. All our relatives were always so anxious for him that to the point that they thought he was gay. But then what happened? One day, he suddenly fell head over heels in love with my aunt, and would not let her out of his sight since then. Surprised, huh?”

“Hey, stand up quickly. The bell is ringing.”



Yuan Ru came to brainwash Yuan Zong once again.

“You know? Xia Yao has a hill myna. The bird is particularly lovely, just like him.”

How can Yuan Zong not know that? He was scolded by that thing for more than two hours last night.

“Brother, I really like that hill myna too. If both of us took care of that bird, how romantic would it be?”

“What are you getting at?” Yuan Zong asked with a low voice.

Yuan Ru giggled, “Please help me bring this box of bird food to Xia Yao. This was especially made by an animal trainer and will help the hill myna’s voice be even more pure. Later when we are married, I will tell the hill myna to sing love songs for us every day…woahh…”

(Me: *smirks* more like listening to it copy Xia Yao’s sexy moans in bed :v…oops O___O…did I say something I shouldn’t have? *evil grin* :v)

Without saying anything, Yuan Zong took the box.

For the last couple of days, Yuan Ru noticed that her brother’s attitude toward Xia Yao has gradually became better. It seemed that Yuan Zong has accepted this brother-in-law.

What Yuan Ru did not know was that Yuan Zong also has a hill myna that he just bought this morning at the market.

This hill myna was a little bit bigger than Xia Yao’s. It’s coat was coal black and its voice was also more pleasant. Making sure to train this little bird, Yuan Zong also bought a radio device to teach it how to talk.
After returning to the company, Yuan Zong immediately fed his own hill myna with the box of food his sister gave him.

([-___-) Tsk, tsk, tsk, when did you become so calculating, Yuan Zong? 😂)

Two days later, Xia Yao discovered that his hill myna did not talk much anymore. On the contrary, it  was even more listless than ever. Although it was given various delicacies, its spirit was still not uplifted. Before, its favourite food was peanuts chewed by Xia Yao himself, but now it did not even bother to smell the food.

Could it be that after scolding and cursing at Yuan Zong for the last two days, it was exhausted to the point of being unable to talk anymore?

As a result, Xia Yao decided to put the recorder away so that the hill myna will not be annoyed anymore and can have a proper rest.

However, contrary to his belief, the situation did not only improve at all. His hill myna became depressed more than ever.

That afternoon, Xia Yao was so worried about his bird that he made a request to take an early leave and rushed home.

Once he arrived him, before he was able to open his car door, he could hear a bird’s call coming from inside the house.

Did his bird regained its strength?

Xia Yao eagerly pushed open the door just to see his bird joyous again. But instead of an elated expression, his face immediately turned green at the horrific sight.

Another hill myna sat next to his. Its voice rang like thunder as it shouted at his myna.

“No way in hell! No way in hell! No way in hell!”

(This was in answer to the: “Get lost” in the previous chapter :))) )

The other pitiful bird could only strive to make out a few words with it’s hoarse voice, “Get lost … get lost …”

(Huhu, I feel so sad for Xia Yao’s pet 😢😂😂😂. That cheeky Yuan Zong!)

Each “get lost” was so arduous that it broke Xia Yao’s heart.

After a mere minute, his hill myna could no longer say anything else. Its eyes closed before it curled up into a ball in a corner of the cage. It was honestly quite a torturous scene to look at. The bigger hill myna on the other hand was still constantly screaming out loud.

“No way in hell! No way in hell! No way in hell!”

Xia Yao nearly forgot to breathe.


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12 thoughts on “Advance Bravely: Chapter 11

  1. Is this an online story only or is there a physical book we can buy? I want to buy all her books. I wish they’re available in eng trans, too. Her stories are seriously amazing! I’m from the Philippines btw. Hello, thanks for translating her stories! 😀

    I just heard that this series is once again postponed because of China’s censorship. Like…. why are they so against BL?!?! Ugh!


    1. There’s only the actually book in Chinese I believe but I read all of chai jidan’s work online


  2. Thank you, will continue to patiently wait for your updates… up to 70 in watt pad and though I’m anxious for you to pick up where you left off I will wait ……..for its a lot of work as it is.


  3. Thanks Anh, it’s a great story, I can’t find this book in English to buy and it’s difficult to read in Chinese. All the same, CHAI JIDAN is a great writer, thank you very much for the translation. You’ve done a great job, BRAVO!!! You’ve enabled me to read this far to chapter 11, Please, is there a way that you can make it possible for me to read other chapters ? MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!


  4. I was so happy to see this coming to the 70th chapter but before I was able to read them all, they all got deleted and I’m desperately waiting for it to continue now. :c I hope they won’t get deleted again and thank you SO MUCH for your hardwork!!


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