Advance Bravely: Chapter 12

The amount of time it takes to shoot


Translator: HiuPhm277
Editors: anhnguyen12322 & Sae


Xia Yao remained still, waiting silently in the bedroom.

As the sun set in the horizon, a sound abruptly transmitted from the balcony.

Xia Yao immediately launched himself towards the imposing noise and yank curtains open only to met that annoying face. Yuan Zong gently opened the window to grab the bird cage. It took a mere two seconds from the moment Xia Yao heard the noise to Yuan Zong firmly grabbing hold of the cage.

“You bastard!” Xia Yao whispered as to not arouse his mother.

With an indifferent appearance, Yuan Zong said in a very lackluster tone, “Your tank top is falling. Your nipples are showing.”

Since Xia Yao had ran so aggressively earlier, one side of the singlet he was wearing twisted and fell to the side without him knowing. He only had his usual comfortable pants on with the leg rolled up, exposing two smooth symmetrical legs. It wasn’t hard to notice that sexy aura emitting off his body as he stood just small distance away, oozing that animal magnetism.

What did you just insulted me with? Nipples[1]? I’ll have you know that these ones of mine don’t  produce milk, so you should learn to distinguish between them carefully. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 12”