Advance Bravely: Chapter 12

The amount of time it takes to shoot


Translator: HiuPhm277
Editors: anhnguyen12322 & Sae


Xia Yao remained still, waiting silently in the bedroom.

As the sun set in the horizon, a sound abruptly transmitted from the balcony.

Xia Yao immediately launched himself towards the imposing noise and yank curtains open only to met that annoying face. Yuan Zong gently opened the window to grab the bird cage. It took a mere two seconds from the moment Xia Yao heard the noise to Yuan Zong firmly grabbing hold of the cage.

“You bastard!” Xia Yao whispered as to not arouse his mother.

With an indifferent appearance, Yuan Zong said in a very lackluster tone, “Your tank top is falling. Your nipples are showing.”

Since Xia Yao had ran so aggressively earlier, one side of the singlet he was wearing twisted and fell to the side without him knowing. He only had his usual comfortable pants on with the leg rolled up, exposing two smooth symmetrical legs. It wasn’t hard to notice that sexy aura emitting off his body as he stood just small distance away, oozing that animal magnetism.

What did you just insulted me with? Nipples[1]? I’ll have you know that these ones of mine don’t  produce milk, so you should learn to distinguish between them carefully.

([1] *Nipples” in Chinese is 奶头, in which 奶 means “milk”)

By now, Xia Yao seemed to feel very resentful about everything as he put his hand directly out of the window.

“Give it to me.”

Yuan Zong asked, “Give you what?”

Xia Yao glacially said, “The gifts that your sister wants to give me.”

Hearing that, Yuan Zong turned around and walked back to his car. In just moments, he brought back the cookie box and some bird food that Yuan Ru had given to him and handed over to Xia Yao.

Having taken the box, Xia Yao immediately roared, “Now your mission is over. You better get out of my sight right now!!!”

Then, Xia Yao uproariously closed the door without giving the other man even a chance to take utter another word.

At first, Xia Yao had every intention to toss the gifts into the trash can, but after thinking it through for a moment, he decided to open it to see what was inside. His thought was, since he had suffered avoiding it for the past few days, he might as week know what it is, right?

Once the lid was open, Xiao Yao couldn’t believe his eyes as he peered at what was inside.
It turned out to be a bamboo tocsin[2], an instrument used especially by Buddhist monks.

([2] Tocsins are used as a musical instrument in villages as a warning signal, or in the pagoda where it is essential for Buddhist rituals)

Continuing to unwrap the other part of the gift, Xia Yao discovered a Shu Ching[3].

([3] Book of History for Buddhas)

Immediately after, Xia Yao could feel his blood rushing through his veins and his hair was practically in flames.

With both gifts in his hand, he launched towards the window with the intention of throwing these rubbish away. But once he opened the window, he instantly caught a glimpse of Yuan Zong standing outside as still as a statue.

“Fine! It’s good that you haven’t left yet.” Xia Yao pointed his finger straight at Yuan Zong’s face, ” Tell your sister, I want to see her one last time. If she wants to remain on good terms with me  and at least leave a passable impression, advise her not to wear a short skirt!”

That evening, Yuan Ru was blown away after hearing the news from her brother.

“Oh my god! You’re so dangerous. I’ve been pursuing him for so long, he has never once agreed to meeting up with me even when I asked.”

Today, it was one of those rare occasions where Yuan Zong actively showed his caring nature towards his sister.

“You should think about what to wear for tomorrow first.”

“Absolutely!” Yuan Run ran into her room and walked in circle in front of her five wardrobes, “Is this okay? Is it too flashy? How about this one? No, I can’t find any shoes to match it…”

In the end, Yuan Ru took out a zipped up skirt that was extremely short. Normally, Yuan Zong would have a heart attack if Yuan Ru were to wear it. When Yuan Ru brought the skirt out, she even casted a glance at him in fear of his anger.

Yuan Zong watched for a long time, then his tightly pursed lips finally opened, “Let’s choose this.”

(Ann: Bwahahahahahaha >_< XD XD You naughty naughty Yuan Zong!!! How could you!!’ 😱😜😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂 “Protective big brother” my ass! :)))) )


For those struck by bad luck, even a  fart can break their heels.

This particular saying was appropriate to use in describing Yuan Ru. Last night, Xia Yao had made every effort to adjust his annoyance. He wanted to express a bit of gratitude towards Yuan Ru for the gifts but consequently, she showed up wearing a short skirt instead. Any compassionate attitude he wanted to express died out immediately.  

“When will you stop chasing me?” Xia Yao said first.

Yuan Ru’s beautiful fingers rose slightly over her cheekbone as she looked passionately at Xia Yao.

“’Till the end of time. I won’t let you go.”

Xia Yao looked squarely at her, “What you mean is…no matter what  I do, you will never let me go?”

“I will fight for you till the end of time.”


Pausing to catch his breath, Xia Yao then muttered up some more courage to speak up.

“I have a fatal deficiency.”

“Honey, you have no shortcomings. I can’t see any! In my eyes, you’re flawless and your disadvantages are also your advantages! What’s wrong with having a few defects? Even I have some myself. Isn’t love the process of mutual tolerance and harmony? Now matter how you are, whether it be you’re lazy or dirty or you have a bad temperament, I promise to always love and pamper you. Even if your beauty is destroyed by acid, I’ll still stay with you until the end of time. If you have an accident, become brain dead and have to live like a vegetable, I’ll still be willing to serve you for this entire lifetime. Even though you…”

“And if I’m impotent…?” Xia Yao interrupted her.

Yuan Ru was suddenly stupefied as she looked at him. It took her a few minutes to calm herself.

“W-What did you say?”

“It takes me about three seconds to shoot.”

Yuan Run scratched the back of her head, “I-uh-suddenly realized I have a little work to do, so I’m won’t waste your time anymore. Let’s just leave it at this. I’m not really ladylike anyway, I’ll leave you to handle yourself.”

Having said so, she immediately jumped out of the cafe and fled the scene.

(Ann: Gurl, really?! :))) Can’t blame her though, a woman has her needs :v )

(Sae: Agree! Bahahaha)


Quiz: First person to name the exact scene in this chapter that is present in the trailer gets their name mentioned in the next chap ^^ ❤


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  1. Thanks for translating!..and the scene is it the one with the gift?…not sure i saw the trailer but did see ep 1-3 so might be confused


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