Lawless: Chapter 48

With the afterglow of excitement still flowing in his body, Xiao Li could hear the faint sound of Qi Xiu Yuan swallowing. He opened his eyes and looked down only to meet Qi Xiu Yuan blazing and passionate gaze staring straight up at him. Keeping their eyes locked, Qi Xiu Yuan swallowed the semen that shot out and wiped the corner of his mouth in a flirtatious manner. This tempting sight made Xiao Li’s body burn and tremble once again before he immediately closed his eyes. The only thing he felt then was the rapid beating of his own heart against his chest.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s hot and moist tongue licked, kissed and slid back up –- passed the now sensitive skin near Xiao Li’s aching groin, then up along his stomach, chest, neck, chin –- all the while, each breath he took fanned out and burned Xiao Li’s skin as if marking him his. The entire time, he incessantly muttered some words.

“I always thought…how beautiful you are…I knew early on that you were…really…beautiful……”

Having climaxed with such a pleasant sensation just a moment ago, Xiao Li powerlessly leaned against the wall. Although he disapproved of the words that were used to described him, he had to no energy left to correct him. But the moment he sensed Qi Xiu Yuan’s heated kiss sank into his chin, he opened his eyes, stretched his hands out, grabbed hold of his neck, and took the initiative to kiss his lips.

The lingering taste of semen was still trapped in Qi Xiu Yuan’s mouth when Xiao Li’s tongue charged in. Qi Xiu Yuan’s tongue seemed to tease the curious invader, again and again, stirring about as if to stimulate and leave it addicted. This kind of feeling was a completely new experience for Xiao Li and the desire it brought made him weak. So utterly weak that his arms could only hang helplessly on Qi Xiu Yuan’s shoulder while allowing himself to kiss and suck on the other’s lip as to satisfy his own craving.

However, when Qi Xiu Yuan abruptly seized the hand that was placed on his shoulder, Xiao Li began to shift about restlessly for a moment. He could feel his hand being captured then slowly brought to the small space between their wet bodies, then it was pressed against something scorching hot and increasingly hard to the touch.

Xiao Li held his breath and gently took it in his hand. That touch, which Qi Xiu Yuan could once only imagine, immediately caused his breath to become chaotic and irregular. Completely lacking order, he started to kiss Xiao Li while his waist simultaneously advanced forward in an aching need to indulge and comfort himself in Xiao Li’s hand.

Sensing the member in his hand hardened just a bit more, Xiao Li’s left hand touched the side of Qi Xiu Yuan’s head, lightly pushing him away. But, Qi Xiu Yuan did not stop the movement of his waist from continuing to move back and forth as he let his slightly confused and fervid gaze watched him. Xiao Li could feel his own face burning as if he was having a high fever. He tried to avoid Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes as he tried to speak.

“I can also……like how you did that……using, using my mouth……”

Hearing those words, Qi Xiu Yuan’s member immediately increased in size. Just as Xiao Li was contemplating whether he should push him away a bit first or kneel first, Qi Xiu Yuan had already grabbed his arm and turned his body over. In just seconds, his chest was pressed heavily against the wall.

“Qi Xiu Yuan, don’t be like that……” Just as Xiao Li turned his head around, Qi Xiu Yuan began to lightly bite his ear from behind before gently pressing one side of his face against the wall. When he felt the inner skin between his thighs and ass came into contact with the hard and hot member, he couldn’t help but panic a little and whisper Qi Xiu Yuan’s name.

“Qi Xiu Yuan…”

“Don’t be nervous……” Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice was warm and husky as he licked his earlobe, while softly coaxing him at the same time, “I won’t hurt you……just let me move a little and it’ll be okay……just a little……”

At this age, Xiao Li has never heard anyone spoke to him like this before, as if he was very fragile, timid and unable to resist. This kind of tone made him felt extremely uncomfortable, however, his entire body couldn’t help but become weak. He doesn’t know how to answer him and as it seems, Qi Xiu Yuan didn’t need his answer either as he continued to slowly lick and bit his ear. Even his tongue crawled out and disappeared into his ear as well. The member that was brazenly rubbing against his ass created a tantalizing sensation that produced vague sounds similar to that of during sex.

Xiao Li gasped for air. In front of him was the sleek and ice-cold ceramic tile and behind him was a very wet and warm body. Qi Xiu Yuan pressed his own member heavily against him while using the same frequency to push his tongue teasing in and out of his ear causing Xiao Li’s body to fall into a spell of trembles. Finally, when Qi Xiu Yuan’s tongue pushed in with more force, Xiao Li could no longer suppress his voice and moan repeatedly instead.

For Qi Xiu Yuan—-who was already intoxicated–those shattered moans made it impossible for him to resist the seduction. He firmly grasped Xiao Li’s ass and glued his body close until there was no gap between them. As his member stuck aggressively close to the space between his ass and thighs, Qi Xiu Yuan began to carelessly kiss Xiao Li’s rosy cheeks at the same time. His breath became heavy with excitement as he muttered some words.

“I’ve thought for a really long time……that it would like this, or something even more comfortable……my……my everything……everything that makes me…every part of me……loves you, loves you. It’s really good to love you, really good……”

Xiao Li shut his eyes tightly which caused his brows to wrinkle together. Although stubbornness was drawn on his face now, there was also embarrassment chasing closely by. Delicate beads of sweat had already formed on his forehead and began to trickle down slowly. It flowed quietly through his eyelashes and landed unceasingly on his burning lips as he gasped for air.

This erotic expression intensified Qi Xiu Yuan’s desire and excited millions of nerves in his body, causing it to explode like shooting stars. He greedily stared at Xiao Li’s face, taking in all the subtle changes that arose, listening to each breath as it raced out of his lips, feeling his hot and firm body completely within his embrace while at the same time taking pleasure in this boundless state of ecstasy.

In this confined space, shrouded with steam, the chaotic sound of gasping for air and their bodies rubbing against each other was exceptionally clear. There was an even more erotic and licentious touch to the atmosphere around them as Xiao Li urgently willed air into his lungs. Trying to focus his mind, he instead only discovered that his erection has returned at full force once again.

Since he was still being roughly pressed from behind, his excited member had no choice but to rub coyly against the solid ceramic tile in front of him. As the cold tile gradually became warm, Xiao Li could feel both his legs weakening even more, just as it did before he was attacked like this. As the sound of sobs and moans softly filtered the air, he weakly raised his right hand to cover his own face.

Never one to miss any of Xiao Li’s even smallest action, Qi Xiu Yuan’s firm left hand came to an abrupt stop on Xiao Li’s butt cheek while his right hand seized the hand that was covering his face. Then, he interlocked their fingers and pressed his arm to the upper right side of the wall. When Xiao Li whimpered with discontent, Qi Xiu Yuan planted a trail of kisses from his lips to his ear.

“I want to see……” His breathing was unsteadied as he spoke, “…your expression is really sexy……because of it, I…ahhhh, because of it, I became like this……it’s really sexy……”

“Shut up.” Xiao Li uttered with much difficulty while wishing that he could become a deaf person. However, his member said otherwise and twitched instead, nearly bringing a burst of pain.

“No…” Qi Xiu Yuan quickened the speed of his rhythm and said in between moans, “I’ve wanted you for a really long time……not just like this. I want to go in……I want you to ride me……I want……Xiao Li, Xiao Li, Xiao Li, Xiao Li……”

In seconds, his strength and speed both began to intensify. Every time he moved his member back and forth between the lad’s ass and thighs, he would call out Xiao Li’s name. Every time he called his name, Xiao Li felt as though he was going to melt. He could feel the back of his thighs burning as if melting with the member rubbing roughly against it. The movement then became even more intense and passionate. Finally, as Qi Xiu Yuan’s stifled moan danced out, the strength of his left hand–that was still firmly caressing and grabbing Xiao Li’s ass—increased as if to claw into his skin. Then, something hot and wet sputtered between Xiao Li’s legs.

Still glued together, Qi Xiu Yuan sucked Xiao Li’s ear. He gasped lightly while continuing to rub his semi-softened and sticky member at the same spot, waiting for the lingering bit of pleasure to pass by.

For a long time, Xiao Li flushed face did not withdraw as it leaned into the bathroom wall, pretending to be deaf. Qi Xiu Yuan didn’t say anything either. He kept one hand on Xiao Li’s ass while the other was still interlocked as he quietly remained glued to him from behind.

Their chests were moving up and down hysterically. Xiao Li could clearly feel the warm skin that was not his plastered on his own. Qi Xiu Yuan’s heartbeats throbbed urgently and powerfully just like his own heartbeats. It was as if their hearts were echoing and mutually responding to each other as to become one.

Then, without warning, Qi Xiu Yuan lightly kissed the back of his ear a few times. He gently grabbed his shoulder and turned him over before tenderly kissing his lips again and again.

Xiao Li was still hard and Qi Xiu Yuan hasn’t gone soft either. Now that they were leaning into each other, they could immediately feel the other’s urgent situation. When Qi Xiu Yuan kissed him again, Xiao Li promptly reached out to hug him. Their lips would meet then separated just a mere centimeter as they simultaneously gasped for air.

Qi Xiu Yuan reached down towards the space between them and took hold of both their hot and still very much erected members in his hand. A soft moan escaped them at the same time. Their lips met each other for more kisses while their tongues and teeth began to tangle together passionately.

As their touches continued, Qi Xiu Yuan’s member became more and more excited. He had shot once already, while Xiao Li had been hard for a long time now with all the fluid inside was coyly waiting to be released.

In Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand, their members rubbed vigorously against each other. The veins rose and each time it rubbed against the other, the nerves seem to throb as if beckoning the handler to move faster. Qi Xiu Yuan maneuvered his finger towards the tip and grazed at it intermittently, then slowly wrapped his fingers around their members again.

As their pleasures progressively rose, Xiao Li couldn’t help but to start moving his hip up and down as to comply with the movements of Qi Xiu Yuan’s skillful hand. In just seconds, a long moan drew out from deep within Qi Xiu Yuan’s chest. He kissed Xiao Li again and again while playing with their members, adding more strength in his hand when needed.

The raging fire burning within Xiao Li charged wildly, making him dazed. He kept twisting while the lower half of his body was under Qi Xiu Yuan’s control. His member was rubbing immensely against the other’s creating rolls of friction that turned into pleasure. The sensation was so strong, he couldn’t help but throw his arms around Qi Xiu Yuan’s neck, hugging him tightly to the point his fingers seemed to nearly dig into his back.

Feeling the slightly stabbing pain of his back being dug into, Qi Xiu Yuan became even more excited. He used more strength to squeeze his and Xiao Li’s burning members together a bit harder before he started to move his waist forward.

Clear cloudy like fluids flowed out from the tip of their cocks and mixed together, while their sweats flowed down disorderly. Neither knew whose saliva hung on whose lips as their mouth latched onto each other. Even their heavy moans and irregular breathing seem to interweave harmoniously together.

The first to be on the verge of climaxing was Xiao Li. As he let out a stuffy moan, his member began to slightly twitch. His fingers dug firmly into Qi Xiu Yuan’s back, creating several red scars. Qi Xiu Yuan was completely seduced by him. In the midst enjoying this thrilling, euphoric pleasure, his orgasm immediately reached its peak.

Murky white semen spurted on both their stomachs and chests, silently mixing together so that it was distinguishable whose was whose. For what seemed like the longest of time, the two remained embracing each other tightly.

Basking in the afterglow of the pleasure that lingered, surrounded by the strong smell of what can only be described as love, listening to the sound of the water faintly trickling, and wrapped in a sultry atmosphere, the two exchanged bits and pieces of kisses while their breaths spun chaotically.

Then, feeling satisfied, Qi Xiu Yuan’s hot tongue crawled out and licked Xiao Li’s lips for a moment before he whispered as to tease him.

“So, as it turns out, you actually don’t like talking when you’re doing something like this.”

Xiao Li pushed him away and made his way to stand beneath the showerhead. Qi Xiu Yuan promptly embraced him from behind and stood beneath the warm flowing water. A smile was still drawn on his lips as he spoke again.

“I always thought that you were the kind of person that like to speak when you do it.”

When Xiao Li paid him no attention, Qi Xiu Yuan moved in closer to kiss his ear and whispered with an enticing tone, “Your voice……is so pleasant……you should talk more, you know…it’ll be so nice to hear.”

Xiao Li raised his elbow and moved it back as to push away but since he did not use a lot of strength, Qi Xiu Yuan could clearly see that the back of his ears was bright red. This only made him more elated as he fell into another spell of excitement and hug him tightly again, refusing to let go.

“Let go.” Xiao Li quickly lashed out.

“Why didn’t you say, ‘don’t be like this?’” Qi Xiu Yuan blew his hot breath out along his ear, “I love to hear you say, ‘Qi Xiu Yuan, don’t be like this.’ Just hearing those words make my heart tickle. I’ve dreamt of you saying, ‘Qi Xiu Yuan, don’t be like this, don’t be like this……’ to me many times already.”

When had Xiao Li allowed someone to act so obscenely to him without restraint like this before? In just a split second, his ears were so red, it simply looked like blood was dripping. Qi Xiu Yuan watched him until his heart felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. The person he was embracing now was the one that he had always yearned for even in his dreams. The longer he held him, the more his longing increase and his desires began to stir once again.


Xiao Li had flipped the small shower switch down which caused the once warm water to abruptly become cold. Caught completely off guard, Qi Xiu Yuan was overtaken and shivered from the coldness. Xiao Li seized the opportunity and struggle free of his embrace. Then, he swiftly turned around, covered Qi Xiu Yuan’s mouth with his hand and pushed him towards the wall with an extremely angry expression.

“I thought you were an honest person.” He whispered, his tone laced with accusation as he stared at Qi Xiu Yuan with an intense gaze.

If the bright red tint on his face had not scattered yet and his sturdy body still had remnant of his prior excitation, his accusation would have been a bit more formidable.

When Qi Xiu Yuan stared at him and let his tongue dance out to lick the palm of his hand, Xiao Li quickly withdrew his palm.

Qi Xiu Yuan watched his reaction and laughed before slowly whispering, “You’ve only realized that I’m not honest now? Then tell me, what part of me is not honest?”

At those words, Xiao Li tried to control the blush that threatened to spread over his face again. He stared at him in disbelief for a moment, then decided to ignore this scoundrel. After, he swiftly turned away to take a proper shower instead.

Qi Xiu Yuan did not loosen up and followed right after. He grabbed Xiao Li, whose back was facing him and bind him into his embrace again. As soon as he saw Xiao Li’s shoulder shift as if he wanted to use his strength to push him away, Qi Xiu Yuan quickly coaxed him.

“I won’t say anything else. I won’t even let me take a shower with you?”

Xiao Li grunted once and didn’t say anything else. Nor did he struggle or push him away this time.

For a long while, Qi Xiu Yuan hugged him beneath the cold water but soon no longer able to control himself, his lips pulled in close to the side of Xiao Li’s ear again.

“You’re completely different from what I had imagined. Aren’t you a gang leader? How can you be so shy——“

The sound of a tightly clenched fist immediately struck firm muscles, followed by a man struck with pain deeply inhaled cold air. He withdrew a few steps back and then the sound of him bumping into against the wall sounded off.

Qi Xiu Yuan rubbed his shoulder and watched a formidable gang leader stood before him with an imposing attitude. Minding his own business, Xiao Li continued to take a shower, while cursing himself several times.

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  1. Finally! I’m free at last! Lol is it normal for me to read this in public on broad daylight sitting right next to my otosan? Hahaha


  2. Three chapters of tissues boxes lol and she left a lot of things for later 😛
    They are so sweet, Guies enjoy eachs econds cause it wont last 😦
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  3. All my neighbors think I’m suffering because I keep screaming. one even came over to ask if everything is alright. if only they knew…


  4. LOL QXY just needs to zip his lips for a few minutes and just let Xiao Li bask in the afterglow. Look at him ruining the sweet mood with his embarrassing jibber jabber.


  5. I’m scared though , what if his boss(I forgot the name cause his an a**hole) sees those kiss marks? What will happen to Xiao Li 🥺


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