Advance Bravely: Chapter 16

Locking these feelings inside


Translator: oc1221haiphong

Editor: Sae

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


While Xia Yao was struggling with this uninvited guest, another ridiculous event was happening where Meng Xin Yi was sitting.

What a nice coincidence! Yuan Ru’s meeting place with her date (set up by you-know-who) was in this cafe as well.

God bless me! I asked my brother for a man and he sets me up with this uptight dude. What heck was he was thinking?!

As Yuan Ru was thinking through her predicament, she suddenly spotted a familiar face. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 16”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 15

Your belt is a little low!


Translator: Ngquynhanh

Editor: Anhnguyen12332 & Sae
Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


Throughout dinner that night, Xia Yao’s anxious behaviour was quite apparent to the point that even Mrs. Xia could see that something was not right.

She put a piece of fish into his bowl and asked gently, “You have something on your mind?”

“Mom, do you remember that time you told me…about the daughter of…who was it…Mr. Meng or Mr. Chao, who is about the same age as me?” Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 15”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 14

What kind of logic is this?


Translator: trangcugia
Editor: anhnguyen12332

Proofreader: Sae


That night, Xia Yao did not sleep a wink. He tossed and turned in his bed, thinking about what had happened that morning. Just the mere thought of it made his blood boil. How on earth could a man fall for him out of nowhere? If it  been a girl, he could had simply made some cutting remarks to force her away.

However, his opponent was not an easy going man. With just one glance at his appearance, it was clear as day that he was the kind of person that dared to do anything. It didn’t help either that Xia Yao had spurred him up until he himself received a cheesy love confession right in front of the police station.

Just the mere thought of these things made Xia Yao’s head ached terribly.  Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 14”