Advance Bravely: Chapter 14

What kind of logic is this?


Translator: trangcugia
Editor: anhnguyen12332

Proofreader: Sae


That night, Xia Yao did not sleep a wink. He tossed and turned in his bed, thinking about what had happened that morning. Just the mere thought of it made his blood boil. How on earth could a man fall for him out of nowhere? If it  been a girl, he could had simply made some cutting remarks to force her away.

However, his opponent was not an easy going man. With just one glance at his appearance, it was clear as day that he was the kind of person that dared to do anything. It didn’t help either that Xia Yao had spurred him up until he himself received a cheesy love confession right in front of the police station.

Just the mere thought of these things made Xia Yao’s head ached terribly. 

Normally, it would have been nice to sleep in on the weekends, yet Xia Yao only felt restless. After browsing through the contacts in his phone for a long while, he stopped at Peng Ze’s name and pressed the call button with anxiety.

“Hello ?” A sleepy voice came through from the other side of the phone.

Xia Yao lowered his voice, “Da[1] Ze, are you free right now?”

([1] Da = Big, like “Da Hai”. Same as Xiao = small, like “Xiao Hui” or “Xiao Bai”)


“Right now.”

Blinking a few times, Peng Ze let out a big yawn, “Do you know what time it is?”

Xia Yao sighed, “I have a problem, an enormous one. If it’s possible, please come over to the café in the western gate. I’ll wait for you.”

Ending the call, Xia Yao quickly washed his face, quickly got dressed and left his home.

Having expected that there would be only the two, Xia Yao could not believe in his eyes when Peng Ze brought another guy along with him. What’s more, it was a  good-looking man dressed in a western style clothing who was looking around with enthusiasm while he walked down the street.

“Who’s this?” Xia Yao asked a bit taken aback by the extra person’s presence.

Peng Ze promptly introduced the man, “My friend, Li Zhenzhen.”

The man name Li Zhenzhen smirked, “Just call me ZhenZhen.”

ZhenZhen… Xia Yao secretly felt a need to vomit just hearing the name alone. He wasn’t sure if it had been because of Yuan Zong that he now found it inconvenient to look at any gay-looking guy.

Li Zhenzhen had a strangely piercing gaze, as he noticed all the expressions of Xia Yao from the other side of the table.

Once the three sat down, a waiter approached them.

“Coffee please,” Xia Yao ordered without hesitation.

“Two cups of coffee.” Peng Ze said before he turned to Li Zhenzhen, “What do you want?”

“5100M natural glacier mineral water.” Li Zhenzhen replied nonchalantly.

Peng Ze giggled at those words, “Why don’t you cut it short with ‘filtered water’?”.

“How can it be the same? This mineral water increases the skin’s elasticity. Can filtered water do that?”

Xia Yao secretly gave Li Zhenzhen an unfriendly glance again.

When the waiter walked away, Peng Ze intentionally pointed at Xia Yao and asked Li Zhenzhen, “Hey, is my brother handsome?”

Li Zhenzhen glanced at Xia Yao and replied aimlessly, “So-so. At the least he looks like a human being.”

Normally Xia Yao doesn’t pay attention to others’ comments on his appearance or his brothers’ jokes. But, why was it that he felt so annoyed with Li Zhenzhen’s remark?

Diverting the topic, Peng Ze asked, “Oh yes, you said you have a problem. What is it?”

“Oh forget it, I’m also fed up with it now.” Xia Yao sighed, “I really don’t know how to start. Let’s  just leave it there and talk about something else.”

Li Zhenzhen let out a bitter response, “Seems like you’re referring to me as an obstacle.”

Hearing that, Peng Ze immediately slapped Li Zhenzhen’s thigh, “Don’t be so silly! He said that incidentally, not with that implication!”

Feeling slightly agitated Li ZhenZhen retorted, “Why did you slap my thigh!? Listen! In order to act properly, we must bear in mind our roles. Don’t fool around all the time. What if others see us like this?”

“So what if I fool around?” Peng Ze’s hands became even more shameless as it immediately began to roam all over Li ZhenZhen’s body. “Then it’s your mouth that needs to be shut, so I will do you right there.”

(calm down boys :))). You should’ve realized now that this is a supporting couple ^^)

Li Zhenzhen purposely gave out a moan, making Xia Yao felt exceptionally uncomfortable.

After struggling for a moment, Li Zhenzhen fixed his collar and stood up, “Alright then, I don’t want to interrupt your emotional conversation. I’ll browse around that stationery store over there and jog around for a bit.”

The corner of Peng Ze’s lips curved into a smirk, “Buy anything you like, your husband will pay for it all!”

After this sentence, Peng Ze grinned pervertedly for a while before turning back only to find Xia Yao with an unimpress facial expression.

“Hmph… Like that”. Peng Ze roughly explained. “Recently, I have my sights set on a girl. In order to capture her heart, I called for ZhenZhen to hook up with me.”

Xia Yao’s mouth twitched, “You’re hooking up with him just to flirt with a girl?”

What kind of fucking logic is this!

Peng Ze answered frankly, “Yeah, that’s right! Don’t you know, girls these days all like that kind of thing! When I followed her directly, she won’t even give me a glance. But when I go out with ZhenZhen, her eyes flies towards me right away.”

Xia Yao’s muscles immediately stiffened.

Seeing him like that Peng Ze asked, “Oh right, what disastrous thing happened to you? Now that Li Zhenzhen is gone, you can tell me.”

Xia Yao numbly shook his head.





Hmmm…Nothing much in this chapter ^^


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