Advance Bravely: Chapter 15

Your belt is a little low!


Translator: Ngquynhanh

Editor: Anhnguyen12332 & Sae
Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


Throughout dinner that night, Xia Yao’s anxious behaviour was quite apparent to the point that even Mrs. Xia could see that something was not right.

She put a piece of fish into his bowl and asked gently, “You have something on your mind?”

“Mom, do you remember that time you told me…about the daughter of…who was it…Mr. Meng or Mr. Chao, who is about the same age as me?”
“Oh, Meng Xin Yi you mean ?” Her eyes rose a bit as she laid down the chopsticks before she gave him a smile. “Last time I asked, you said you’re not interested. What’s with the sudden change of mind? Have you come to your senses?”

“Why? What else than to give you your dream grandchild?”

Of course, mother Dowager feigned anger as she looked squarely at her son. She promptly denied, “My son is still young. I won’t rush you!”

You’re not in a rush but I am…

He poked the rice, then asked, “What’s she like mom?”

“Meng Xin Yi?”

Still looking at his mother, Xa Yao nodded.

Mrs. Xia racked through her thoughts for a while before replying, “Her appearance is fine…not very tall, but the girl is exceptionally gifted. Let me repeat that, she’s very talented. Not only is she a master at playing the piano but she’s also gifted in writing, especially poetry. She has already published two books. Having a proper education is crucial in the family and what’s better is that her parents are honest, humble people, so their daughter must be a true lady as well.”

After hearing his mother’s brief introduction, Xia Yao seemed really satisfied, “To be honest, old-fashioned girls are my type.”

Hearing that, Mrs. Xia was quite pleased with his optimist attitude. For the longest time, she had to hear complaints from other mother about how their beloved sons were picky and bored by the idea of having a girlfriend. These sons decided on their own to raise the standards which appeared to be reasonable to them but in turn, it was unacceptable to the worried parents. Mrs. Xia never thought that her rebellious teenage boy could become so rational about the issue. In one word, she was on cloud nine.

“Alright then, I’ll contact her mother. Good thing it’s Sunday tomorrow. You two should meet.”


Early morning the next day, even before the sun appeared, Yuan Zong was unpleasantly awakened by Yuan Ru.

“Big brother, please I’m begging you, save me from this dilemma.”

Indifferent to this ‘urgent request’, Yuan Zong walked straight towards the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Yuan Ru’s brows slightly wrinkled together with discontent as she chased after him, crying out for help, “Brother, find me a guy! I feel lost and empty. It’s like a blank space has taken over me where my beating heart should be. The image of Xia Yao keeps spinning around in my head. I desperately need to get rid of my feelings for him as soon as possible.”

“That’s easy. There’s one available right now.”

Slightly taken aback, Yuan Ru’s big round eyes sparkled, “How does he look like? Is he rich or poor? Whether he had a diploma or not doesn’t matter. I just need him to be handsome and the most pivotal point is a great body, strong and powerful, just like you brother.”

After a few more minutes passed by, Yuan Zong finished washing his face and went back into his bedroom. He picked up a card on the table and gave it to Yuan Ru.

The girl bit her lips in shyness, “Uhm, for a girl like me…to directly ask for a date…may prove that I’m not sensitive enough.”

“I can help you with that.”

“Then you can also decide the time and place!”

Right after that, just a little baby, she fled away into her room to put on her makeup.


The next day, Xia Yao and Meng Xin Yi met in a coffee shop. Xia Yao intentionally chose this location because he knew that Yuan Zong would never visit a place with such a high class atmosphere.

For someone like Xia Yao, he didn’t ask for much. Just as long as the person he was meeting did not wear a short skirt then he could easily accept her. That’s just how simple it was. As for any future plan of spending a lifetime together, it was best to leave it to the future. Now, what he wanted most was to get rid of Yuan Zong.

He was so pleased to see that Meng Xin Yi wasn’t wearing a short skirt. She had on long ankle length pant styled with a long coat. Most importantly, her skin wasn’t showing at all.

Meng Xin Yi’s first impression of Xia Yao was excitement. However, every gentle girl has a fragile heart. Although they might look calm on the outside but on the inside, they’re worried and nervous.

This man, who would ever be able to hold him down?

“I’m pretty old-fashioned and often quiet, I hope you won’t find this awkward or boring.”

Looking at her, Xia Yao simply answered, “Don’t worry, I think a girl should be a little old-fashioned.”

“Sir, here’s your drink.”

“Yes, thank-“

Even before he was able to finish his sentence, a hackneyed image of someone appeared from the corner.

Yuan Zong was wearing a splendid suit, looking even more handsome and powerful than ever before. His image blended so well in this place that it was as if he was born with privileged and class. Looking at those piercing eyes– that seemed to showed off his extraordinary talents while at the same time provoke others without any reason– somehow made Xia Yao itchy and annoyed. (Ann: oh boy 😂)

“Damn it! How can he be so stubborn?! Curse him!!!”

“Excuse me for a second, I need to go to the restroom.” Xia Yao quickened his pace and approached Yuan Zong.

“I see you’re not going to back down, are you?!  You’re not going to keep your distance? Do I really have to slap you in the face to embarrass you?” Xia Yao poured out a series of sour words, showing his “bitchy” side.

Instead of saying anything, Yuan Zong simply looked into Xia Yao’s eyes. Suddenly, he leaned over and reaching towards Xia Yao’s waist.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Xia Yao immediately reacted with anger and displeasure.

Yuan Zong on the other hand spoke calmly, “Nothing. Your pants is a little low, I’m just pulling them up for you.”

That action alone caused Xia Yao’s rising temper to finally hit the roof. This is not just some random place! It is the center of a café; where people could easily turn a corner and look or stare at them without any obstruction. The only good thing was, there were a few curved walls to block others from seeing them.

He was a real man, but this freaking jerk just had to fix his belt for him.



Lol, I feel so sorry for poor Xia Yao 😂😂😂.


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