Advance Bravely: Chapter 16

Locking these feelings inside


Translator: oc1221haiphong

Editor: Sae

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


While Xia Yao was struggling with this uninvited guest, another ridiculous event was happening where Meng Xin Yi was sitting.

What a nice coincidence! Yuan Ru’s meeting place with her date (set up by you-know-who) was in this cafe as well.

God bless me! I asked my brother for a man and he sets me up with this uptight dude. What heck was he was thinking?!

As Yuan Ru was thinking through her predicament, she suddenly spotted a familiar face.

Sitting in the opposite corner from where she was sat Xia Yao. From the look of it, he was on date with some random girl. And, the icing on the cake was, he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Looking at him and then the girl, Yuan Ru flew into a fit of rage. For someone that had chase Xia Yao for so long, she never thought that a day would come where would actually wear such a genuine smile,  especially for someone else.

“Screw this, don’t tell me that he’s also seeing somebody else?! You’re impotent yet still have the energy to go on blind dates?! This is a scheme! 100%!!!”

While she was distracted by her own thought Xia Yao had already ran over to Yuan Zong.

However, his seat would not be empty for long. Seizing the chance that Xia Yao was gone, Yuan Ru decided it was best to ruin poor guy’s date. Quickly excusing herself, she sneaked over to where Meng Xin Yi was sitting and sat in Xia Yao’s empty place.

With a sarcastic yet somewhat cheerful attitude, Yuan Ru asked the timid girl in front of her, “Are you also here on a date?”

Meng Xin Yi blinked a few times, taken aback with surprise when this stranger appeared out of nowhere. While letting her guard down, she was still able to maintain a courteous attitude. Then she nodded to answer.

So, it’s true…

Yuan Ru gritted her teeth together, while holding her anger back. She decided that it was her responsibility to save this naive and unlucky girl from her date. After all, it is something that one woman should do for another. (Uh oh :))))) )

“I’m just saying, women are human too. From the most immoral ones to the most graceful ones. Whether they’re traditional or not, sex is indispensable. I’ll be blunt with you. Don’t judge a book by its cover or you may wind up regretting it your whole life.”

The odd warning had succeeded in getting attention from Xin Yi. Feeling confused, she promptly asked, “What exactly are you saying?”

A mischievous smile appeared on Yuan Ru’s lips before she slowly pulled closed to Xin Yi and whispered in her ears. “That man you’re on a date with right now, he may seem picture perfect but…’s quite unfortunate that…he’s useless in bed.”

Like a magnificent blue thunderbolt that rained down during a storm, Meng Xin Yi was thunderstruck.

Yuan Ru continued, “Since we both have experience in that field…I think it must be mentioned how important it is…”

“Who says I’ve done that before, huh?” Meng Xin Yi said swiftly while her face flushed with embarrassment. “It’s not like I’m you, I don’t have such great experience. I just simply think he’s a gentleman.”

Yuan Ru shrugged her shoulders in an attempt to show some genuine regret for Meng Xin Yi, “If that’s the case, then just take it as I didn’t say anything.”

After a while, Xia Yao finally returned.

He took a deep breath, trying to pretend that nothing had happened.  

“Can I have your phone numbers so that we can keep in contact?”

He was completely stunned when she replied, “I think…this won’t work out.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

Her words seemed stuck in her throat as she encouraged herself to speak, “It’s just that…I don’t…it’s not you, it’s me…I somehow don’t feel secure with this relationship…since you’re such an exceptional man. I’m sorry. I have to go.”

(Ann: the legendary saying 😂👌🏻)

After stuttering those words out, she quickly fled. The only difference was that her movements were slower than Yuan Ru’s.

Although she was sitting at her own spot, Yuan Ru still made an effort to eavesdrop on everything that happened over at that table. When Meng Xin Yi’s figure was completely out of sight, she hissed, “Who can put up such a play, huh? Unsecured? Please! The guy’s impotent, she’s better off finding someone with no dick!”

(Ann: well, you did something right for once in your life, Yuan Ru :)))) I won’t lie, girl got skills lol – Sae)

In just second, Xia Yao stood in front of her with a confrontational look drawn on his stern face. Yes, even when he has sexual issues, one still can’t resist that beautiful a face, especially Yuan Ru.

“Oh, what a nice surprise to see you here.” Yuan Ru smiled shyly.

Xia Yao’s smile on the other hand held no warmth,, “Yeah. It’s such a coincidence that you’re here with your brother.”

“My brother? Big brother is also here?!” Yuan Ru stared in utter confusion.

“You seriously think I would fall for that?”

After throwing those words at Yuan Ru, Xia Yao swiveled his heels and turned away.


After a few uneventful days passed by and Xia Yao had carefully worked out his thoughts, he concluded that in handling cases like Yuan Zong, a tiny spark could cause a massive explosion. The best thing to do was to disregard him altogether. Why bother to show any concern towards his existence, right?

“If that creep wants to stare, I’ll ignore it. If the bastard wants to follow me, I’ll let him. If he wishes to be a guard dog in front of my bedroom, be my guest. The second he shows his face outside the house, I’ll throw all kinds of trash out there. The stench will lure the mosquitoes in.”

His plan turned out to be such a failure.

In contrast to Xia Yao’s “prediction”, Yuan Zong’s attitude took a complete 360 degree change. He went from a provoking mode to a protective mode which automatically neutralized Xia Yao’s defense. When it was cold, Yuan Zong would kindly get him more clothes, when it rained he brought him an umbrella. And when Xia Yao worked the night shift, he brought him food. He was undoubtedly attentive to the tiniest details.

(Ann: OH MY GOD!!! Give me a boyfriend like that and I’ll be the happiest girl ALIVE! 😭😭😭)

One late afternoon, when Xia Yao found Xiao Hui and Zhang Tian in his office happily eating duck necks, he jumped in to join them.

“Nice! How did you guys know I like this?” He asked proudly.  

“Heh! We didn’t. It was your brother-in-law. He brought this awesome treat here. We were just being friendly and brought it in for you.”

When the words, ‘brother-in-law’ came out of his mouth, who else can it indicate other than Yuan Zong? Just hearing it made Xia Yao speechless. However delicious those duck necks were, it suddenly became tasteless. He did not finish even half of it before he threw it into the trash.

“We’re just being good friends and reminding you, is that okay Master Xia? Your brother-in-law has done a lot of favours for you. It’s best if you quickly settle down with Yuan Ru. Come on, even we feel rushed for you.”

Xia Yao did not say a single word. His eyes were busy gazing at a small wooden house on the table. After a while, he asked, “Who sent this here?”

The question was meaningless. Is it not obvious that only someone like Yuan Zong could be ludicrous enough to spend time on something like that.

Now glaring at it, Xia Yao had every intention to get rid of it but then in just seconds a little figure fell out of it.

That thing was a shocking joke! It was–compared to the real breathing Xia Yao–nothing more than a miniature replica. The figure has the exact same face, the same aura and even the same freaking mole on one side of the nose.

But what was even more shocking was that…he was naked with a “Xiao Xia Yao” sticking upward and a round perky butt that makes you want to quickly take a bite of it. (you know…that thing 😏😜)

Xia Yao’s eyes widened in anger. Welling with insulte, he harshly threw the thing into the trashcan.

“Heyyyyy, be careful.” Zhang Tian said.  

“Need I remind you that this little guy is virtually you but smaller and……of course naked. Letting it lay in the trashcan like that doesn’t mean people won’t be able to see it. And by people, I mean your adoring fans in the company. The worst scenario that could happen is that a female colleague might see this as an opportunity given by gods, take it home and masturbate to it.”

Without any other option, Xia Yao sadly took ‘himself’ out of the trashcan. Then, he repeatedly stumped his foot on the figure. Amazingly nothing happened. The damn thing was still fine with no harm done.

“I don’t believe that I’ll lose to something like you.”

Leaving the figure on the ground, he ran to the guard’s room, borrowed a hammer and used all his strength to smashed it.

Xiao Hui stood to the side watching this bizarre scenario the entire time. No longer able to continue watching, he began to reason with the sulking predator.

“Master Xia, that figure is made out of a mixture of clay, egg yolk and glutinous rice flour. It’s the same ingredient that made Yuan Minh Yuan’s Ta Sui Fa. Listen here, even after it had undergone many invasions and wars, it still stood strong. If you don’t have the power of eight countries armies, I suggest for you not to waste your time.”

The mere thought of it made Xia Yao even more determined. “If I can’t destroy this thing then the least I can do is destroy that wooden house!”

“Sure, but uhhh……your mini figurine isn’t wear any clothes. If you destroy its home, where are you going to put it?”

(Ann: I seriously Love Zhang Tian >_< he’s sooo freaking cute!)


Thank you for patience :v

Since so many are commenting on this book (which I’m super happy to see ^^), I feel like I’m no longer capable of answering all of your comments like in the past . So it will mostly be the ones who translated the chapter who will answer them ^^. Just know that I can read them all and is super duper grateful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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