Addicted: Chapter 206

Brother Gu’s Sexual Intention

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The day after all the university entrance exam had ended, the students spontaneously organized a thank you banquet for their teachers.

During the banquet, teachers and students opened their hearts to each other for the first time. As the conversation continued, it was the words from a math teacher that left a very deep impression in Bai Luo Yin’s mind, so much so that he felt emotionally moved by it.

Her words, although simple resonated within him, “Bai Luo Yin, every time I saw you sleeping in my classes, I actually felt really sorry for you. When you start university, please don’t stay up all night anymore. Make sure you get plenty of rest and sleep as much as you can.”

At this banquet, Bai Luo Yin also saw Luo Xiao Yu. Although he had not seen her for nearly a year, she was still very beautiful and elegant. Unsurprisingly, she is radiating with even more feminine allure, more so than she did the first time he entered her class all those years ago. She brought her daughter with her who looked quite similar to her. She had a pair of beautiful dark, big and round quick-witted eyes that was constantly gazing at things here and there. In just a mere second of her introduction to everyone, her adorableness was so blatant that all the students were scrambling (nearly fighting really) to have a turn to hold her.

With a warm and gentle smile, Bai Luo Yin walked over to Luo Xiao Yu, “Laoshi, that time when I spoke to you, my words were a bit overboard. Please don’t take it to heart.”

“Look at what you’re saying, what kind of teachers hold grudges against their students?”

Hearing those words brought a sense of relief to Bai Luo Yin as he took out a small square box from his pocket and gave it to Luo Xiao Yu.

“Laoshi, this is for you.”

Luo Xiao Yu’s expression shined with a pleasant surprise, “For me?”

“Yes, there’s a mirror inside. Whenever you’re feeling down or not in a good mood, just take a look… in the mirror and you won’t find any reason to be angry anymore.”

Luo Xiao Yu laughed until her face flushed a lovely hue.

This thank you banquet for the teachers is also considered to be a farewell dinner party for the students. Apart from organizing gifts for the teachers, students also organized gifts for their own good friends.

Amongst the students there, You Qi was undoubtedly the most popular one and received the majority of the gifts. Every time a girl came over to give him a gift, the other–of course, jealous–male students would punish him by making him drink a shot of liquor. Consequently, less than halfway through the banquet, You Qi had already drunk too much.

Bai Luo Yin sat beside You Qi the entire time. Taking advantage of the time that Gu Hai left to use the restroom, he fished something out from his bag and gave it to You Qi.

“After thinking about it for a long while, I seriously couldn’t think of anything to get you, so I read up on some remedies for chronic sinusitis. I followed several rules from an old traditional Chinese medicine doctor in order to make these. There are three treatments in total here. Use them for a while and if it’s not effective, every dollar will be refunded.”

It’s unclear which words touched You Qi emotionally, but nonetheless, You Qi was on the verge of tears after hearing them.

“Yin Zi, actually I……”

Bai Luo Yin interrupted him, “It’s fine. You don’t need to say anything else. I understand.”

After saying this, he gave You Qi a tight friendly hug.

“Yin Zi, I actually got you a gift too but I’m too embarrassed to give it to you in front of so many people. I left it at the hotel’s reception desk. If you want it, you can go get it after the banquet ends. But, if you don’t want it, then just throw it away. It’s not something that’s worth a lot of money anyways.”

With a crooked smile, Bai Luo Yin’s heavy fist smacked You Qi’s back a couple of times.

“Actually, I’ve always wanted to tell you this, you’re the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life.”

At that exact moment, Gu Hai had just walked out of the bathroom. When he heard those words, he nearly stumbled and fell on his head.

Even before the banquet ended, Gu Hai received an urgent call from Sung Jingwei instructing him to rush over to the base. Without any other option, he unwillingly left before everyone else while remaining bunch of students continued to party.

After, the loud ruckus lasted until a bit past nine o’clock before the students finally started to head back home one by one. Bai Luo Yin went to the front reception alone and explained his purpose, the receptionist passed him a huge package.

The moment Bai Luo Yin opened the package and saw what was inside, his eyes immediately heated up with tears that tried to beckon back. You Qi has given him a set of quilts.

As Bai Luo Yin walked out of the hotel, he quickly gave Gu Hai a call, but no one answered. Although he wanted Gu Hai to be here so that they could head home together, he had no choice but to take a taxi alone.

When Bai Luo Yin arrived in front of his house, he noticed that the door was open just as he was about to open it with the keys. Without thinking much of it, he went straight inside and saw Gu Hai in the bedroom earnestly hunting through the closet for something. He was so focused that he did not even detect another presence in the room.

Getting no reaction, Bai Luo Yin directly kicked Gu Hai’s butt, “Why the fuck didn’t you answer your phone?”

There was a moment of silence before this person turned around. And, like a magician in the process of conjuring a trick, his face transformed into one that was grave and stern.

“Gu Yang……” Bai Luo Yin was dumbfounded.

Gu Yang looked squarely at Bai Luo Yin with a rather irascible yet amused expression, “How are we going to settle this kick?”

Not one to be deterred, Bai Luo Yin sagaciously procured a reason to justify his action, “Why are you wearing Gu Hai’s clothes?”

A cold and arrogant smile spewed out from the corner of Gu Yang’s lips, “It’s not suitable to wear my clothes when I have to do things that make me sweat.”

Today, Bai Luo Yin’s mood has been fluctuating quite immensely and added on the fact that he had a few drinks, it was only natural that he would become agitated as soon as he heard those words. He immediately gripped Gu Yang by the collar and tried to yank the clothes off, “Fucking take it off now!”

“Hehe……“ Gu Yang laughed devilishly, “Do you feel sorry that I’m destroying his clothes? You’re quite protective!”

Disregarding Gu Yang’s attempt to efficaciously ridicule him, Bai Luo Yin was determined to rip Gu Hai’s clothes off Gu Yang. Soon, the two entered a duel. Although Gu Yang continued to give Bai Luo Yin leeway, Bai Luo Yin was unwilling to forgive his unruly and despicable action. It was unclear whether Gu Yang did it intentionally or not but when just Bai Luo Yin lost his defense for a mere second, Gu Yang seized this perfect opportunity and forcefully pushed him onto the bed.

Even when he was down, Bai Luo Yin’s firm grip continued to tear away at Gu Yang’s collar to the point that a large part of it opened wide.

Since Bai Luo Yin does not have even an ounce of sexual desire towards Gu Yang, he was completely immune to this unintended exposure. However, Gu Yang thought otherwise.

“Bai Luo Yin, it’s not a good habit to use brute force in order to settle an argument. Just a moment ago, you molested my ass by giving it a hard kick. I haven’t even settled that with you yet. Now, you’re trying to tear my clothes off. Tell me, how should I settle both of these matters with you?”

Consumed by rage and resentment, Bai Luo Yin reached out and strangled Gu Yang’s neck in an attempt to break loose, but to no avail.

Gu Yang’s eyes slightly widened as a flash of light conjured in his pupils, “Bai Luo Yin, I’m not Gu Hai. My ass is not for you to kick whenever you want.”

With that being said, he immediately pulled at Bai Luo Yin’s pants. Since he used too much force, the pants tore and the sound of the fabric ripping flowed chaotically into Bai Luo Yin’s ears. Bai Luo Yin immediately roared with anger and bloodshot eyes, “Gu Yang, get the fuck off of me and go away! Don’t make me fucking hate you!!”

“You’re welcome to hate me.”

As Gu Yang’s facetious laugh carried on, he waited for an opportunity to slither his hands towards Bai Luo Yin’s T-shirt and tear it open. Then he shifted his large hand towards the side of his waist.

Bai Luo Yin abruptly quivered and kicked gave Gu Yang’s stomach a hard kick.

Gu Yang held up his two fingers, “This is the second kick. You’re always so passionate that I’m feeling a bit embarrassed.”

After these words came to an end, he pressed his entire body onto Bai Luo Yin’s body. Both his hands dug into Bai Luo Yin’s hair to hold his head down. This was also in order to firmly nail this struggle body into the bed, him no room to even budge. Bai Luo Yin’s fierce and angered eyes locked with Gu Yang’s, who in turn gave him a frivolous smile.

“Bai Luo Yin, Gu Hai and I are essentially the same. It’s just that one is a vulgar hoodlum while the other is a more refined one. Whatever Gu Hai can give you, I can too. Not only that, I can give you whatever he can’t give you. Soon you’ll realize that I’m more suitable for you.”

“I would rather listen to him curse than have to hear your pleasant words.”

Gu Yang was not in the least perturbed by his words as he continued to relentlessly attack Bai Luo Yin in an attempt to chisel away Bai Luo Yin’s defense.

“Actually, when you fainted in my room that day, I already did what I needed to do to you. There’s really no need for you to treat me like a stranger.”

Bai Luo Yin did not show any signs of weakness even after hearing those accusing words, “You’re too self-absorbed, don’t over fantasized what happened. A person like me may not have much talent, but compared to others I have an extra ear. It doesn’t matter whether I’m asleep or unconscious from having fainted, if even a housefly landed on my arm, I will immediately detect it.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll have to do more and say less.”

Then, under Bai Luo Yin’s cold and watchful gaze, Gu Yang gradually lowered his lips. While Bai Luo Yin’s body stiffened even more at every centimeter that brought their lips closer, Gu Yang’s body blood flowed chaotically and turned into waves of burning electric current that left him feverish. Just as his lips were about to touch Bai Luo Yin’s, he suddenly stopped and his eyes darkened.

“As expected, I like pretty faces after all.”

Bai Luo Yin does not understand what he meant.

A second later, Gu Yang forcefully dragged Bai Luo Yin into the bathroom and washed his hair without his permission. As Bai Luo Yin incessantly struggled, the water and bubbles from the soap splashed all over Gu Yang. For the first time, Gu Yang roared.


Bai Luo Yin does not know what this fucker was trying to do.

After he was done washing Bai Luo Yin’s hair, Gu Yang once again dragged towards the front of the mirror. With both his hands glued to the sides of Bai Luo Yin’s head, he looked meticulously into the mirror then he picked up a pair of scissors that was lying nearby.

“I can’t take it anymore. I have to give you a stylish hair cut today.”

As his brows slightly wrinkled together, Bai Luo Yin could feel all the blood in his body flowed backward all at once. It was beyond his knowing how to properly discern the emotions that imbibed him at this very moment.

“Your entire family are insane!”

Looking into the mirror, Gu Yang gave him a sly smile, “Originally, my family was normal. But, after meeting you, we’ve all gone insane.”

“Do you even know how to cut hair?”

Gu Yang skillfully maneuvered the scissors, letting it dance lightly in circles from one spot to the next, “When I set my mind on something, it’s not a matter of whether I will or will not do, can or cannot do it, but rather if it’s outstanding or not and competent or not.”

With that being said, he speedily gave Bai Luo Yin’s fringe a snip. With this one snip, there is no way Bai Luo Yin can back out now. If he doesn’t continue until the cut is done, he was afraid that it will give Gu Hai nightmares once he saw it.

Gu Yang wrapped a piece of cloth around Bai Luo Yin and started to formally begin his masterpiece.

In the midst of it, Bai Luo Yin suddenly spoke, “The opportunity to get direct admission into a university, I already gave it to somebody else. I still have to thank you though.”

“Why did you give it away?” Gu Yang asked without getting too deep into it.

“I don’t have the criteria needed to pass the examination. Nor do I have enough qualification for it. Besides, I am confident in my own ability to pass the university entrance examinations.”

Gu Yang snorted then laughed, “The two of you are full of moral integrity”

During the conversation, the fundamental outline of a haircut was already half completed. Watching Gu Yang’s adroit techniques play out, Bai Luo Yin secretly wondered, how did Gu Yang obtain this type of skill? Before, he heard that Chinese students studying in a foreign country had to wash dishes in restaurants to make a living. Was it possible that Gu Yang was once a hairdresser in order to earn enough money? ….. After thinking for a while, Bai Luo Yin became sleepy due to the high amount of alcohol still flowing in his bloodstream. Before long, Bai Luo Yin’s head suddenly hung low.

Gu Yang had no choice but to trim the hair around Bai Luo Yin’s neck and ears. After he finished, he lightly raised Bai Luo Yin’s head so could lean back into the chair with his head face upwards as he slept. When Gu Yang was about to trim Bai Luo Yin’s flowing fringes, he caught sight of his sleeping face and suddenly stopped his movements.

By the time Gu Hai returned, Bai Luo Yin’s haircut was already finished and Gu Yang was in the middle of blow drying his hair.

Seeing this intimate gesture between them, all the body coursing through Gu Hai immediately changed its courses and rushed towards his brain instead. He strides into the house with big steps and snatched the blow dryer from Gu Yang’s hand. At first, he wanted to bellow in rage after seeing Bai Luo Yin’s face and how soundly he was sleeping, he reluctantly restrained himself.

After they walked out of the bedroom, Gu Hai faced Gu Yang and punched him severely on the chest.

“What the fuck are you trying to do?”

Without even so much a twinge of pain, Gu Yang’s darkened face turned towards Gu Hai, “What was I doing? You tell me, what I was doing? Gu Hai, this isn’t the first or the second time. You have to wake up! I’m your brother. I don’t care if you act like an idiot or get tough in front of other people but don’t even think about trying that in front of me! If I, Gu Yang, stabbed you once before, I can stab you again a second time right now!”

Before long, Gu Hai’s mood gradually cooled down. He sat down on the sofa, lit up a cigarette and smoked it an expressionless face.

After a while, Gu Yang spoke again, “Your dad looked for you again?”


“What for?”

“What else could it be?” Gu Hai’s face darkened, “Just about enlisting again.”

“Since he spent more than half of his life climbing the hierarchy in the army to get the rank that he has now, how can he not be worried seeing that he won’t have a successor?”

Gu Hai let out a long, relaxed sigh. His complexion has improved a bit now, “Let’s not talk about that. Why are you here?”

“I’m looking for a document. I need to use it for a court appearance tomorrow. The lawsuit is pretty suspenseful and it doesn’t look too promising. You have to come tomorrow. Even if I lose the case, at the least, I’ll have some moral support. See you tomorrow at nine o’clock in front of the courthouse.”

Once he was done speaking, Gu Yang changed back into his own clothes and walk directly out the door.

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  1. I don’t get Gu Yang at all. I am confused whether he is really trying to seduce BYL or just playing with him but I love the outcome of his actions; making GH jealous.

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  2. I don’t really hate Guyang but i really dislike how he interferes with Guhai’s life. He has no right to make decisions about their lives

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  3. Thank you for this. Looking forward to reading chapter 208. Although i already read it before, I still look forward to reading your take on it, because your translations are very well done, and I can read all the details vividly. And I think I speak for every one of your readers here when I say that your translations are really worth waiting for.


    1. I think it’s either of these two: 1) GY had an epiphany. He realized/confirmed that he’s physically attracted to BLY, that BLY fits his ideal type (because BLY is pretty to him). 2) he likes/is attracted by pretty faces, and BLY didn’t look pretty/attractive to him that time, so he didn’t kiss him and instead dragged him to the bathroom to wash and cut his hair in order to make him attractive…. GY’s actions/words didn’t make sense to BLY since normal people usually don’t molest/assault the people they like, ryt?


  4. Hairdresser Gu Yang is probably the best thing I’ve ever heard, it makes me like his character so much more!


    1. You’re not gonna like him after you find out what he really did before BLY arrived. To use BLY’s words, he is SICK!.


  5. Lol why do I always feel that Gu Yang resembles a high maintainence ice princess? I don’t particularly dislike Gu Yang. He loves pissing off BLY and GH but in the end he still helps them out. I think out of all the people, GY is the only one to see their most intimate, embarrassing, and heartbreaking moments. Lord knows he gets caught up in their shenanigans way too often haha


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