Advance Bravely: Chapter 17

If you would just smile for me


Translator: Anhnguyen12332

Editor/Proofreader: Sae


After work, Xia Yao walked over to where Yuan Zong had parked his car with an expressionless face.

As soon as Yuan Zong rolled the window down, Xia Yao immediately threw the wooden house and the clay figurine into the vehicle.

“Take your stupid toys back!”

Yuan Zong opened the miniature door of the house and slowly took “Xiao Xia Yao” out. His rough manly hand gently caressed its lower anatomy before he whispered, “You want me to keep it so I can jerk off with it?”

(OH MY GOD 😱😱😱 Can you be anymore obvious, Yuan Zong???!!! >_<)

With just a slight movement of his hand and a sharp tongue, Yuan Zong succeeded in making Xia Yao fly into a fit of rage.

“Take your filthy hands off my body!”

Yuan Zong shrugged as if he could not careless, “If you don’t want it, then why do you care what I do with it?”

Staring at him as if to bore a hole into his soul, Xia Yao grounded his jaws together. Using all his might, he reached into the window and snatch the clay figurine from Yuan Zong’s hand. But, Yuan Zong intentionally withdrew his hand back, causing Xia Yao to literally crawl into the car. Silky black locks breezed over Yuan Zong’s chin, tempting his poor agonizing soul. All he wanted to do was pull Xia Yao into the car, tightly embrace him, kiss the life out of him, and rub his chin on his head.

After struggling for a minute or so, Xia Yao was finally able to retrieve the figurine back.

Yuan Zong’s dark eyes stared straight at him, “If you’d just give me a smile, I’ll consider making ‘him’ a small pant.”

“In your dreams!” Xia Yao held tightly onto the clay figurine of himself, then with an extremely icy tone of voice, he retorted, “I’d rather leave it naked than smile for you.”

“Okay, then you better lock it inside the model house in case it escapes in its birthday suit.”

Giving Yuan Zong’ the most annoyed expression, Xia Yao grudgingly accepted the wooden house.


When Xia Yao stepped into the office on Friday afternoon, he immediately saw Chang Tian and Xiao Hui absorbed in watching something.

“What are you watching?” (Ann: Uhm yeah, what are you watching? 😏😏😏) (Not R-rated videos? hahaha- Sae)

The moment Xia Yao was close enough to them, Yuan Zong’s handsome yet stern face suddenly appeared in his vision.

Chang Tian nonchalantly said, “Your brother-in-law’s interview.”

Hearing that name caused Xia Yao to quickly scoff and return to his desk. In an attempt to shut out those annoying noises, he began to play his own games. While he was busy in his own world, Xiao Hui abruptly smacked his shoulder.

Pulling his earbuds out, Xia Yao said, “What’s up?”

Xiao Hui said, “Your brother-in-law is one of the ten most preeminent man in this country.”

“Him?” Xia Yao scrunched his face in distaste, “I don’t see how he can be that outstanding?”

Preeminent in having thick skin? Preeminent in finding shortcuts? Or maybe it’s Preeminently gay?

“Since he started his company, he has already donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Awhile ago, some people on Weibo were sharing the story of this very poor family, who sold their organs just to help their sickly child. In the end, it was the company that paid for the child’s surgery.”

“That’s because they have money!”

Even though Xia Yao said that, he himself knew that without a doubt, he was touched by this action. While some people described Yuan Zong as a straightforward person, Xia Yao has always felt that this man was small-minded and untrustworthy. But after hearing this, he discovered that although Yuan Zong may not have a good method in expressing his feelings, he was actually a good man on the inside.

Trying not to think too much of it, Xia Yao stopped playing and walked went to get himself a drink.

From the speaker on the desk, the interviewer said, “How do you think your company can take the lead in training bodyguards?”

Yuan Zong answered with indifferently, “Because I’m not over ambitious.”

Hearing that monotonous voice, Xia Yao nearly coughed blood into his cup. Not over ambitious? He can just imagine! If so, the dictionary really has to rewrite the meaning of such word!

The MC asked, “I’ve heard that your father’s death hit you really hard, is that right?”

“Yes. My mother passed away when I was still a child. It was my father who single-handedly raised my sister and I.”

Xiao Hui glanced at Chang Tian, “No wonder he cares so much about his sister’s lovers. Since his mother passed away, he only has this girl left.”

Chang Tian laughed before his gaze swept towards Xia Yao.

“Xia Yao, come on. You have to accept Yuan Ru! Her family’s story sounds just like a fairytale! You won’t even have to do the whole ‘meet the parents’ thing!”

Xia Yao immediately shot laser eyes at his colleagues.

Yuan Zong continued to say, “That time was the darkest days of my life. I was supposed to stay in the army, but because of family matters, I had no choice but to return. I’ve been a carpenter, a furniture maker, as well as a mechanic…thinking about it now, during those harsh times, I used to eat only one meal per day.”

(Yuan Zong!!! My poor baby! 😭)

Xia Yao was stunned to silence. His mind returned to that miniature model house which he had actually looked at in details. The interior designs were even more intricately carved than the outside. At first Xia Yao thought that Yuan Zong has purchased it at a high price, so it never occurred to him that stubborn man had actually made it himself.

With these thoughts, Xia Yao’s hatred towards Yuan Zong seemed to lessened. After all, Yuan Zong did build his own career with two empty hands. He was hard-working and diligent, far better than from those pampered “princes.”

“Wow! Your brother-in-law is really talented! I feel like introducing my cousin to him now!”

Hearing that, Xia Yao lost his composure and yanked Xiao Hui’s sleeve, “Please, please, do that as soon as possible! If they really become a couple, I will get down on my knees and bow three times in front of you.”

Xiao Hui happily answered,  “You care so much about him.”

Xia Yao quickly kneed Xiao Hui in the face. The poor guy felt like a kilogram of vinegar has just been poured on his face, making tears stream down in torrents. (Poor Xiao Hui 😂😂, you shouldn’t go teasing Xia Yao’s tender spots :v)

Just as the three guys were teasing each other, a call came through.

“There’s an emergency mission, pack your gears straight away!”


Next chapter will be full of fighting and killing T_T. My poor soul….


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