Advance Bravely: Chapter 18

This is how a perfect man should be


Translator: Anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


On the eastern road towards Yuan Ming Yuan, Xia Yao and several other police officers laid in ambush. After a year of extensive investigation, it was suspected that an extremely dangerous organization will will make an appearance in this location. Two suspected level A level criminals that were involved with a few assassinations also belonged to this organization.

Xiao Hui anxiously glanced at his watch. To be honest, he has only been apart of this crime division for half a year and this was the first time he has to undertaken such a dangerous mission. In comparison to the fleeing criminals, he was even more nervous
Xia Yao, on the other hand, was calm and focused. His eyes continuously scanned each car that passed by while his lips remained pursed.

As the sky darkened, a Honda rolled into the officer’s line of sight.

The team captain immediately stopped it, stepped forward and demanded that they needed to thoroughly check the passengers.

However, the Honda suddenly shot forward at a rapid speed in an attempt to escape the flood of traffic. Seeing this situation, the officers closely chased behind the fleeing vehicle. The wanted criminal drove off the main road and ran for his life, turning back into the highway and continued on.

While being pursued by the polices, the criminals’ tire exploded causing the vehicle to skid sideways to a complete stop. Seven people jumped out and started shooting at the police.

“Get down!”

The captain yelled at his teammates.

A frightening bullet hole appeared on the windshield, sending a shiver through the squadron.

After rounds of endless firing, the whole police force was appointed to close in and catch the criminals.

However, the reality was, this police division was no match to these merciless criminals. Some officers hid behind bushes and cars while some held onto their guns, which were out of bullets, for dear life.

The most dim-witted officer on the scene had to be officer Zhang who was hiding beside Xia Yao. Not only did he not understand the opposition’s bullet pathway, he still poked out his head as if they were only catching some mild burglars.

As a result, he was sniped in the head. As it seems, his helmet could not take the hit, the bullet went straight through and officer Zhang died on the spot.

Seeing this unintended dilemma unfold in front of their eyes made the other officers speechless. Some were unable to grip their guns due to their shaking hands, while a few had trouble recharging. Contrary to everyone else, Xia Yao felt his blood pumping, a flood of adrenaline coursed through his veins making him leave his hiding spot to directly engage with the criminals despite the captain’s orders.

In this instant, a taxi came flying towards them.

After seeing the scene, the driver hurriedly got out and ran for his life. However, he never got far as he got caught in the crossfire and lost his life in a matter of seconds.

When the criminals turned to run away, Xia Yao used the roundabout for cover whilst furiously shooting at them at the same time. One of his bullet struck a criminal’s leg and he fell to the ground next to the taxi door.

This time, a bus rushed toward them.

The bus driver could have pulled the gas and escape, but upon seeing the scene, he was scared to the point that he hit the emergency brakes instead.

In just seconds, the criminals that were going out of control shot at the passengers on the bus several times which caused a dozen or so passengers to be injured. Under the pitch black sky, a series of heart wrenching wails pierced the atmosphere with cries and calls for help mixed together


Xia Yao growled in anger before he quickly took down one of the criminal who had his back to him. The instant the gun touched the ground, the other criminals swiveled around, pulled their guns out and aimed for Xia Yao’s head.

In that moment of life and death, a huge force pulled Xia Yao around. Before he had a chance to react, he was already safe and sound behind a massive powerful body.

(Aaarrghhh! >_< I knew mah baby would appear at the right time!)

The bullet nicked Yuan Zong’s wrist, peeling of a bit of skin.

With his incredible speed, Yuan Zong quickly got a hold of Xia Yao’s gun and aimed directly at the opposition. One shot flew straight through the eyes.

With a hole carved through his skull, the criminal’s body tumbled to the ground and brain matters strewn around. That alone was enough to send a repulsive shiver through all watchers. Before Xia Yao had the chance to truly let this feeling sink in, Yuan Zong had already picked up the fallen criminal’s gun and walk away from him.

With two guns in his hand, Yuan Zong gently bent and moved forward. He wisely made use of the terrain and calmly pulled the trigger three times. Immediately, three bodies dropped to the ground.

Watching Yuan Zong, Xia Yao blinked a few time before he stood frozen in spot by his incredible marksmanship. That was called “shooting while walking”. Moreover, under this looming darkness, it was something of a miracle being able to have such accuracy.

Sadly, such skilled marksmanship was no match for an army of seven opponents armed with seven guns. Three men had been shot down and the last four criminals turned their firepower towards the source of the quick blows.

Since Xia Yao’s pistol was in Yuan Zong’s possession, Xia Yao knew exactly how many bullets remained. And, it was definitely not enough to take down the last four criminals.

In the blink of an eye, Yuan Zong made an unexpected move by reloading the gun with one hand. While not leaving even a tiny space for error, he shot three rounds consecutively and three bullets struck its target spot on.  

Having no weapon in hand, the last criminal crazily fled towards the bypass.

Each of Yuan Zong’s pistols had one bullet left. He pulled the trigger. The first shot came from the left pistol and the second shot was from the right.. As soon as the first bullet was freed, the second bullet closely followed behind, attaching itself onto the end of the first bullet, both hitting its target.

By the time the shootout ended, it was too dark to determine who had been killed. All they knew was that every single criminal has been taken down. Only Xia Yao knew the truth, eight bullets, three dead, four seriously injured.

Using two guns at the same time, reloading it with one hand and spinning the guns in the air, all of these tricks were ones that could only be seen on the Hollywood screen. But today, it was all presented before Xia Yao’s eyes, leaving a feeling of wanting to choke in his throat.

It was only then did the police force came out from their hiding places and ran over to cuff the criminals. (Ann: a bunch of pussies -_-)

Yuan Zong held out his wrists in front of Xia Yao, indicating for him to do the same.

Xia Yao glanced at his bleeding wrist, which was the result of Yuan Zong having saved him.

“Leave it, we won’t use the cuffs. You can ride with me.”

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll run away?” Yuan Zong said.

Hearing those words, Xia Yao immediately glared at him, “I’m sure that it won’t happen in this area.”

“Or maybe you can hold my hand, wouldn’t that be safer?” Yuan Zong used his emotionless tone to suggest a superbly childish solution.

Xia Yao locked Yuan Zong’s injured arm into the crook of his arm then entwined his fingers with the smart mouthed jerk. Then as a punishment, he squeezed it tightly until blood began pouring out.

Although Yuan Zong gritted his teeth together to hold back the pain, his lips on the other hand could not help but curve up into a slight smile.


Uurgghhh…so this extremely lengthy chapter is finally over!!! *Wipe brows* I really REALLY don’t like translating these “fighting” and “dying” scenes :'(. All I want is a bit of sugar T_T.

Haizzz, gotta say though, Mr. Yuan Zong always appears like a knight in shining armor doesn’t he? ^^ ❤

Present to ya’ll Simon lovers ❤

Simon ah…you’re such an actor trying to be cute and all…😂😂😂👌🏻


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